If only we had gone an hour early

If only we had started an hour earlier we would have got in before the heavens opened up, but that's golf, and that is the West Coast. But all in all it was still a great  day, always good to get along side professional golfers and see how golf can be played, but also see that they have bad days and play bad shots. It was also good to do our bit for a good cause, helping the Muriwai Volunteer Fire Brigade with some funds, all proceeds of the day going to them. A big thanks to everyone involved from the generous sponsors, the Muriwai GC who went above and beyond to make the day work, Tt the Australasian PGA that included Australian, American, Canadian and of course our local Legends in the field, to all that helped out behind the scenes and up front. It was another day to meet new friends and spin a bit more bullshit. For more commentary on the day go to Crazy's Blog in Press Release.

The Southern 72 hole Tour: Is next up, but has been full from the second day we put it out 6 months ago. Sorry to all those that missed out but we will tell you all about it when we get back. We  play Arrowtown, Millbrook's  Remarkables, then we are over the hill and playing Wanaka GC and finish of with Millbrook's Coronet, only weeks after the NZ Open is played there.

Masters Monday is on April 15th, the North Shore Golf club is excited to host us again. For those that haven't had the honour of attending this great day. It starts just after 7am, the club is open with all TV's tuned to the final holes of the Masters at Augusta, there is breakfast and usually a sweep running. After that winner is found, we have a shotgun start to find our winnner and who will get the MWSS Green Jacket for the year, there is also a Black Jacket for the winner of the Gross. It's a good day and worth taking a day off for.

The El Prez




Why MWSS was established

It was decided by a likeminded group of Kiwi mates in 2003 that too much time was being taken up by work, and not in the honourable art of golfing and piss taking. Now that they were past their playing days of contact sport, such as rugby, league, football and women (maybe not women). They now needed to get themselves organised so that they would be motivated to keep these important skills honed. In February of 2003 the first game was played, and the rest is history.

It was decided by one man, that the best form of democracy was  dictatorship, and that is the way it is run, and that is why it works.




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