Hole in One Honours
To date we have had 5 hole in ones, 

To give you some kind of idea how hard it is, when Rat had his one in November of 2015, we had had 1959 individual rounds times 4 par 3s per round thats 7836 shots for 3 hole in ones. So that works out  we get the perfect shot every 2612 times we hit a ball on  a par 3. I don't feel so bad now that I dont have one. I just wish my brother Glug didn't have 2.
MWSS_Tiki    HOLE IN 1s



Year Date Member Event Club Hole Metres
2019 1st November Ernie Club day North Shore 7 165
2019 24th May Dark Night (Pro) Pro Am Gulf Harbour 3 122
2015 8th November Rat Wine tour Cape Kidnappers 8 160
2010 17th August Glug The Tiki Toour The Glades 7 134
2005 1st July Glug Club day Formosa 11 144
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