Press 2016-MWSS GOLF

Press 2016

Huapai Golf Club ~ 16th December 2016
How time flies, last game of the season and what a year it has been.  A good turnout at a very busy part of the year, 22 players with 930 MWSS games between them and a great day on a good track. That is after a bit of juggling with people and carts and a late withdrawal, but a big thanks to Tim who I think moved groups 4 times.
Anyway as I said the course played well and we had some reasonable scores come in from the guys, although I had thrown a simple calculation in for the team comp that confused a few that made the score cards interesting reading.

It was good to have a younger member back in- Callum who played with his dad Beej and myself, he played some great golf at times with that natural young swing, but unfortunately not enough of it, also probably over handicapped by the El Prez didn't help so he picked up all three tail end prizes with Putted like a Pig, Played like a Shella and the Batting award. But he did well and took it in his stride and knocked back his coke.
Grim picked up a bottle of wine for closest to the pin on the 3rd as did Macca for a great drive on the 17th into the wind. Glugs mug went to Ernie with 29 putts and he also picked up the Shot bringing in a 77, his name is looking ever so comfortable on that piece of silverware.
Pissy put his name on silverware for the first time in his 21st game picking up the Plate with 36 points. But it was kind of fitting that the winner today on 40 points was our host for tonight's Christmas drinks Hatt, who by all accounts played great golf and was very happy to pick up the money for the day.
It was also great to announce that we had picked up a great sponsorship package provided by Prodrive Golf starting with this game and going through to the end of 2017.

David Fenney or Mouse as he is known with MWSS (son of Rat) has just put their first shop into Auckland in Newton Gully and  wants to be a part of what we do. So the winning team consisting of  Schooner, Grim, Otis and Ernie picked up a $100 voucher to spend in the Shop. Exciting stuff so if you are looking for new golf gear, go over ask for David, introduce yourself and he will look after you as we need to look after them. Exciting stuff.
Huapai has a great outdoor area which we had utilised really well but after a few drinks and some food most of us headed back to Hatt's and Kate's better outdoor area in Dairy Flat. Already there when we arrived were a few of the Ladies already into a few wines and catching up. Now that has been one of the nice change ups this year with the ladies coming on tour and now catching up on a regular basis, without changing what we have when golf is being played, it is great to have the ladies as a part of the days.
The night was purely about a few drinks some great music, some great food (and there was a lot of it), getting to know better halves better, and being thankful that we can do what we do. It was a great night and we are very thankful to Kate and Hatt for hosting us.
So to everyone have a great Christmas and keep safe over the holiday period.

El Prez

North Shore Golf Course ~MWSS 27 Hole Paleo Classic
25 November 2016 

Now this was an idea straight out of the ECB brains trust Ferg, that may turn into our "Majors" for the year alongside the Pro-Am and the Masters Monday. Many of us don't get to play 27 holes and the opportunity was taken up by 37 of us on a questionable day of weather without hesitation. Unfortunately the club although enthusiastic had a few problems providing carts for the whole field and organising cards for us to start. So only half the field got the definite advantage of a cart but we did all get a card.

As I said the weather was doubtful and we got well and truly dumped on, on every nine holes played but the field stayed true and the 27 holes got completed with a burger at the 18th just inside of 7 hours. This was helped by having a drinks cart for the first time on the course, only thought it fitting with the days idea coming from Ferg who is known to like a bevy.
Into the club house  for prizegiving, and unfortunately we lost a number of the guys due to commitments as time had dragged on, but the prizegiving and raffle was worth hanging around for, if you won something.
The prize table comprised of 6 half hams, 12 meat packs, 4 lots of sausages and 2 excellent bottles of red wine provided from P.C's private wine cellar.
We had a few tags to give out with a virgin to the group KC, and Grizzler picked up his tag for 18 games. Closest to the pins went to Leylow on 2 and Needle on 1, Longest drives Grizzler, Wolfie, and Potato.

So to the winners on the day and it seems we have some good consistent golfers in the group with Cat picking up the trophy with 60 points and the mug with 40 putts and also the cash which he generously put some on the bar and a good proportion against next months Christmas BBQ. Hone was close also with 59 points so picked up the plate and Bangers took back his shot with a net 110, remembering that is for 27 holes.
To finish of the day the remaining meat that wasn't awarded to the official winners were drawn out using the girls. All and all a great day, a few improvements to be made to help out, carts for everyone, but a great idea!
El Prez

What goes on Tour stays on tour

Now we all know the old rule of touring, even when wives are with you but it cannot go unsaid that I was a bit unsure when it came to the touring dynamics with partners. I should not have worried as the length of the tour, the stunning locations, the unspoken rule that nobody had to do anything they did not want to do, along with some great people, worked extremely well.
Yes we had got to know each other reasonably well in our four warm up dinners in the months building up to touring, but it really did all come together when we all came together in Hawaii.

I’m not saying there weren't learnings. Make sure you have hired vehicles that can carry both the group and all 120 pieces of luggage, make sure you do not miss your flight while taking a team photo, be careful who you make touring Fines masters, make sure your Minister of Alcohol is not a recovering Alcoholic, make sure you leave your phone at the side of the swimming pool, not in it. Understand how far a lava flow is to get to and above anything do not ask a group of lovely ladies for their first sexual experience, it is not an ice breaker but does generate one hell of a frosty moment.

To the lovely ladies mentioned thank you for understanding and participating in the spirit of MWSS, you were all great to tour with and there was a hell of a lot of  great moments to remember, not the least being the Kiwi take over of Mick Fleetwood’s Restaurant and bar on our last night. But thats all I can say on that.
No hesitation in doing it again, and we will.

El Prez

Game 7Hawaii tour 2016
Royal Kanapali ~ Maui


The last game on tour also coincided with Scooner achiving his 50th cap.  A short walk with clubs from our hotel and we were at the clubhouse.  As   it was our last game the groups were sent out as per tour standings leading into the final day. Whilst it seemed a forgone conclusion that Ernie had the overall tour result wrapped up, Macca had a different spin on it.  His spin though was pretty much extinguihed by the end of the 1st hole. 

Like all golf courses previously played the course proved more challenging due to the consistant trade winds and undulating nature of the course.  Playing with El Prez and Ferg it was a great day with Ferg mastering the conditions and setting a 82 as the best gross of the day and walking away with Bangers shot and the trophy.  Ernie wrapped up the overall tour king with another consistant result, not his best work but still enough to take the mantle. 

The obvious highlight was Scooners 50th where he picked up the plate with 33 points which was acknowledged in the clubhouse as well as the awarding of his red tag "well done Puna"  was the call of the day and set us up to kick on to Fleetwoods later that evening for the grand tour dinner, but thats another story


Game 6 Hawaii tour 2016
Wailea Bay Gold~ Maui

Now this must go down as one of Broomy's better calls, when initially looking at courses on Maui this was one that was about an hour away but he had heard great things about the resort and the 3 courses it provided, so the call was made. Now what you need to understand is it is all about the experience and the small stuff and this resort did it well, from the personalised bag tags to the practice facilities to the guy who stands on the first tee to help you with your first shot, and then there is the courses. We played the gold course and although not as challenging as some we played on tour, from the tees we played it was an outstanding layout with spectacular views, and it was hard to find a bad lie.

Now I was lucky enough to be playing with Dowdy and Hattaways on this day and getting past that 50th game milestone last game did wonders for Dowdy's golf as he was Mr consistent around the course, coming in with a winning 40 points, Hatt's also showed his skills on the green picking up Glugs mug with 31 putts (although if you counted the putts from off the green he may have blown out) Broomy had a good day at the office picking up the Plate with 37 stables and Ernie had another top score for Bangers  Shot with an 81.

The usual 'back into the Bar for lunch' which this time saw us sitting outside looking over amazing gardens to a sea view that was just outstanding. After the ritual winners photos and required photo bomb, a few more beers we headed back to the hotel to catch up with the girls, which then provided a few more drinks and another great night out.
EL Prez

Game 5 Hawaii Tour 2016  
Plantation GC ~ Maui Island


Even before we left NZ this golf course had "bucket list" written all over it. This was game 5 of our amazing Golf Tour.
Plantation Golf Course is on the Island of Maui and is recognisable to us from the PGA Tour which it hosts each year.
The weather conditions were poor at times but each hole was memorable. It's the only course on tour that I can remember every hole and what I scored. Maybe that's because of the cost, I'm not sure, Ha.
Anyway what an amazing site and so well-manicured on the hillside of paradise. Dowdy also got his timing perfect with his 50th game for MWSS on this iconic course.
The results were as follows, Glugs Mug went to Scooner for his first win of silverware  with 33 putts, Bangers shot went to Ernie yet again, Dowdy Just missed out on a perfect 50th game finish on count back, but was the winner of the losers on 39 points as was Macca who took out the Trophy with 39 points.

Photo: (Golf course pre Ist Tee off, and Dowdy's 50th presentation) Above

Photo: (Cadillac Margaritas with Bruce)

We headed to the 19th of this fantastic golf club happy in the knowledge that we had just played this unbelievable course to find yet another gem in "Bruce the Bartender"
He set up drinks for us like no other, including a round (or two) of Cadillac Margaritas. (Thanks Wristy) which went down like gods water.
Needless to say we were all in good spirits when back at the Westin by the pool just in time for drinks.
9 men who love the game of golf will remember this day forever and for different reasons, but no one will go away disappointed.

Game 4 Hawaii Tour 2016 
Hapuna Report ~ The Big Island

After Mauna Kea and a couple of other nice courses, the fourth and last of the games on Big Island was at our Hotel where we were staying - Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel (photo below).  The course looked pretty good - BUT....unfortunately the wind got up (big time) and it was suspected that it came from an unusual direction as stroke hole 1 was playing one of the shortest holes while stroke 18 played very long.  To give an idea of the wind some of the team were playing 5 irons on par 3 holes that were less than 120m, and falling short!  These were really tricky conditions.  Added to that the fact the course climbs over 700 vertical feet in the first 6-7 holes and was very exposed to the elements it made the golf very challenging.  Full credit then to Ernie and Ferg who collected 38 stabies in trying conditions, and shout out to BT and Hatts who collected 35 and 34 points respectively - great efforts.                                                    Ferg and Hatts also collected one each of the longest drives and closest to the pins to round off their days.  Ferg collected Glug's mug with 27 putts and the plate for second - Ernie the winner on count back.  Boba (27 points) won the coveted 'Played like a Sheila' head cover on countback from Macca the lucky bugger, but Macca wouldn't be denied winning the putted like a Pig (39 putt0).  Ernie won Bangers shot with a creditable 76 in the conditions.  It would be good to go back and play the course again with little to no wind, but compared with the first three courses on tour this one has the least fond memories - well for me anyway!  The celebrations were cut short as the tour party packed and vamoosed to the airport for our flight to Maui and the sun set on our Big Island excursion --now that Maui is a place to go and play golf!

Game 3 Hawaii Tour 2016
Mauna Lani North  ~ The Big Island

Well here we are! And there you other non-tourists are. You've heard that Queensland is supposed to be 'beautiful one day, perfect the next". Hawaii has eclipsed that old wives tale. The tour party minus Mrs El P and Mrs Broomy arrived safely on Hawaii - otherwise known as "Big Island" - and have completed the 1st round of golf (and about the 40th round of drinks)! The first game was played within the ridiculous scenery of the Mauna Lani North Course. It's difficult to describe the scenes you see. The course is built on top of a larva flow - age unknown. Unsurprisingly those that are less than straight from the Tee were punished. The end result of a mis-hit into the larva could be akin to playing a very long game of pinball. For instance a mishit to the left side could easily end up closer to the right side of the fairway. The balls don't survive this sort of punishment particularly well! Dowdy proposes to smuggle a large pieces of volcanic rock into the country embedded in his ball. The big downer on an otherwise great day was the wind. It blew like 40 bastards hard and hot - sometimes a 3 or 4 club difference into it. The hospitality we were afforded at the clubhouse was excellent. In addition the scenery is superb but today's course took some getting used to by some. There weren't any double fairways on the right for Bobba to drift into. Nor were the greens as quick as many had predicted. The second rough was really tough. In summary however, a bad day on the golf course in Hawaii is always better than a good day in the office.
The rest of you MWSSer's need to seriously consider coming on the next tour!!!
Winners and losers on the day:
Trophy: BT, Plate: Macca, Bangers Shot: Ernie, Glugs Mug: Macca
Longest drive: Ernie and BT Closest to the pin: Ferg and Macca
Scripted by
Hatt - one of the originals!

Game 2 Hawaii Tour 2016
Mauna Lani Resort South Course ~ The Big Island

Boba_andThe South course opened in 1981 and captivates golf enthusiasts as it snakes through the stark, rugged a'a lava of the prehistoric Kaniku lava flow, offering a panorama of mountain and ocean views alongside a challenging golf experience. The South Course is also home to No. 15, one of the most photographed over-the-water golf course holes in the world.

A par 72 Course that measures more than 6,300 mtrs from the tips. There are other ocean holes as well, and the inland holes are fairly memorable, too. One thing all the holes have in common is the stark contrast between well-manicured green turf and black lava rock.
More specifically, the course is built on a 16th century lava flow, so the rocks that surround the fairways are very porous, very rough -- not a good spot to hit a golf ball. I should know as I spent most of the back 9 in them. But not only do they surround many of the fairways and greens, but there are also outcroppings on the fairways, a mine/mind field at best.

The 15th being 176 mtr, the signature hole was unbelievable, and of which I was the only one in my three not to hit the green (bugger), truth is that all the par 3s are pretty good on the South Course at Mauna Lani. The 12th also carries water, a pond, and the third also plays more than 182 mtrs.
Mauna Lani South is rated as the 15th of the best Golf courses in the Hawaiian Islands. Anyway what a Course, comp for the day was "Bogy" a + for 3 or more stabies a 0 for 2 stabies and a - for anything less. I happened to be +3 at the turn, (then I started to think), wheels completely fell off. My playing buddy weren't playing much better (Broomy & scooner).

Longest drives        Macca & yours truly
Closest to the pin    Ferg & Scooner
Most putts              34 putted like Pig Yours truly "hence writing this"
Glugs Mug               Macca 25 "good effort"
Lowest Stabies        25 Played like shella Dowdy
Best Score              74 & + 3 on the match, big Ernie
The Plate                 Hatts "unlucky", as his best game of the trip
The Trophy              The big man Ernie of course with 36 points
Best hole of the day being the 19th, with this to look forward too.

Aloha & Mahalo


The suport crew unwind at 10am
Game 1 ~ 2016 Hawaii Tour
Mauna Kea Resort ~ The Big Island


I imagine if there is such a thing as a golf course in heaven, we just played it!
Mauna Kea Resort was spectacular. A couple of memorable holes, the 3rd hole (par 3) hitting over the ocean to a green 170 metres away with bunkers surrounding the hole was priceless. The 13th (par 4) the number 18th shot hole with your second shot from 150-170 mts up hill with a dozen large bunkers along the way making it the most challenging 18th shot hole on the planet!
Numerous highlights on the 138 slope course from Ferg playing the course on his own Golfboard, surfing his way from hole to hole. Ernie taking out the best gross 84 (this pretty much sums up how challenging the course was). El President took out the grand prize with 34 stappies (his second win on tour) while Macca came in with the plate on 31 and least putts going to Ernie with 34.
While the scoring was high we all went to the 19th content knowing we had just played a remarkable golf course.



Wainui Golf Club ~ 7th October 2016

As buildups go this was one of the bigger ones, not from he El Prez but just the opportunity to playa brand new course on our back door step. Unfortunately we stuck a bad day to play the rain was coming though with some heavy showers an I think if we weren't in carts some of the group may have walked off. As it was a stat of play we only had one that pulled the plug leaving us with a perfect 48 strong field.

Now Scotty the club Pro did a welcome and outlined the reality of playing such a new course only 2 months old, our group being the first non member tournament to be hosted. At this point in time the greens, tees and fairways were in great nick but areas outside of these were still a bit raw and if you were in the Long fescue rough your ball was lost. The course itself was outstanding but he mistake the club did was put us off the back tees, and with the combination of rain, tight fairways an long rough this took the edge off the day and made for hard scoring. With that said you can see that this will be a course once settled in will proved a fear test in he future.

Now give the club their due they put it on for us, trying out a few things from bar tabs to a seperate area for us to do our prize giving and outstanding meal was provided.

Within the field we had 5 Virgins with some interesting an varied Nic names, Hodges, Bob, Chook, Potato( that very quickly got shortened to Spud for the Irishman) an Russo who is Scooners daughters boyfriend, which was awkward when giving the usual introductory story.


Rusco also shon out as the over all winner coming in with an outstanding 42 points, which was made even better due to the conditions and that he put a good amount on the bar and then Scooner and crew helped out of a bit more at a couple of pubs on the way home. Our big mate Bede was unlucky to pick up the Plate with an excellent 40 points and Ernie had a good day on some slippery greens with only 24 putts. Now Porshe is becoming a regular threat at the pro end of the field this time taking away The Shot from the usual competition with a 76.


All in all a good day, one we will repeat when the course is dry, the weather is a bit warmer and definitely of the tees a little bit closer to the start of the fairway


5th August 2016 ~ Mangawhai Golf Club


A bus trip, Mangawhai golf club and Bangers 100th game, not too many reasons not to turn up, and 37 of us did. Although only just over half where on the bus many deciding to stay up and stay in at their baches, others had things on and the honest ones wanting to wake up the next day and know where their golf clubs were.

The bus left at 7am from the Poe and went through to Mangawhai in good time, only stopping to pick up  Bede at Walkworth.  Breakfast was at Harvest Blue a great place, great food great coffee. They had taken our orders the night before and was served in Military procession, well almost, and we were still on time at the golf course, 500m up the road.

The Club was ready for us with cards and some carts for the broken down amongst us.  The 4 balls were drawn using the cards and as luck would happen we had nobody asking to move because their playing partner was sleeping with their wife. First of the tee as the occasion requires was

Bangers with a full gallery of mates watching on, I think there were a little nerves as it wasn’t particularly well hit but strait and long enough to get a clap. He was also reunited with his putter that he had lost a month previously due to a wind gust that had dislodged it from his hand and lodged 3m up a tree at NSGC. He was going to need that if he was to push for a win today.

Now we had a huge amount of rain coming into the day and it was questionable how the day was going to come through weather wise, but the track was in great condition due to its sand base, and the greens were slippery down hill. The weather gods dumped on us on the first nine but it was reasonable temperature wise and the sun came out on occasions on the second nine. The club got 4 groups of the back to help with the wait so we got into the club house in good time.

Once showered and back in the club, the ladies in the kitchen brought out some platters of food that would help with the beers. Into the prize giving and to the Bag tags, we had 2 virgins to the group, Bobby (Mills) and Budgy (McCullock) both couldn’t remember their first sexual experience, and that was lucky as we had a number of lady members in the club, although some looked disappointed. Maxy (Nichols) got his on his 4th game, and Sparrow (McCulloch) picked his up on his 16th game. Pissy (Utton) picked up his 18th game Blue tag. To the big one, to a standing ovation (including club members) no less Bangers picked up his Black Tag for his 10th game. He said some nice words about the group, but not enough was

said about his attitude to playing with anybody and everyone no matter what their skill level, he has been a constant over the years and many of us have watched and have admired his skill on the golf course and enjoyed his company in the 19th. He also has a great record

Winning the Glugs Mug 16 times, The Pate 4 times, The MWSS Trophy 15 times, and today adding his name to the trophy named after him “Bangers Shot” one more time to take him to 40 wins out of the 79 times it has been played for, average rounds of 75.5. He also has held ‘Masters Monday’s” Black Jacket for the last 3 years. Great to have him on board.


Onto the days prizes and stated Bangers took out Bangers Shot with another 75 of  the stick, Glugs mug went to Muzz his 1st piece of silverware with 29 putts, The Plate went to Wristy utilising his new putting style to help him to 37 points, but the winner of the all important MWSS Trophy

went to Marvel for his second win on tour. He must love the sand as his other win was at Muriwai. Longest drive 12 handicapper and below went to Ferg, and Tiny picked it up for us high handicapers.

To finish off Maxy and and Wristy picked up the Closest to the pins.


Now the Prize table was covered with Wine, top shelf (that would come back to haunt us), golf apparel and golf product, so the usual ladies helped out to draw prizes, I think we had 15 lucky draws plus our winners above so a great day to be a winner.

A few more beers under the belt and the 24 were back on the bus and heading home, one beer at the Puhoi and then those bottles of top shelf came out, the Honey whisky was dangerously smooth, may have something to do with not remembering getting my clubs of the bus, or the green bag with all the money in it. The group split half jumping into taxis and half headed into the poe to finish of the day. A great day, congrats to our 3rd Centurion Bangers.


The El Presidente'


 17th June 2016 ~ Redwood Park


A huge drop in attendance from our last outing, maybe due to the level of golf course, maybe due to the weather going cold or maybe because there were no Pros playing, but our field dropped from 88 to 14. But a great bunch of guys made the effort to turn out and play our 53rd course to played, our 130th game.

To be fair it wasn’t a bad day, the rain held off, yes the track was a little wet in places but we had clean and place so there wasn’t too much to complain about, the greens were not fast but pretty consistent. The course itself takes a bit of finding as it’s now nestled in an area that was once rural but fast becoming urban. Probably for the first time in our history we had everyone there early, so we kicked off about 20 minutes early which came in handy for one more beer at the end.


The good thing about the smaller groups is you can actually take the time to talk to everyone in the field. Also it only takes a couple of good size platters to feed them. With a few beers under our belt Crazy did a bit of a fine session that brought enough in to pay for the food and have a few laughs.

It was also good to see a few new names on the trophies with Abo just missing out to Porsche with 38 points and the Trophy versus 36 for Abo to give him the Plate, some good scoring from the guys. The usual burglar picked up the Shot with Bangers in his 99th game hitting an outstanding 73. Glugs Mug was picked up by Macca with a putting exhibition only requiring 27 putts on the day

All in all, a pleasant day at the office. It’s always good to get out and its better in some ways with a smaller crew.   


The El Presidente'



20th May 2016 MWSS Pro-Am ~ Gulf Harbour









Huge day for the MWSS, the biggest field we have had for an event and it all came together for the day. The weather was great apart from a few early showers and a westerly that got up in the afternoon.  Anyway, the day started off for many with a bus ride from the Poe and 5 pickup points on the way to Gulf Harbour that worked out well - apart from the fact we missed Chief at the second stop, his good wife however caught us up at the 3rd stop - so no real damage done.


The club had it all set up for us, even down to balls on the practice range, carts ready with individual and team cards and the sponsored signs lined up in front of the carts. Not the usual set up for an MWSS, better.



We were privileged to have a good mix of Touring pros including 5 out of the Top 8 on the order of merit table, and a good bunch of local club pros. A special mention needs to go to Doug Holloway who with his wife Rebecca and 3 month old son drove up from Napier to play.


The scene for the day was set with the welcome from Crazy letting everyone know how it would be for the day,  welcoming the pros and players and then doing the draw for what pro would play with what 3 ball. Then after all had sculled a glass of Drambue or Whiskey we were off to conquer the Gulf Harbour golf course.


Daniel_Pierse_of_the_16thNow it seems there was a hit and run that did not even get a mention at fines let alone the police, before the game started, it saw Mike M actually get run over by Mick in a cart - how it happened and how he wasn't hurt is still not clear, but they both played on.
















A small disappointment was the speed of the greens, they were set up for the Pros which had been requested not to be done, it cost the majority of the amateurs a lot of shots and grey hair and unfortunately reflected on the scores. The other thing that killed a good hole dead was the killer rough that Gulf Harbour is famous for. All in all it was a hard day at the office for both  amateurs and Pros but when you are standing on some of those tees looking at the amazing views you couldn't complain.Johnny_Jam_Boy_Daniel_and_Big_A Back to the club house, showered and upstairs to the lounge where we were greeted with a great feed in the form of a bloody good sized burger and chips. Now with a field of 66 amateurs and 22 pros and with 17 different winners to be found it took a lot longer than anticipated to sort, but most weren't complaining as there was plenty of beer behind the bar.


To the prize giving -  again Crazy stepped up in the absence of a sick 4 Door. He started off with thanking and presenting the 22 pros with the appearance fee money then moved onto the bag tags that saw 15 white tags go out including 9 virgins, then 4 blue to AT, Fruit Boy, Johnny, Tim and Mox for reaching 18 games then a red tag went to


Macca for playing his 50th game along with a shirt and a bottle of wine.



First order of business was to pay the Pros, it may have only been a token $100 appearance fee but it was important to highlight what they brought to the day, we then paid out from7th through to first with a number of placings tied the call was made they would be shared, unless it was  1st place then we would have a play out hole. Fortunately 1st place was clear, as it took considerable time to get cards in and finalise placings for both  amateurs and Pros. Learning for next Year "Tell people they need to hand their card in". Shared 3rd place went to Fraser Wilkin, Daniel Pearce and Brad Shilton all shooting 71, 2nd was shared by Tyler Hodge and Gareth Paddison both shooting 68 and the clear winner by one shot taking out $2k was a great winner Kieran Muir. Who was happy to say a few words and fill the cup.


 The 2 longest drives for the Pros was taken out by Ben Gilford, while Ernie and Block took out the big hitting awards for amateurs. Scotty hill took out the closest to the pin on the 15th while Hurtles did the same for the amateurs. Least putts was interesting, Uncle went against the trend and only putted 25 times, the average of  us plodders was 35 and there was a poor Plodder who had 46 puts. He also pipped the best Pro on the greens Keiran Muir and Tyler Hodge who both had 26 putts. Batman picked up the Plate with a nice 28 stabies, but he was still only the winner of the loses, to real winners. Best score of course was taken out by Bangers with 78 showing how hard it was out their 11 shots behind the winning Pro, still a score most of us can only dream of. The Team Event this year playing for the "MWSS Crazy & Ferg Team Cup" after 2 guys that always step up and help out, went to the Pheasant Pluckers made up of Batman, Uncle, Grizzler and their Pro Brad Shilton. They came home with 125 points and for their crime they also have a weekend at BB's Pauanui house to improve their game even better on the Lakes Course. And to the winner of the all glorious MWSS trophy, the man at the mike Crazy with that all important 40 points, great to see well played. Now through the prizing giving there was a well-stocked prize table that was offered up to the winners, but there was still a large amount of donated stuff that was then put up for lucky draw from the floor. Nothing like a rush for a prize.    A belated prize went to Team G Spot for the best dressed team, they where the only ones that made an effort.


So with prize giving done most were keen to get going and the bar emptied out to leave those taking the bus home. Now to get 40 odd nicely toasted golfers home is not easy at the best of times, but then to find that Grandad had a sudden burst of the squirts and needed 10 minutes to relieve himself didn't help with mob order. Any way it wasn't long before we were on our way to the Wade Side Inn where Crazy parted with a good part of his winnings for the group, then worked our way backwards through the stops to the Poe. It seems small parties broke out at different stops, Fergs, Crazies, The Poe, The New Brew and even the Chapel Bar in Ponsonby may have seen some action. All in all not a bad day not to go to work and catch up with some old and new friends.


To finish I would like to thank everyone that helped out our big sponsor Jam Boy and North Harbour Vehicles and the other 19 that didn’t hesitate to step forward and sponsor a hole, To Micah and his team at Gulf Harbour for going the extra mile for us, to all the Pros that came and shared their talents for us and to all you guys that make it easy to run these events. It seems to me everyone leaves their egos at the gate as I have not a great amount of it to deal with, so it makes life easy.

The El Presidente'


11th April 2016 ~ Masters Monday ~ North Shore GC

Masters Monday just gets bigger and better each year, with an increase of 3 four balls to take the field out to 32, combined with another 40 club members sharing the event it made for a big day. Most of our field enjoyed the breakfast put on by the club while watching the drama unfold over the last round. We consumed a great breakfast as Jordan Spieth collapsed over the first three holes of his last nine, dropping 5 shots to basically hand the Green Jacket to Englishman Denny Willett.  Nobody saw that coming and unfortunately nobody picked Willet or Spieth in our sweep.

With the curtain raiser over, the main game was on, and it must be said there were a number of guys out on the practice area even before Spieth’s melt down at the 12th.  Maybe they just couldn’t watch it unfold but there was some serious warming up done by the not to be named Maori brothers. Unfortunately there was a bit of walking to tees for the shot gun start, only Cowboy made comment, but it was good to get out and swing the club. The 8 four balls competing produced a number of firsts. An award could have been given to the Anscome Boys teamed up with Millsy and Abo for sheer loudness and enthusiasm; fortunately they were the group behind us, very entertaining. At the other end we had a four ball that either took it too seriously or had some kind of physical impairment as there play was that slow they actually fell 30 minutes behind the group they were following. Very lucky to not be fined, not sure how that got missed.

We were luckier this year with the weather, the rain held off and the day was perfect for golf, the course was in great nick and the scores showed that. Prize giving started off with the club scrabble which we were all a part of, we did well with three of our guys picking up there divisional prizes, Bangers, Ferg and Cowboy.

At our prize giving, we brought it in close as we had 3 virgins in Walshy, Block and EC who gave the short specifics of the usual question, they did well and now inducted are trapped as we all are in this group.

Mention needs to be made of Bangers for organising MWSS Masters Monday Shirts and peaked caps and Steve Allen for providing a few of his golf products that were eagerly taken by the guys. We are always looking for prizes to give away, thanks to the guys for their products and help.

Now starting backwards Virgin Walshy didn’t have a great introduction to the group picking up the Batting Award for Most Golf and Played like a Shella for least stabies, Beefy picked up the Most Putts Award which has been renamed The Big Easy Award, after Ernie’s 7 putts at the first on opening day

To the sharp end 26 putts was a great effort well done Troy who finally gave up his fireman’s nick name Tripod (I didn’t ask) for the cup. Now there was a putting effort the Big Easy would have preferred in his first round. To the Winner of the Losers Plate, there was confusion that saw Jonny pick it up with 39 points but actually believe it or not Bangers is eligible and unfortunately in his eyes, his 40 points gave him the silver award. He also played bloody well hitting a 71 off his 3 handicap to pick up the Master’s Black Jacket, the Shot and a bag of gold coins to the value of $250, well done mate.

Now the winner of the Green Jacket, the MWSS Trophy and $1k for his 40 Stabies  went to Cowboy. It’s a good outcome for Cowboy as we won’t have him around for a while as he’s off to coach the Canadian Rugby team next month. He was very hospitable and everyone had a drink or 3 on him. He also looked good in his green Jacket.

To finish off we drew out a few names for spot prizes, and then gave out the prize for Masters sweep which went to BB he had Dustin Johnson who came 3rd equal.   EC also through  $100 on the bar as he had picked up a not so small amount on picking Willett at the TAB. And finally to the winner of the Calcutta who believe it or not was Bangers who had drawn Cowboy, just shows winners are drawn to winners.

Another great day was had and the club wants to make it better next year. Bring it on.

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18th March 2016 ~ Waiheke Island Tour


Our first overseas trip of the year saw us venturing off to Waiheke Island to play there well maintained 9 holer.  An early morning ferry meant excitement levels were high , but eyebrows were raised when the finely tuned athlete that is cat hoed into his mince and cheese pie at 7.15am.  A quick trip by public transport saw us take both boat and bus to the golf course.  Its fair to say that there was a couple of winners before we even teed off being the boys who mananged to take advantage of there gold card discounts on the boat and bus.  A local and virgin joined us for the days being the mayor of waiheke, Roddy Mc Leod.  The golf was fantastic with Ossie Coxy taking out both the cup (on countback from Hatts) with 39 and best gross of 82 for the day.  The golf was quickly follwed by an afternoon at Mudbrick for a late lunch.  Special thanks to Roddy and Grandad for transportation services to Mudbrick. A second trip was required back to the golf club as Ferg managed to leave the tour bag with winning in envolope at golf club.
Also whilst Dowdy didnt manage to join us that day he did send Rayewyn to grace us with her precence to make sure we were all behaving ourselves.  A great afternoon was had at Mudbrick and once again special thanks to Grandad for organising the venue through his partner with the generous discount plus bottle of wines for prizes.  This was also Hatts 50th game and a better place you could not pick to celebrate.  At the appropriate time we departed the island and enjoyed a couple of ales on the short cruise in and then on to the BBC in Birkenhead to finish the night in style.  Not
for the 1st time that day Ferg managed to forget somthing that day and managed to leave his phone in the cab, not sure if this was just a ploy to keep Ang at bay or was a genuine lose.

12th February 2016 ~ Manukau Golf Club

A big day all round for MWSS as we took our last trip out to
Manukau golf club before it turns into a housing development  later this year. It is a great course with some tight holes that play into some undulating greens. The Signature hole 12that runs around the Manukau inlet was looking a picture but was playing easier than most day that day, but I’m getting a head of myself.

We had a great turn out with 29 in the field with 18 of those taking a bus option out to the course from the Shore and others taking their cars and coming straight from work. We had a mixed group of golfers with an average handicap of 14 ranging from 3 to 26. We had every shot known to man between us but it would be fear to say golf and the humidity were the winners on this day.  

First order of the day was a salute to Chief who reached the retirement age, so we raised a dram on the first to him, he blew out the candles and opening a box of Fruit (From the Fruit Guy, Al), which lasted about 30 seconds as the group grabbed it for the 18 holes ahead. We had a 2 tee start which added to a good start of play.

As stated the course was in great nick, there was a fear amount of grass through the fairways as it was almost spring conditions with the difference that it was 28 degrees with almost 100% humidity. The greens were in outstanding condition holding shots and running medium speed but true. The group averaged 34 putts each so you couldn’t blame anything on the greens

Hard to tell how the groups I put together worked but nobody died and they were all having a beer  together at the 19th when I got in so I took that as a “Not
to Bad”.  We got right into the prize giving after Bangers and Sharpie dealt with the cards, not a small task.  Firstly there was sorting of the moneys, then we were into giving out the bag tags, with Grim picking up his Red tag to celebrate his 50th game with us and a welcome to Abo on his first game who gave the shittiest story to date to be fear. I had also taken note on who teed off first today which happened to be Pissy, he was presented with a bottle of wine for being MWSS’s number 2000 to tee off.

Fines were dealt with expediently to cover food costs and buses, The best fine was raised from the floor. Asked what would be imposed on someone who had score one more point on his card that he had played and signed it.  Fines Master Crazy as swift and as mercellous as usual imposed a $30 fine and disqualification to the culprit. It was then divulged that it was him who had the stuff up.. but he paid up.

Going through the prizes. Most golf unfortunately went to Hatt with 103 while Gibby played the least with a 77 to pick up the Shot. Wristy had the most putts at 38 while Grim balanced his scorecard somewhat by having only 25 putts to give him Glugs mug and the money. Unfortunately  apart from his putts Grim was ordinary and picked up the least stabies 26, while the battle was at the other end with Shank piping Marvel on 40 points with 41 points to take the Trophy and give Marvel the plate. Shank was generous in victory paying for beers for anybody that wanted one, this also continued back at the poe when most of us got back. A fitting winner as it doubled as his wedding shout as he marries Kerry early next month.

Again another good day with not to many problems and a lot of laughs, especially when you are the sober bus driver at 11pm that night.

Al Presidente'

January 4th ~ The Dunes Golf Course

Welcome to the New Year MWSSers, may this year be all that you wish for and more. Chinese have this as year of the Monkey !! Lets hope that does not refer to the golf for the rest of the year, although some may find it difficult to shake … Birdy ….
After some angst with the weather and the so so condition of  Pauanui Lakes, it was decided to reschedule the event and bring it back to the outstanding facility that is the Dunes !! A very prudent decision by El Pres as it turned out, weather was perfect and the course was outstanding after the drenching it received the 3 days prior.
It did however reduce the initial field of 20 plus, down to a compact and competitive group led by some strong locals in Broomy , BT ,KP ,Crazy Clayton etc who have had more rounds at the Dunes than most of us have had cooked breakfasts so the odds were heavily against the rest of us …. Writer included here.
After  a reasonable internal drenching the previous night with Ferg arriving with enough food for all our Syrian refugees AND  the dreaded chilly Bin , we got into the right space for the big day with some  pre match banter and catch up before the big  event.
Ferg Birdy & Bangers were up early to create some on course nourishment,  Mustard sandwiches, with a slice of Ham between 2 of Tip Tops finest white toast loaf no less @#$%, the feedback  on quality was nothing but complimentary and they were very well received. This was a first for any MWSS event and to be introduced by a Bays man was certainly one out of the Blue and deserves a huge round of applause.
Out we went, 2 x 4 ball and 2 x 3 balls, not too many stories, Crazy makes stuff up so the fine bin looks good, the odd club throwing , but  nothing serious.
The results of the days play were as follows
Putted like a pig Broomy with 37 putts
Batting award Birdy with 106
played like a Shella ~Clayton with 26 stabies
Glugs Mug ~Bangers with 25 putts
Plate ~Bangers with 37 stabies
Bangers Shot ~ Bangers with a 76
MWSS Trophy ~ Gibby with 37 stabies
I had the pleasure of having Gibby / Matt HcHardy in my group, we teamed up to take on some unfortunate pair, but other than 2 holes on the back ninehe was on track to take the $$ ,a deserved winner of the MWSS trophy,  with a swing like that he should be on tour.
From my limited memory the golf on most fronts was pretty average, considering the high quality field, but the aftermatch was all that we have become accustomed too, good mates,  good banter, cold piss and some Pizza with the WAGs arriving while we still making sense before moving onto Broomys where the promise of a large roast from his Green EGG failed to materialize , but  we enjoyed a fantastic burger from the local takeaway, Thank you Keitha for organizing that
Broomy_Bangers_and_Gibby_winnersFor those that made the effort to get to the event, Ferg, & Clayton, from the City, Matt, Matt N, Cowboy, Macca & Boba coming in from Simpsons, Pauanui and Tairua a big thank you from the management & for those that chose to stay back after committing , the fines team will deliberate & come back to you all with what will be a fair result I am sure.


See you all at Manukau

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