The Trophy Cabinet-MWSS GOLF

The Trophy Cabinet

The MWSS Trophy

The first Trophy in the cabinet was donated by foundation member Crazy at the second game, at Huapai Golf Club in February of 2003. Crazy thought if this golfing thing was ever to get any traction it needed something to play for. So a trophy was forged in Mooloo country, by a mate, for a beer.

The plastic golfer on top of the then single wooden plinth was wacky enough to work. Levels have been added and every winning player's nick name has been added since that day.

To have your name added to this illustrious trophy you must score the highest amount of stabies, and if tied it goes to countback.


 Banger's Shot

It took nearly 7 years for the group to register that we actually had some good golfers amongst us and that real golfers should have a trophy that acknowledges their abilities.

The Trophy is a Shot casing from large callibre artillery. It is appropriately named Banger's Shot after the undisputed best golfer at the time Gary " Bangers" Bancroft. His name appears on it many times after it came into the competition in March 2010 at North Shore Golf Club

To have your name added to this amazing trophy you must have the best Gross score on the day, and if tied, it goes to countback.

Glug's Mug

Glug'sMWSS_Glug's_Mug Mug was started up and named  in Auust of 2005, after AT or Glug as he was known back then. The month before he had been dragged along to play and the jammy bugger got a hole in one at Formosa's 144m 11th hole. To celebrate not putting that hole, Glugs Mug was put in play.

It has become part of who we are as a group, being just off the green is  a good thing
The cup is awarded to the player with the least putts for their round, Putts are deemed as those that the ball starts on the green. The last person to score 3 putts or more holds the "snake". If you are holding the Snake at the end of the round you put in $10 to the cup. The winner of Glug's mug for that day gets that money  


The Plate

Now this may look like  we buy into "everyone is a winner" mentality, but  in truth it is having a laugh at the cost of the second place getter, who realy is the winner of the losers. We have been laughing at ourselves since the 17th game back in March 2005, when Broomy was our first Winner of the Plate.

The plate is awarded to the player with the second highest Stabies Score,  but you can't win it if you have won the MWSS Trophy in the last 12 Months. If tied it goes to countback.


    The Gnomes

Like the platMWSS_Knomese this is the chance to celebrate having a bad day on the golf course, as we all have them. They have morphed a bit over the years but  there are now  Shanksy, Yipsy and Grumpy. They are the negatives to The Bangers Shot, Glugs Mug, MWSS Trophy. We have records back to January 2014

You are awarded Shanksy if you have the largest Gross, awarded Yipsy if you have the most Putts and Grumpy if you have the lowest Stableford. Like everything, if tied it goes to countback

Ernie's Mere


Ernie's Mere is awarded to the Order of Merit winner contested since 2018. It is beautifully carved Pounamu Mere and represents the Mana that the winner of this seasonal competion has achieved. It is named after Ernie,  who holds all the attributes the Mere represents.

To win Ernie's Mere and the substantial prize, it is simply the addition of your 5 best stableford points from all normal games. Overseas tour games are not included.

Ryder Cup 

MWSS_Ryder_CupThe Ryder Cup format and concept was one that was meet with excitment by the guys. When most of us had come from team sports,  going head to head against another team, with the added benifit of playing 3 days of golf with 3 different formats, has become one of those most anticipated events on the MWSS calendar.

The teams are basically, those born in Auckland (North) versus the rest (South),

The annual event is played over three days in July, historically at the Dunes GC, Matarangi. It utilises, Day 1 Four Ball, Day 2 Foursomes, Day 3 Singles & Teams. Just like that one the Pro's play.

The Ranfurly Batton

Introduced by Scooner  in February of 2021 as  a side game to the MWSS events. It gave rivals in past rugby, soccer, cricket schools etc a vehicle to again go head to head. 
The ultimate, like it's name sake, is to win it and then defend it.

To challenge you must have 2 players from the same organisation play against the defenders, the compition is match play on handicaps. If you win it you hold it, until you lose it. The Batton is engraved at the end of the line of defences

The Bugle

MWSS_BugleThe Bugle was brought into play to celebrate the games we have with like minded groups like ours araound the country. We have played groups from  Far North to Dunedin. Each Group is represented by a dog tag with the history of each time we have gone head to head. There has been some great battles over the years and the old Bugle represents these incounters well.

When MWSS visits a club we put a challenge out to play, but will take challenges also. The group needs to be more than 4 players. We play any formate agreed between us


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