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MWSS Management

Rule 1: Brett Turner the current El Presidente (El Prez) is always right.

Rule 2: If you want to be El Prez, you but have to ask, a vote can be called if the standing El Prez requests it, but he will probably just give you the job.


Rule 3; To become a member, you have to be invited by a standing member of MWSS. If for any reason any other member objects, it will be ruled on by the El Prez.  Members are defined as:
"Active" gets personal invites to games,.
"Appraising" basically a newby, play 3 games and you are up for "Active " status, no invites are sent
"Benched" We haven't seen you for around 2 years, you can become active by just playing a game, no invites are sent.
For more details go to "Members Categories" tab

Rule 4: Rites to play: Basically, the more MWSS games you have played, the more rite you have to play. So, it is last on, first off, if numbers exceed tee times.

Rule 5: For full playing rights you must be a NZGA registered member, with handicap, not pending.

Rule 6 Nonregistered~ ~ the player can be set a handicap by the El Prez after consulting with the players and friends. He will pay a full player Tax per time he plays but is only eligible for the Silverware, not the $$$ with the exception of Glug's Mug where handicap has no effect.

Rule 7: If you have not played a MWSS event in the past 2 years you will be BENCHED, meaning you will be taken off the invite list, but remain a member until you play another MWSS game and then are reinstated as a PLAYING member.

Rule 8: Under a true dictatorship, membership is but a word, the masses have nothing but the belief that The El Prez has their back. Disclosure will rely on how he is feeling on the day.

In the unlikely event of a dispute...see rule 1.

Playing taxation

Rule 9: There is a compulsory Haggle for those competing for the MWSS Trophy costing $20 (June 2011) per player per event.

Rule 10: There is a $10 per person charge that goes to the Order of Merit Seasonal competition

Rule 11: The last holder of the snake (over 2 putts) in each group, at the end of the round shall pay the holder of Glug's Mug $10.

Rule 12: Touring teams" cannot utilise "MWSS" funs, prize money or accumulated fine moneys, all funds must be self-generating on tour and be spent on tour. If not spent, it will be absorbed into the El Prez drinking fund

Rule 13: The El Prez can call a court session without notice at any time to balance the books. The Fines Master designated is all powerful for the time of the court session, cross him at you Peral

MWSS Etiquette Rules

Rule 14: No Wankers policy, we are here to have a good time, not take ourselves to seriously, any ongoing actions that cause any other member to not want to come along, is not cool, and may result in fines, stand down, or being told to piss off.

Rule 15: Late turn up- Don't, ensure you are on time.

Rule 16: Slow play, finable

Rule 17 Cheating, we have no course referees, we are reasonable on rulings, but you do not pick up unless given, be honest with your calls and play with in the course rules applied on the day. Donít be a wanker

Rule 18: Appropriate attire that meats the Golf Clubs rules as well as exhibiting at least one piece of MWSS uniform must be adhered to.

Rule 19: If you a honourable Blazer member, as stated under the MWSS Blazer Ruling below, you must be wearing it when it has been specified under said Ruling, fines will result if not adhered to, as this would be seen as a matter of disrespect.

Rule 18: Score card management, the comps and requirements for scoring will be clear, any card that is unreadable, not tallied up and not signed, will be fined.

Rule 19: The use of player e-mail addresses for commercial use or soap boxing on any topic other than golf is frowned upon, heavy fines may be inflicted unless sanctioned by the El Prez

Rule 1. Will determine any other disputes.

Standard Competition

MWSS Trophy: Best Stableford

If the winner is over 40 points his reward being up to $1000 of the pot. If the winner is not over 40 points there is no monetary reward.Virgins with less than 3 games are not elirgible for the pot.

MWSS plate winner: Winner of the losers in Stableford

The player wo has the 2nd best Stableford, but who has not won the MWSS trophy in the last 12 months, as at the date of competition. No monetary reward as he is just the best loser.

Bangers Shot: Best Gross

Simply who is the best player who brings in the best score. No Monetary reward as they may be seen as professional

Glugs Mug: Least Putts

The player with the least putts during the round; putts are designated as those that are putting when the ball is on the green. His reward being the fields snake money

Count Back: In the event of a tie in all events we apply a count back, counting back from the 18th.

Team and Hole Comps: The El Prez may organise team events, longest drives, closest to pin, Straightest drive, etc, On the day, depending on what energy levels he has.

Order of Merit: Seasonal completion.

Played from January to December. It is simply the addition of your 5 best stableford points from all normal games. Overseas tour games are not included.

Whiskeys- please ensure that these are recorded in your 4 balls, although some of us prefer Rumbos.

MWSS Blazer Ruling:

On reaching the 50 game threshold, you become a Ďblazerí member of MWSS. Donít get excited, you must, 2 weeks prior to your 50th game, provide a blazer of your choosing (Op shops are good value), of any colour, any style, that fits. This will then get the famously stylish MWSS Logo to be embroidered on the breast. This will then be presented to you after your 50th game, and you will be fined for all costs incurred by MWSS.

Wearing of said Blazer:

The BlazerCAN be worn as of right at all Weddings, funerals, All Black reunions, roof shouts or any other auspicious social occasions where you just want to make a statement.

The Blazer MUST be warn at all MWSS Majorís after matches, Masters Monday and Pro Am, plus when another member is invested into the 50 game blazer club, to the centurion club or any other auspicious level of MWSS bullshit. Also required on MWSS Tours, and it can of course be warn at every MWSS event if you just want to look good.

The only other official Blazers: that can be warn of right, are the Green and the Black Blazers, no matter how many games played by the annual winners. All above functions they can also be proudly warn.

If you have any problems with anything above please utilise the help line that we have established.....0800 DON'T BOTHER

happy golfing

The El Presidente

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