The MWSS Rules                

  1. Brett Turner the current El Presidente is always right.
  2. If you want to be El Presidente you but have to ask, a vote can be called if the standing El Presidente requests it, but he will probably just give you the job.
  3. Handicaps~NZGA registered member as per the NZGA website that day.
  4. Handicaps~non registered~ amateur status   ~   the player can be set a handicap by the El Presidente after consulting with the players and friends. He will pay $20 per time  he plays but is only eligible for the Silverware, not the $$$ with the exception of Glug's Mug where handicape has no effect.
  5. In the unlikely event of a dispute...see rule 1.
  6. That there is a compulsory Haggle for those competing for the MWSS Trophy costing $20 (June 2011) per player per event.   All winnings (Up to $1000) go to the first MWSS winner with 40 plus stableford points.
  7. In the situations of the overall winner not winning with more than 40 stableford points then the overall winnerís winnings are held over to the next game. The Jackpot is capped at $1000 and then will start building for the game after it is struck.
  8. Virgins are designated as those with less than 3 games. As a virgin you are only eligible for $500 of the the Jackpot if you  win MWSS with 40 or more stabies. Playing your 3rd game you are a full member and eligible for the full Jackpot
  9. The haggle price can be reviewed and voted on for change at the end of play for the next monthís MWSS Trophy golf day, marjority vote(of those present).
  10. There is an additional $10 per person charge that goes to the Order of Merit Seasonal comp played from January to December.It is simply the addition of your 5 best stableford points from all normal games. Overseas tour games are not included.
  11. The winner of the plate and the Trophy is decided on best stableford
  12. In the event of a tie we apply a count back, where the winner = person with the highest scoring hole counting back from the 18 back.
  13. The MWSS plate winner is the player who has not won the MWSS trophy in the last 12 months, as at the date of competition.
  14. You cannot hold the plate if you are the holder of the MWSS Trophy - this is as stated- for the " winner of the losers".
  15. The engraving of the all MWSS prizes is at the cost of the worst loser of that prize, this is past on as $10 fine to the winner. Engraving must be completed before the next MWSS trophy game.
  16. If you fail to turn up to defend your title, upon your return to the   group you will be fined one round (beers minimum unless driver) at the 19th for every tourney that you miss until returning.
  17. Glugs Mug   is presented to the player with the least putts during the round; putts are designated as those that are putting when   the ball   is on the green. Count back from the 18th hole will apply in the event of a tie.
  18. If   you do   not complete a hole (pick up) you are scored 3 putts for that hole.
  19. The holder   of the snake (over 2 putts) in each group at the end of   the round shall pay the holder of   Glug's Mug $10 and together pay to fill the mug with the winners preferred beverage once.
  20.  A lizard, a crocodile and a Monkey for those that where last in the group to be in the sand, the water and the trees. The fine master will set the fine for the day if you hold any of these animals.
  21. Twos- if you are fortunate enough to score a two the other members of your group will each buy you a golf ball (in a box) at the pro shop.
  22. Whiskeys- please ensure that these are recorded in your   4 balls, although some of us prefer Rumbos.
  23. "Touring teams" can not utilise "Mid week" funs, prize money or accumulated fine moneys, all funds must be self generating on tour and be spent on tour. If not spent it will be forfeited to the El Presidente's drinking fund. 
  24. Late turn up- Don't, ensure you are on time.
  25. The El Presidente can call a court session without notice at any time to balance the books.
  26. The use of player e-mail addresses for commercial use or soap boxing on any topic other than golf is frowned upon, heavy fines may be inflicted.
  27. Rule 1. Will   determine any other disputes.

  If you have any problems with anything above please utilise the help line that we have established.....0800 DON'T BOTHER
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