The 2021 MWSS Year


Game 214 ~ Gulf Harbour Country Club ~ 3rd December

214_no2After 5 months, the biggest gap between games in MWSS history, it was great to catch up with everyone out at Gulf Harbour. Auckland had done the hard yards when it came to lockdown, almost 4 months, but on this day the MWSS luck kicked it with Jacinda allowing gatherings of 100 on the day of the game.
Getting out, the good weather and the ability to swing a club made for a good field of 56. 2 woman snuck in and even after the call a few virgins made up the field, but what the hell, we had the final MWSS event of the year happening, even the Fine Master was in a good mood.
Now Gulf Harbour was set up suprisingly.... short, comparitively to when we usually play it with the Pros, and the greens were a good speed, so that was a bonus for most of us that were lacking game time.
The club had given us a 2 tee start, which allowed us to all get into the club, or as it worked out onto the deck and again catch up with mates.


 While the pro shop got the scoring done, Crazy and $ Door did their thing. The day had been designated a fundraiser for Jarrad Fergusson who was in his last year of volleyball scholarship in the States. Ang had run a gambling hole on the 15th and between that, the Fine Master, and Echo's generous offer for a game at Wairakei for 4, we raised just over $2500. A great outcome for a bloody good young man.
Finally the scores came through and we could get on with the prizegiving. The course was a little bit too much for Sammy on the day picking up Shanksy and Grumpy, but Red pipped him for Yipsy.

The big hitters were were on form with Precious and Crazaza picking the vouchers up there and TJ and Coogs got them for the 2 closest to the pins. The team event went to G Train, Mouse, Sharpy and Abo, again each picking up a CLUBROOM $50 voucher.
Glug's Mug went to Sharpie with 28 putts, Broomy picked up Bangers Shot and a Lazer Rang Finder donated by Sam Baco with a 73. We had a tight finish for the plate with a 3 way tie taken out by SD on count back with a 39, he also got a $100 CLUBROOM voucher.

Now we arent sure if it was last years heart replumbing or the 4 months he escaped to Wanaka while we were in lockdown, but whatever it was he was on fire and I liked it cause he was my partner on the day. Broomy with his 73 brought in a 43 to give him the spoils of the day, $1000 plus another $200 CLUBROOM voucher.

The final game of the year also means the final game of the Order of Merit, a couple of contenders were locked out of Auckland and unable to better their scores namely Grandad who was holding 1st spot and Macca who was in the top 5. But when the final scores came in the winners and prize money was as below.


2021Ave forCLUBROOMBarWinners
Place5 GamesvouchesCashName
9th34.8$ 110.00Needle
9th34.8$ 110.00Ferg
8th35.2$ 130.00Maxie
5th35.6$ 200.00Sharpie
5th35.6$ 200.00Macca
5th35.6$ 200.00Broomy
4th36$ 300.00Hammer
3rd36.2$ 400.00Coogs
1st38$ 875.00$ 250.00Crazy
1st38$ 875.00$ 250.00Grandad


214_shirtsThe trick is to get along to as many games as you can if you want a good chance of getting in the top 10. Again all the winners have handy accounts at the CLUBROOM sharing $4000 worth. A good time to thank Rodent and the Boys for backing us for another year, those Vouchers make the day, there is no question.

Well thats another year if only a part one, but even with missing out 5 months we still got 12 games in, with Tours to Wellington and Taupo helping with game numbers. To everyone that helped out, sponsored or just played, thanks for getting involved. You dont know what you have, untill you don't have it for 5 months, and you miss it heaps.
No game at Matarangi in Jan but we are looking to get up and going early Feb with a game. Also there are still MWSS shirts available if you are bigger than a medium (see left)

Have a great Christmas, and watch out for next years itinerary out early next year.

See you on the Tee,


Game 213 ~ Omaha GC ~ 9th July

A bus trip to the beautiful Omaha golf course is a tempting offer on anyday, but a Friday in July is real appealingot this time gentlemen

Regardless of the means of arrival the 62 players that ended up at Omaha had their best Friday in July for a long time. The sun came out, the sun went out, the squall come in, the umbrellas went up, the sun came out, the sun went out, t213_Omaha_6he squall came in, the umbrellas went up, the sun came out…well you get the picture…the full 4 seasons in one day MWSS special

The course was in immaculate condition and the greens were as good as you get. Quite a few changes to the course has been made, with way more water, to suck up balls and hit over, made for a great day. A field of seasoned MWSSers went out on a 2 tee start and it was the usual mix of the good, the bad and the ugly…..(guilty as charged Guvnor)….

The fun and games started at the after match with local resident and guest fines master the mighty Bede heading straight for the royalty. Unbelievable how many of the crew had slept with El P’s sister and were willing to pay a fine and who would have thought that Abo was the only 1 of 62 with enough balls to admit voting for Jacinda and secretly lusting after her, a fines session highlight those two. On it went with no one spared humiliation or financial ruin as he worked through his list, truly memorable and enough cash to fund the next couple of bus trips I suspect.

A shout out to El Pres for putting it together so well, as always and then on to the winners and losers. After Angry racked up a high score gnome, yours truly was awarded the least stabbies gnome for an outstanding 19 points, never seen so many happy punters in my life. Yipsey ended up in young Mitch's hands, he should have realised it was going to be a bad day when he snapped his club on the 1st tee.On to the good golfers for the day

More incredible bad luck for Clayton as his tied 40 stabbies lost in a 3-way countback to 17 so the pain and streak goes on. Hawkeye picked up the plate whilst Batman took home Bangers shot once again with Jam Boy taking Glugs Mug and good wodge of cash…oh bugger he had left, so the cash was on the way to the Puhoi…thanks Jam Boy love ya work


Turns out you don’t need a bus to get to the Puhoi and an extended session was enjoyed by a boisterous contingent of MWSS’s regulars. Another great day was had by all.


Taupo Tour 2021


Game 212 ~ Wairakei GC ~ 19th June


Wairakei a question I asked my self most of the way around this beautiful course!

A scattergun start was the order for the day with several no shows and varying states of sobriety from some members who even got a mention at the prizegiving for being ejected from a well known Irish bar the previous night having conducted an unthinkable act ,but of course no names will be mentioned as what goes on tour stays on tour. This allowed for an earlier than expected start and some quick rounds being played.

The rain was forecast for the entire day and the forecasters didn’t get it wrong with persistent rain effecting the roll on a lot of the fairways and greens, mini hovercrafts may have been better suited to the course rather than golf carts.


The rain did effect the scoring and the manner of play with at least one unintentional wedge pigeon appearing in this beautiful bird sanctuary course. The other wildlife didn’t disappoint either with deer, pheasants and many other introduced species being spotted on the course.


Based on the scoring the weather obviously doesn’t effect classy golfers as Nuggetty Nick ,and Bangers scored well again and having had the pleasure of playing with them both on day one and two of the tour have them to thank along with Wolverine for managing to win all three internal matches we partnered up for resulting in beers all round for the winners.A great time had by all on tour and looking forward to the next one (hopefully somewhere warm and dry)

What 4AwardSponsoredWinnersScore
Most PuttsYipsyBoba41
Biggest ScoreShanksyHawkeye111
Least StabiesGrumpyBoba18
Longest Drive9th hole$50 Clubroom AccountNuggarty Nick
Longest Drive18th hole$50 Clubroom AccountBatman
Closest Pin2nd hole$50 Clubroom AccountBatman
Closest Pin10th hole$50 Clubroom AccountBT
Team CompStabies - Putts$50 Clubroom AccountNuggarty Nick, Pricy, Grandad , Tuck-4
Least PuttsGlug's MugNuggarty Nick29
Best ScoreBangers Shot$150 cashNuggarty Nick80
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateBroomy35
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy$300 cashSam Baco39


Taupo Tour PlacingsPrizeWinnerScore
Most combined Tour PuttsMWSS FlaskTuck114
Largest combined Tour scoreMWSS FlaskAngry351
Least combined Tour stabiesMWSS FlaskBJ62
Best Putter$100 Clubroom VouchersBangers92
Best Player$300 cashNuggarty Nick239
MWSS Taupo Tour Champ$600 cashSam Bacco108


Game 211 ~ Kinlock  ~ 18th June



211_Kinlock_1We woke up to a misty Taupo for day 2. Well done Broomy for organising a great dinner/evening the night before at the local Italian restaurant. You would have expected from the fine food and wine consumed that there would be some great scoring at Kinloch! No such luck, Kinloch is rated top 5 in NZ and it is easy to see why, a fantastic golf challenge. I would have to rate it as the toughest golf course in NZ. My playing group for the day (Grandad, BJ and Beej) would attest to that. With two from this group reaching the great height of 18 points for the round (they were lucky to get that many)!

When you are playing Par 3’s at 200mts you know you have to be on your game, not many of us were. But it was pretty impressive to see the closest to the pins on these holes as they were brutal (well done Tootie Fruity & Shanks)

Longest drives went to Nuggety Nick and Wristy (what the f#*k) this is not a typo, how the hell did Wristy win this. All you big hitters out there should be ashamed of yourselves.

211_Kinlock_3Glugs mug (least putts) went to Pricey with 30, well done mate they were not easy greens and it was surprising that the most putts was only 42 as the greens were pretty tough, however no surprises with the winner of most putts - Wristy 😂 Beej, after promising never to claim the now famous Orange jacket for least stabbies, did just that.

We had Bangers winning Bangers shot, named after due him due to his frequent victories, so does the most golf award now called Angry’s??

Bottle took out the Plate and a mighty fine score of 41pts by Sam Baco took out the top prize for the day.

A number of us then meet up at Finn’s bar for the evening, a good night was had by all, While some of us stumbled home later in the evening only Batman was smart enough to find accommodation at the venue!!!




What 4AwardSponsoredWinnersScore
Most PuttsYipsyWristy42
Biggest ScoreShanksyAngry125
Least StabiesGrumpyBeej18
Longest Drive10th hole$50 Clubroom AccountNuggarty Nick
Longest Drive18th hole$50 Clubroom AccountWristy
Closest Pin3rd hole$50 Clubroom AccountShanks
Closest Pin17th hole$50 Clubroom AccountTutti
Team Comp2 man team$100 Clubroom AccountNuggerty Nick & Sam Benco68
Least PuttsGlug's MugPricey30
Best ScoreBangers Shot$150 cashBangers82
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateBottle37
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy$300 cashSam Baco41

Another great trip, well done BT and organisers for putting on a great day.


Game 210 ~ Taupo GC ~ 17th June

2_GunsAfter an extremely stressful drive down from Auckland, accompanied by Thelma and Louise (Ferg & Scooner), I was very keen to exit the vehicle and unload at the booked apartment, the ranch slider was that clean I attempted to walk through it.Day zero and I have a bleeding nose and forehead.


210_Centennial_6The Centenial golf course was the start of the MWSS tour, with a quick reunion and collection of goods from the Bangers wardrobe, we were into it. The course was challenging especially off the blues tees, but conditions where good and the banter was in full swing. An additional distraction to the playing competition was the rotation of playing the pink golf ball. If I recall, one particular team lost the ball off the first tee (School boy), and many more didn’t complete the full 18.

For our team of four, the synergy was like the prior year coalition Government with me teaming up with Winston Peters (John Coogan), as a very strong NZ First team, and the burglers from the extreme left Greens and labour (JA and Bottle).


Clearly NZ First started off with an amazing initial campaign, with Winston just smashing it along the fairways, whilst I in true vain was forking out money like Shane Johnson. The greenies and labour were in constant dialogue driving an EV golf cart, consulting with the wildlife, careful not to harm the fairway, or the waterways. So, in short NZ First didn’t go well and we lost our campaign. Well done to JA and Bottle ( Bottle was smashing his drives)


return to the clubrooms, and the commencement of the usual fines and presentations, there was a new tact put upon us. I have to say this was out of the norm, but from the surprisingly good choreography skills obtained by AT, the new approach went well and set us up for a fantastic

Day 1 and let the tour begin. So good to be back on tour with the MWSS members.

Winners on that day below

What 4AwardSponsoredWinnersScore
Most PuttsYipsyAngry37
Biggest ScoreShanksyAngry111
Least StabiesGrumpyFlaskDowdy19
Longest Drive5th hole$50 Clubroom AccountNuggarty Nick
Longest Drive15th hole$50 Clubroom AccountPricey
Closest Pin6th hole$50 Clubroom AccountPissy
Closest Pin12th hole$50 Clubroom AccountMaxy
Team CompRed ball comp$50 Clubroom AccountButus, Tuck, Beej, Sharpy38
Least PuttsGlug's MugSharpie29
Best ScoreBangers Shot$150 cashNuggarty Nick77
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateHammer36
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy$300 cashGrandad41

2 Guns


Game 209 ~ Warkworth GC ~ 21st May

209_Wark_2Hatts 100th game, a big day and a big turn out to see the man into triple figures. Warkworth was looking a picture when we turned up but the low cloud looked a little worrying. 55 in the field with 2245 MWSS games between them were up for the chance of MWSS glory and maybe a bit of cash or vouchers, or maybe they were just there for the bullshit, whatever their reason, everyone was keen to get going.

We got most of the field away off the 1st but the club was good enough to let us shotgun the last 4 groups off the last of the back nine to get them in the club earlier. That rain didn’t really eventuate into anything much, the wind was light and the temperature good, so no complaints there. The course played well with light rough, plenty of grass on the fairwaysand tees. But the greens were quicker with a bit more movement than they looked… but that’s coming from someone with 35 putts. A bloody nice country course.


Unfortunately, Hatt needed a late tee time due to work commitments so there wasn’t the usual gallery to see him off the first, but that would be balanced with his welcome onto the 18th green. It sounds like the teams worked out well, I had no complaints, if anything positives about mixing up the group a bit more, The only gripe I did get was about AT playing someone else’s ball not once but twice. I would stand him down for a game or two but mum would tell me off.209_Wark_3

Hatts as stated had finished his 18 holes to a full gallery on the balcony. Crazy, Wristy and I were honoured to be invited to play alongside of him. He had a mixed round but he knew how to finish with a regulation par.

We were all back in the club house by 4:30 although Grizzler was slower than a wet week in getting himself into the clubhouse. The proceedings were started off with welcoming back Mark Bower or Mouse as he is now known. His last game was back in August of 2005 for MWSS game 22 at North Shore. The guy had missed 187 games, and the question was asked, with that much time between games had he naturally become a virgin again. Hatts was then given his moment and Black tag. The thing about Hatt is that he epitomises what MWSS is about, he doesn’t take it to seriously, he loves catching up with everyone, he loves to tour, and he loves the bullshit. His record shows more than his fair share of the Gnomes over the 100 games but also having won the MWSS Trophy 9 times emphasises “it’s what you bring on the day”.

Well done to the winners and Participation award winners today, although a large amount of prizes went to a select few. A special congrats goes to Bowser, only on his 2nd outing with us he picks up the major prize, well done. The Team prize was for combined team Stabies minus combined team putts. The scores ranged from -15 to 14, with only 2 teams in positive. Something different.

An easy mistake but  a slightly embarrissing one was  that Schmidt was awarded the trophy with 38 points, then said "check my card I had 37 points", Bowser who been awarded the plate was then  awarded correctly the trophy. Schmidt was then handed the Plate on the night, but lost that to Wolverine who also had 38 points. I feel for my poor nephew, but I have been in the same situation, and had to take the Green Jacket off and then present it to Hawkeye.... ouch. Mistakes will happen.

What 4
Most Putts
Biggest Score
Least Stabies
Longest Drive
Hole 1
NH Vehicles
Longest Drive
Hole 10
NH Vehicles
Closest Pin
Hole 9
NH Vehicles
Closest Pin
Hole 16
NH Vehicles
Team Comp
The ClubRoom
Schmidt, Ernie, Echo, Batman
Least Putts
Glug's Mug
Best Score
Bangers Shot
The ClubRoom
2nd Stabies
MWSS Plate
Most Stabies
MWSS Trophy
The ClubRoom

Crazy and AT kept the money flowing in with some dubious fines, the nice one being Crazy fining himself for getting engaged to be married again. I think Helen should be fined, as she can do much better than Crazy, Mate only joking, we all wish you both all the best and are ALL waiting for the invite to the big day.


 A Big thanks to BJ and Hone for looking after the scoring, Schmidt for organising the pizzas, AT and Crazy for MCing and Fines. Hop everyone attending had a good day, next up is the Taupo Tour and then Omaha on the 9th of July.

Catch you on the tee.


Game 208 ~ Masters Monday~ 19th March 2021

Threatening_skies_(2)Well as usual this is an event we all look forward to playing at. We get to enjoy a sit down breakfast with our fellow MWSS golfers whilst watching the pro’s do it on the TV’s around the clubhouse. Once the final put is slotted in and the winner walks away to sign their card the MWSS players and NS golf club players prepare to head off to their prospective tees for the shotgun start

This year we had 7 virgins join the group, 5 of them coming in from the Helensville club. In standard MWSS fashion they were unaware until the end of the day’s presentations that they were required to share in their 1st special experience with the opposite gender. Some stories just keep getting better but well leave it at that.

Welcome to  Bazza, Bottle, Peanut, Springdog, Butch, Big T and Rice bubble

A few members of the MWSS group were taken away by the president on a “study tour” of Queenstown golf courses clearly with the intent to provide the rest of the group with some inspiration on a future MWSS Tiki tour. We all look forward to the feedback and Queenstown tour dates

In the absence of the president, I and a few helpers were asked to run the proceedings. Grim and Ferdinand with the help of Rosce chimed in to collate the scores as they came in. Macca stepped up to conduct the fine session and scooped in a fairly heavy bounty of cash as the stories and the laughs for the day came rolling inUnknown

Now the golf wasn’t too bad either, with some fine scores out there. Red took full ownership of the Yipsy award for most putts with a impressive 39 putts. Grizzler obviously had a day to forget as he NDF his card and rightfully took away the Shanksy award for the biggest score. Least Stabies award with 23 points went to Hats.

We were gratefully sponsored by Jamboy ( Hyundai North Shore ) for the longest drive and CTP awards – Abbo managed to tuck both these away and took away 2 sleeves of Pro V1’s. Thanks Hyundai

Once again our fantastic sponsors – The Clubroom put up vouchers for the winning prizes

A special mention to Red for putting up a iRobot vacuum player as a draw for the participating MWSS – However this became difficult as the score cards were left in the pro shop so this prize was decided to be deferred to another fixture

Best 2 ball team was the format for the teams on the day - with a whopping 77 combined points,  Jamboy and Grandad took away the prize $100 Clubroom voucher each

Best Gross score _ Bangers Shot award went to TJ Wright with a respectful 75 off the stick. $100 Clubroom voucher and the Black Jacket

MWSS Plate award went to a new virgin – Bazza with 40 stabies

And the winner for the day ( MWSS and the clubs comp ) with 41 stabies and the coveted Green Jacket + the cash  went to Jamboy. Well done !



Till next time


Game 207 ~ Muriwai GC~ 19th March 2021

“Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country."

Well, some 40 MWSS members did venture West and enjoyed a stunning day at the Muriwai Golf Club, be it that some saw more of the country that others!

A very momentous day as Ernie, recently back from gallivanting around the South Island, celebrated his 100th MWSS game accompanied by his chosen crew of brother Hone, Rat and Dowdy.  Ernie has had a remarkable attendance record of 63% at MWSS games and has won the MWSS Trophy on 5 occasions, not to mention the MWSS plate on 3 occasions. A big congratulations to Ernie for achieving this significant milestone. Ka pai206_Muriwai_3206_Muriwai_15206_Muriwai_2

Now to the business end of things:

  • Red, playing off a 22 handicap picked a remarkable 42 stabs edging out AT on 39 stabs. 
  • LP picked up Glug’s Mug with a solid 28 putts on the smooth Muriwai greens.
  • Batts won Banger’s shot with the best gross of 74 and also the longest drive on the 18th.
  • Hone had the longest drive on 18 and Stevie won the longest drive in the wind on the 4th
  • Schholboy and Red picked up the was closet to the pin on the 9 and 17 respectfully

MWSS also welcomed newbee Bowser whose efforts were duly rewarded with one of the three gnomes for the most putts.  A close trifecta call for the writer who was also recognised for achieving 50 MWSS games be it after a 2 year absence. This was undoubtedly reflected in the receiving of the other two gnomes for the least stabs and most shots which are in my case are not necessary mutually exclusive.

The Masters Monday awaits the MWSS members on the 12th April at North Shore. Some may have noticed 4 Door’s parading of the rare black Masters polo at Muriwai, perhaps expectations are high to finally get to wear the green jacket. 

Nga mihi


MWSS Wellington Tour 2021



Game 206 ~ Manor Park GC~ 27th February 2021

I've been han205_Manor_2ded the task of Writing up the last day of the Wellington Tour at manor Park as a reward for my, once-in-a-lifetime-never-to-be-repeated, score at Paraparaumu GC. One I am trying to forget, but one my so called friends wont let me forget.

Anyway, after a hard night on the piss the team awoke to yet another beautiful day, early to take on a narrow tree lined course.

Several of the boys lacked motivation buyt, for those of us wanting to redeem themselves for an under Parperformance the previous day and for those that in the running for taking out the overall prize, it was another days hard grind once the fog of the previous nights festivities lifter.

Crazy came within a wisker of taking out yet another win on tour, but was thwarted by the impressive Jim Furyk type swing of Jobby with an impressive 40 points (a huge improvement on yesterdays 25). Crazyaza took out the plate with 38points on Count back. BT deserves a mention with an impressive 38 stabbies also (82 of the stick). No longer can he be accused of "playing shit golf", as some people of dubious quality themselves have suggested in the past. As he is now officially a single handicaper.205_Manor_5_
Ferg took out best gross with an 81 which goes to show the course wasn't playing all that easy (or that Bangers had left his game at the bar the previous night) Most Putts was awarded to JA with 41 (by a country mile I might add)To be fair he had all his luck at Paraparaumu the previous day. Macca on the other hand had only 26 putts, impressive and enough to give him Glugs mug.

It was a memorable day's golf if only for the orange jacket being removed from my very broad sholders, never to return again. Thankyou Pissy, I'm very greatful.

A quick trip back to the hotel to clean up and get out to a local bar to watch the mighty Blues beat the Hurricanes. Onto an irish Bar to watch a boring Parker V Junior Fa fight. Copious quantities of rum and cokes, big makes were consumed before a not-so-early return to the hotel.

Sunday morning had an early bus ride to the airport and a return flight to an auckland in Level 3 due to our communist leaning dictator Cindy. Roll on the next tour. Many thanks to scooner and BT for organising the trip.



Game 205 ~ Paraparaumu GC ~ 26th February 2021

204_Para_1No one could have imagined that we would get two beautiful golf days in a row down in Windy Wellington, but it happened. Especially as the first two courses were the highest of conditions, with both rated in the top 10 of the New Zealnd golfing destinations.

Paraparaumu Golf club which has hosted the New Zealand open 12 times, was now the setting of Scooners 100th MWSS game, and it didnt disapoint. With amazing course conditions that included immaculate greens, wow, what a pleasure to play even though it was a tough challenge.

204_Para_3We also managed to drag in a few virgin locals as well which helped out the numbers for the day, Welcome to MWSS Jobby, Jane, Beaky and Brownsy and welcome back Hendo that last played with us back in 2009 when we played Grange and then went onto the DB brewery for two hours of taisting and food. Before my time but we need to do that again.

Scooner got to pick his 4 ball, so he picked me to go up agains our Takapuna adversaries. I didnt let him or the Bays down helping take down Taka in a closely fought match-play battle against (Rugby) centurions, Dowdy and Rat. It was an intense game as no club wants to lose the first of what may become a regular challenge event. The MWSS 'Ranfurly Cup". Roles still to roll out.

The 19th had cold beer, a superb balcony and the later groups putting out got some excellent advice from those who had completed their rounds earlier.

Results for the day:
  • Most Putts - Grandad, 41
  • Giggest Score - Hendo, 117
  • Least Stabies - Beej, 15
  • Longest Drive - Brownsy
  • Closest to Pin - Macca
  • Winning Team - Sharpy & Macca
  • Glugs Mug - Scooner, 28
  • Bangers Shot - Maxy, 75
  • MWSS Plate - Rabbit, 40
  • MWSS Trophy -- Crazy, 40 ( CB to 14th hole)
Thanks again to those that toured, you make the trip a joy to be there, good bunch of like-minded idiots with a serious drinking problem. Bring on March the 19th at Muriwai, to welcome ernie to the Centurion Club
Day 2 - no inguries



Game 204 ~ Royal Wellington ~ 25th February 2021

On the first day we got to find out just how friendly Wellingtonians are:
Our shuttle driver from the airport, forgot we were on the shuttle & gave us a tiki tour to the Hutt Valley (yawn) which took 2 hours but never charged us! On reflection we would sooner have gone straight to the hotel in 15 mins.

Onto Royal Wellington ,when you play badly at a course you tend not to enjoy it! In my case I try to erase it from my memory so I have very little to think about!

203_Royal_Welly_2I believe it is a course for good golfers with good course management for the bunkers & ditches.BJ was very helpful to me, telling me the distance to the ditch & green. This meant I could lay up & my chip would then (you guessed it) land in the ditch!!
Rosco was also good to me, offering to put my ball on the tee ( Vertigo is not a lot of fun!!) However I resisted his help but really appreciated his thoughtfulness.

I was the loser of the day , not surprising, but no excuses! Actually I feel Craisey was the biggest loser as he had me as a partner!
They all played well but it was a case of could've, should've or would've been but wasn't! I was just a case of wasn't. My only claim to fame was I was the only one not to buy whisky's, how did I lose?

203_Royal_Welly_7Rat with 44 putts & Angry with 122 shots, Macca with longest drive & 38 stablefords but the best score of the day went to Bangers who also had the least number of putts, could not have gone to a nicer person!

SD won the plate with good steady play & a special day for PC with 50 games, always ready to help & give advice ( not always taken, much to my demise)

I handed out an emergency pack to everyone the 1st day but none were returned at the end of the tour, I assume some must have been broken Ha Ha!!

Apart from the golf which I have erased from my memory, I do remember being kicked by a couple of mules, dancing & b umping into a couple of guys(BJ & Crazy As) at a bus stop. I thought they were drinking out of a brown paper bag, so decided it would be a good move to join them( great company as always)Turns out they were just watching the World go by, including those snotty nose young brats who passed by!

In finishing all I can say is whilst I was going through the motions of playing golf, the company was great as was everyone on tour. Oh and a big thanks to my friend Sharpie who put me in a head lock every morning, something he recons would help my Vertigo, not sure about that.

Golf is only as good as the people you play with

Cheers & beers


Game 203 ~ The Dunes GC ~ 3rd January 2021

Test203_game_14203_game_12203_game_81st game up for the year, we had guys coming from as far away as Mangawhai Heads, Auckland, Whangamata and the other end of Matarangi, and what do I wake up to, a bloody monsoon. Too late to call it off, guys are on the road, thank the golf gods I didn't, as it only improved.

A great tur
n out with 42 in the field including a women's division which I'll get back to. The most dangerous in the field would have to be certain Red Rat, who had returned from Wales and had only days before been released back into the wild from 2 weeks of quarantine lockdown. To say he was excited to be out, would be an understatement.

We had one shower as we started and then the sun came out and the humidity must have hit 100%. Anyone that has played the Matarangi course will know it is unforgiving, water, bunkers, OB and plenty of long grass. This year it paid to hit straight as there was cover on the fairways that we haven't seen for many years. In short if you kept your line, you were going to enjoy the day, don't keep the line, and the 19th wouldn't come fast enough.

There was plenty of excitement out on the course, with plenty of good match ups but the after match back in the 19th is always a highlight. 4 Door and Crazy where in charge of proceedings. We had 7 new virgins, Brades, Yarp, C6, Doc, Jollieffe, Precious, and Bobbie 2, well introduced by 4 door. Then we had a playoff for the teams event, basically a closest to the pin on the 18th, a 30 metre pitch, Bangers V Broomy. Broomy didn't take the pressure well and dribbled it onto the green about 10 metres from the pin. Bangers cool as you like puts it with in 3 metres of the pin, unfortunately not on the green. Broomy wins "YOU have to be on the green to win a closest to the pin".
Longest Drives went to the big men Macca and Ernie, Closest to the pin to the small men Precious and Bangers. Virgin to MWSS and Golf,Brades picked up Yipsy and Grumpy but Angry took his chance away from picking up the $200 lesson from Rodent for a clean sweep by picking up Shanksy.

203_game_16To the winners, Hone picked up Glugs mug with 28 putts, Batman picked up Bangers Shot with a 75, and the Plate on countback with 39 points. Him and his team should have picked up something for the most out their team, all 4 dressed in Christmas onesies, to just survive 18 holes was impressive.

The winner on the day was the man from Far North, Birdy, coming in with 39 points. Now Birdy is a high handicapper, but from some one that played a lot of golf with him over the christmas period, when he's on he's on, but when he's off, he'll finish all his beers in his bag. Well done mate.

Back to the Ladies Division, for the last few years we have had a number of members wives taking up the game and last years game we invited them to play in the group. This year we decided to try and kick start their own womens League of the MWSS, providing a cup in Memory of Goldie, Thomo's golfing and fun loving wife who passed away a few years ago. To kick start Thomo donated $200 for the initial prize. We back dated the cup to last years winner Carol Jamieson, as it just didnt seem right not to. This years winner was Sheryn Parry coming in with 39 points.We hope it takes off.


Now as the photos show The Dunes club house is a dangerous spot, for the guys that had to travel back it was a hard place to drag yourself away from, for those that stayed, we should have dragged ourselves away earlier. A great start to the year, may freedom continue and we have a good one.



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