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Game 228 ~ Christmas Game ~ Wainui ~ 2nd December

The Leading 4 players in the Order of Merit after 12 games, AT, Sprindog, Hammer and Broomy. They lead the field out

The sign says Welcome to Wainui,

Quite the polarising course for the final game of the year some might say, yet there were lots of laughs to be had watching others fall from graceful golf and into the doughnut shop in a flash……

The day started with a little side bet with bangers for completing the round with one ball (which he did, and he won best gross) and our group had the Bachelor start with a solid strings of doughnuts from 10th hole with one point after 5 or 6 holes much to his partners bemusement (Crazy) thankfully he came back with a birdie and started reinstating his honour and points.

Crazy kept the game within reach with some steady golf and as we turned down the first hole my partner (Brutus) mysteriously went on a 5 hole doughnut run and they pounced onto his misery streak and narrowly won on the 9th hole……...

However, another highlight of the day was Crazy thinking he could clear the water on the 8th hole par 3 with a pitching wedge (SPLASH, followed with swear words) after reloading and barely making it over this time, Wainui hadn’t finished with him yet as the green gently gifted him the snake which I held from the previous hole to complete a memorial experience

A great winning round from the Wolverine with 42 Stabies all the way down to Bedo With 16 Stabies, One ball Bangers got the best gross and School Boy won the Putts.

Congratulations to this years Champion Broomy followed closely by Hammer with the SpringDog taking third place.

After a few Beverages at the club we all headed off to SpringDog’s and Shelley’s humble Shed/Mancave to meet up with our respective wives and partners for the ceremonial speeches and prize giving from the infamous 4 Door, followed with a little nap while Mr B recited his long virgin story.

Thankfully there was a well stocked bar complemented with an amazing food selection prepared by said wives/partners and Andrew and Shelley which then went into the wee hours for some and a great night was had by all.




What 4AwardGetsWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyBoba42
Biggest ScoreShanksyBede112
Least StabiesGrumpyBede16
Blog WinnerOnly average player
Long Drive6thClubRoom $50Ernie
Long Drive18thClubRoom $50Batman
Closest to Pin8thClubRoom $50Lukey
Closest to Pin17thClubRoom $50Charlie
Best Comb 2 Man teamClubRoom $100 eachBatman Wolverine69
Least PuttsGlug's MugDa MoneySchool Boy26
Best ScoreBangers ShotClubRoom $100Bangers77
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateMR B37
Most StabiesMWSS TrophyClubRoom $200Wolverine42
2022 MWSS Order of Merit5 best
PlacingClubRoom $NZ $WinnerStabies
6th$3004 Door170
3rd$450Spring Dog176



Game 227 ~ MWSS / Blue Light Pro Am ~ Gulf Harbour ~ 28th October



MWSS's steps it up to raise some money for  Blue Light Charity. Running off the back of the last few years where we helped out Jarred Fergusson with his Mt Olive Volleyball scholarship  in North Carolina, we realised that the Blue Light Boys in Rod, Brendon and Joe had been a part of MWSS for a number of years, so why not, especially when you understand what they do for youth. It's also not a bad thing to have the Police on your side.

The Pro Am started off on the Wednesday night prior, where we had the Profesionals and Calcutta draw along side a few beers, some great pizza and the hospitality of the ClubRoom guys and the amazing set up of the SweetSpot indoor Range in Albany. For those that could make it, it was  a great night and something that we will continue and grow on going forward.


The  day itself panned out great, the weather held up, the course was in great order and Frazer and his team had us up and on the course almost on time. We had one pro flying in from Korea so he and his team were a few holes behind, but no real dramas . We had  BBQs manned by Blue Light and Rec Services, we had 2 longest drives and 2 closest to the pins for both Pros and amateurs, a gambling hole and a "land it on the Fareway or pay Hole" run by Browny on the famous 16th. So a bit going on, as well as trying to put together a round to be proud of while giving the Pros shit.

A Milestone we missed on the day, we turned over our 500th Member, which just happed to be a young exciting amateur that played in our Professional ranks to help with numbers, Ivan Adams. Watch out for this guy, at just 14 and hitting  a 73 on the day, he's a talent to have money on, and  a great young man to boot.

The after match was entertaining as usual, unfortunately our legendary MC 4 Door was missing in action, so our man Ferg  jumped in and did an outstanding job, dealing with proceedings and Virgins, which was entertaining as usual. We also had the talents of Blue light's COO Brendon (BC with 11 games) Crompton who gave us an overview of the amazing work  Blue Light does in the community with Youth  (for more see ). He then turned into auctioneer to  go through 6 items , 2 Apple Phones thanks to Vodafone, Robot Vac thanks to Red,  a 3 ball game at Tara Iti thanks to Dell at  Sweat Spot, a 3 Ball which turned into three 3 ball games at Te Arai thanks to Broomy and BT.

Finally the huge job of getting the negative and positive winners of the comp together by the Gulf harbour team was complete, and with the exception of missing the Professional runner up, they got spot on. All together about $20k worth of prizes and apperance fees were on offer to the Pros, and $6k in Prizers were taken away on the day by the amateurs. We are still working on the final figures for Blue Light but we believe it to be in excess of $15k to this great cause. Our overall winners are below, with G Spot taking out the teams, Broomy MWSS winner on the day, and Jerry Ren taking out the big prize for the Pros. Jerry wrapped up the day by saying that the MWSS Pro Am is what golf is all about, playing some golf, but also having a great time, and taking the micky.

That's what its all about.


Andy WrightLongest Drive 6th$ 100Matt MontgomerieLongest Drive 6th$100Vouches
Cam JonesLongest Drive 18th$ 100BatmanLongest Drive 18th$100Vouches
Kit BittleClosest to Pin 3rd$ 100GrunterClosest to Pin 3rd$100Vouches
Frazer BondClosest to Pin 15th$ 100GrunterClosest to Pin 15th$100Vouches
Andy Wright 34Putted like a pigMWSS Dressing GownSteven McCulloch 41Putted like a pigMWSS Dressing Gown
Sam Reese 87Cricket scoreMWSS Dressing GownRoss Haplin 111Cricket scoreMWSS Dressing Gown
Micah Dickinson 23Least StablefordsMWSS Dressing GownAlan McMekin 16Least StablefordsMWSS Dressing Gown
Kyle Wong 135Team Comp$100G-Spot , Bangers, Grim, HammerTeam CompRange Finders
Grim 24Glugs MugSnake Money
Trevoe Antunovic - 3318th$50Vouches
Garry Mann - 3317th$50Vouches
Dell Bain - 7516th$250Mark Bower - 3316th$50Vouches
Dave Feeney - 7515th$250Gary Bancroft - 3415th$50Vouches
Dom Sainsbury - 7514th$250Bill Jones - 3414th$75Vouches
John Tynan - 7313th$425Alexander McCallum - 3413th$75Vouches
Ivan Adams - 7312th425 vouchesColin Hanna - 3412th$75Vouches
Richard Lee - 7311th$425Nick Botica - 3411th$75Vouches
Rhys Thomas - 7310th$425Russell Maloney - 3410th$100Vouches
Luke Brown - 729th$550John Leonard - 359th$100Vouches
Garath Paddison - 718th$675Alastair Davidson - 358th$100Vouches
Cam Jones - 717th$675Aaron Humphrey - 357th$100Vouches
Kunnaal Singh - 716th$675Brett Adams - 356th$150Vouches
Blake Cowley - 715th$675David Bason - 365th$250Vouches
Frazer Wilkins - 704th$800Russell Gibb - 364th$300Vouches
Kyle Wong - 693rd$1,000Colin Pivac - 373rd$400Vouches
Kit Bittle - 66Runner Up$2,000Matthew Willis - 38Runner Up$500Vouches
Jerry Ren - 63Best Gross$4,000Haki Heke - 73Best Gross$600Vouches
Paul Broom - 39Most Stabies$1,200Vouches



Game 226~ Tieke Golf Course ~ 2nd August


Great turn out with  42  athletes making their way to the Tron to attempt to tame a very challenging golf course. For the most part the course got the better of us playing off the black tees. The weather was perfect, the course was impressive and the green is up there with the most undulating we have seen. The club house was top notch and Tieke put on a great day with a good prize table for those who mastered the beast. Well done BJ. I also witnessed 4 door play a very solid game. The course design included more sand bunkers (waste land) than the Sahara Desert, and listening to golfers analyse the downfall of their games these caused numerous blow outs.

Due to BT’s no-show crazy stepped up under BT’s tutelage suit case in tow and did a great job fronting the business end, and with side kick school boy attempted to fine/demoralize and strip any remaining hope we had. We had three virgins and of course had to entertain us with memories of their adolescence for our benefit. Well done guys.

All in all it was a great golfing experience. 



What 4holeAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyPonyed52
Biggest ScoreShanksyAngry119
Least StabiesGrumpy & Yellow JacketSchoolboy18
Only Average StabiesGets To Write the MWSS BlogMooloo31
Best team ScoreTeam PuttsClubroom $$$Bangers, BJ, Ernie, UFC129
Least PuttsGlug's MugDowdyCB30
Best ScoreBangers Shot + Clubroom $$4 Door77
2nd StabiesMWSS Plate4 Door39
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy + Clubroom $$BJ41


Game 225~ Day 3 Ryder Cup ~ The Dunes ~ 9th July




Day three of the MWSS Ryder Tour (Saturday) saw the Great Southern Men waking up to a slim 4 point advantage and some fine weather after the carnage of Friday. In golf nothing is a given (especially my putting, sorry Bangers) and 4 points is not a huge advantage when there are 27 points up for grabs.

Given the amount of rain we’d had the previous day and night the course was in pretty good nick. Massive up’s to the greens staff for getting the course in such good shape. We teed off at 11am with the days format being singles matches as well as a fourball.

The weather started out pretty good compared to Friday. However, on our 5th & 6th holes the heavens opened up and the Matarangi Doctor (think Freemantle) blew through. Umbrellas were useless in the wind but it only lasted a short couple of holes. There was plenty of banter heard around the course, with most matches going down to the last couple of holes.

In our four, Crazy & I never got more than 1 or 2 holes ahead of each other in a tight game, with my golf not quite living up to the rum talk b#llsh%t from the night before. Crazy ended up taking the spoils 2 & 1. Bangers managed to sneak past Wristy with a 4 & 3 win and while winning the best score of the day (79), he managed to single handedly win our fourball too.

So coming off the course, we were confident the South had things in the bag. But it wasn’t to be. After another good fines session, Batman announced it as the Miracle at Matarangi (others called it the Murder at Matarangi!!) with the days scores coming out at 17.5 to 9.5 to the North and a complete turnaround win for the North by a healthy 4 points (24-20).

The Southerners left the scene of the carnage falling well short of an inaugural win in the Ryder Tour and fair dues to the Northerners but the southern boys effort was nowhere near as limp as that of the AB’s later in the evening. And worst was yet to come the following week!!! A number watched the game at Batman’s and a few of us stayed at Broomy’s. With no Uber Eats in Matarangi, Marvel & BT did a mighty fine job of knocking up some of the best cheese toasties ever!!

It had been a great three days of golf in the Coromandel and a massive thanks needs to go out to EL Pres, the team captains and the rest of the organising team for putting on such a great event. I know all those that played will be back again. Until next year gents……go the SOUTH!!!!!

Singles & Teams
What 4AwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyKP42
Biggest ScoreShanksyCat113
Least StabiesGrumpyCat15
Only Average StabiesGets To Write the MWSS BlogCrazyaza28
Longest DriveMWSS GearCrazyaza
Closest to pin 2nd shotMWSS GearTight Arse
Straightest driveMWSS GearSpringdog
Closest PinMWSS GearBroomy
Least PuttsGlug's MugHawkeye25
Best ScoreBangers Shot + Clubroom $$Bangers79
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateBroomy37
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy + Clubroom $$Springdog40
Best overall GrossClubRoom $$$Broomy & Batman163
Best Overall StabiesClubRoom $$$Broomy72
Ryder CupDay resultNorth17.5 - 9.5
Ryder CupOver all Result & The MWSS Ryder CupNorth24 -20

Game 224~ Day 2 Ryder Cup ~ The Dunes ~ 8th July



 Cats don’t like the rain!

The rain came down. Thursday night and on into Friday it bucketed. But around 10.30am Ferg sent the call out “Fuck it, we’re playing. Be at the club at noon or you’ll forfeit your match.” And, lo and behold, the skies cleared, and the bunkers were declared GUR. So, at 12.30 we teed off playing the alternate shot format. Once again, El Pres and the captains had to do a bit of juggling. Thank goodness for our MWSS locals virgins,Tony “Peroni”, and Charlie The Bachelor  whose story  was epic, coming out for a second day, unlike 2 softies who just thought it was to scary to go out in the rain. Now we know Cats don't like rain but the big KP???.

Great matches were taking place across the course, and while there was plenty of chat about getting things done and dusted before the next almighty downpour, most games went down to the wire and having to play out the 18. Which meant that we all got absolutely drenched. Madness, but great fun all the same. 

In my corner, Needle and I dug ourselves out of a 4-hole deficit only for me to throw away (yet another ball and) the match on our 18th – the dastardly par 3 (hole 7). A win to Schoolboy and the rock-solid Marvel. From all reports it looked like Broomy and Ferg had balanced the matches pretty well, though I did hear that Wolverine had a shocker and was buying beers for Maxy and their opponents Ferdinand and Ferg early in the afternoon. 

Now there was talk of the no shows forfeiting their points, but we had one in each camp, so it didn't realy matter as in the end it was a truly even day with the score ending up  4 to 4 

Home to try and get golf gear drying for tomorrow and then off to the Fire Station for fish and chips and some banter with the locals. The enterprising fundraising crew quickly worked out that thirsty MWSS members are an easy touch, and the Matarangi fire brigade budget should be sweet till the MWSS boys return at Christmas time. 

Day Two done and dusted. 

What 4AwardWinnerScore
Ryder CupDay resultSouth / North4 & 4


Game 223~ Day 1 Ryder Cup ~ The Dunes ~ 7th July


All the teams arrived eventually in time to start day one off a 3 tee start. The weather forecasters got it wrong and we managed to set off in dry conditions and get everyone back in the club room with out any rain (on day 1 at least….). The course was in excellent condition with the club chasing hard for an opportunity to run one of the pro-ams, even the weather beaten holes down at the inlet end couldn’t take away from the Greta setup. Day 1 format was four ball which usually requires 4 people per tee off. I had young Hammer on my team and we played against Ferdinand and …. Some guy in the 3 ball behind us! Ferdinand wanted to FaceTime El Prez to find out what scores he had but we banned that.

The reason El Prez stayed behind was to bring up the rear with Red. I saw him at Napier airport late We’d arvo and he had just arrived to go to a dinner where JK was presenting. He stayed up drinking reds and smoking cigars till 4 am Thurs morning, flew to Auckland and drove down to make a 12.30 tee off time, primo effort! Unfortunately his golf was sh*t and he collected all 3 gnomes, and indoing so the Smow Whaite award! Ferdinand was further horrified by the luckiest bounce of the day by BJ - off the rocks under the water on the 7th, up on the bank, chipped close to pin and putted for par to take the hole, the bull was steaming….!,, We didn’t know result of our match until we did the final countup back in the club rooms, a great 1 up win to the South and South took an overall lead into day 2.

A great standup meal was had at Luke's Kitchen over at Koutounu that night and everyone had an enjoyable evening, apart from being interrupted by some muppet trying to get everyone to snort dranbuie off a spoon! Batman was appropriately heavily fined accordingly!
Onto day 2 with South full of (hopeful) confidence!

What 4holeAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyRed42
Biggest ScoreShanksyRed111
Least StabiesGrumpyRed18
Only Average StabiesGets To Write the MWSS BlogB J29
Longest DriveMWSS GearJack
Closest to pin 2nd shotMWSS GearBatman
Straightest driveMWSS GearAngry
Closest PinMWSS GearBoba
Least PuttsGlug's MugWolverin28
Best ScoreBangers Shot + Clubroom $$Batman79
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateWolverin36
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy + Clubroom $$Birdy36
Ryder CupDay resultSouth6.5-2.5

( Who is pushing for the Browny label, and demoting Browny to BS, Browny Senior)


Game 222~ Maungakiekie ~ 14th June

After a terrible forecast and the talk of a possible cancellation, the Auckland weather turned out to be be pretty bloody good, which is more than I can say for the golf. Congrats to Grim with a massive 35 points to take out another victory. Based on this form, Grim has decided to join us for Ryder cup, and along with Hammer, have decided to bring their better half's (interesting and I hope the fine master does his job here).

Anyway, back to last weeks golf. I had the pleasure of partnering Bede, a true gentleman of the game and we performed extremely well for 17 holes (which we led) to lose on the 18th to Angry and Butch. It all came down to a 6 foot putt on what some would call an unplayable, water soaked green, that should have been GUR. Congrats to them and it seems only fair that got the final word after we talked up our game for the previous 4 hours (and no Butch, Im not related to Lleyton Hewett!)

It was great to see Broomy out there after his most recent health scare "The Vid". We had the pleasure of seeing him hit a pro like wedge from the sand (some might argue, "what sand") on his way to a solid 29 points (a few more than the presidents 26)

We also spent time with School Boy and Batman, as they were playing their second from our fairway, with Schoolboy a long way ahead of the big man and happy to share that his massive draw was after setting up for a low cut (we've all been there).

Overall, it was great to be out, swinging a golf club on a fine winters day.

What 4holeAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyRed42
Biggest ScoreShanksyAngry106
Least StabiesGrumpy & Yellow JacketWolfy21
Only Average StabiesGets To Write the MWSS BlogNeddle29
Longest DriveClubroom $$$Ernie
Longest DriveClubroom $$$Ernie
Closest PinClubroom $$$Tiny
Closest PinClubroom $$$Jamboy
Best team ScorePink BallClubroom $$$Batman , wolverine, school boy34
Least PuttsGlug's MugBatmanCB25
Best ScoreBangers Shot + Clubroom $$Batman73
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateFerdinandCB35
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy + Clubroom $$GrimCB35



Game 221 ~ Jack's Point ~ Grand Tour ~ 13th May


The MWSS touring group rallied for the last game of the tour at Jack’s Point.A number of the crew were starting to tire due to the pressure of touring and the evening celebrations at Arrowtown. There was fear and trepidation as it was Friday 13th which meant Black tees! The group all split up to have a shotgun start commencing from the 15th tee.

The challenges of the Black tees meant there were some significant carries just to get to the fairway. I can confirm that if you are not hitting your drive well, that Jacks can be a challenging course. Schooner as our resident host had prepared us well for the “Black Tee Day”. Although it is good knowing where to go it still requires proper execution of the golf swing.  The weather was perfect to enable all the field to finish about the same time.  Broomy efficiently managed the after-match, with Rattie showing his skill and expertise as a polished Fines Master. There was robust discussion about fines now being in $5.00 increments because MWSS members can afford it. Please have a supply of $5.00 notes for future fine sessions.  EL Presidente is incredibly happy with this new fining system as it will help him pay off his new house in Millbrook.

Congratulations to all the winners and losers. It was a fitting finale to another successful MWSS tour!

Jack's Point
What 4holeAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyHawkeye42
Biggest ScoreShanksyAngry128
Least StabiesGrumpy & Yellow JacketBrutus18
Longest Drive2ndClubroom $$$Shank
Longest Drive17thClubroom $$$Mooloo
Closest Pin7thClubroom $$$Batman
Closest Pin13thClubroom $$$Hammer
Best team Score2 team multipliedClubroom $$$Bangers & ShankCB56
Least PuttsGlug's MugBangers29
Best ScoreBangers Shot + Clubroom $$ + $NZBangers79
2nd StabiesMWSS Plate4 Door36
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy + Clubroom $$ = $NZShank37
Overall Best PuttsClubroom $$$Ernie95
Overall Best GrossClubroom $$$ + $NZBatman242
Overall Best StablefordClubroom $$$ + $NZScooner99



Game 220 ~ The Hills ~ Grand Tour ~ 12th May


When you arrive by helicopter at The Hills for your two hundredth game and the conditions are perfect you'd be expecting to play like a champ, but when Rule Number 1 is applied on the first tee following an errant tee shot by his eminence El Prez in his 200th game, you know you're in for a roller coaster day. Perhaps the emotion of the day was a factor, but the reality was that the course was a brute and it beat a few of us up with its severe rough, fast greens and plenty of sand in between. Even a bit of local knowledge from AT failed to help lift the scores in El Prez's group.

The figures that came in at the end reflected how tough it was. TJ took the Best Stabies with a measly 33 (probably the lowest ever?) and Scooner the plate on countback, while the best gross was a hard earned 82 by Ernie - a mere 41 shots better than the fool who took home the Shanksy trophy (and who did manage to shank twice in a row that day). Broomy's 29 putts for Glugs Mug was a fine effort on those smooth fast greens, significantly better than Spring Dogs 41 for the Yipsy prize. The longest drive and closest to the pin prizes went to the usual suspects.

Forgetting the average golf that many played, it was a great day to celebrate the 200th with the leader and reflect on his accomplishments and all the effort he and others put into organizing the rabble who play in the MWSS. He showed a never seen before bit of emotion when he arrived at the helicopter pick up, and deservedly so I say because he's achieved a lot with the MWSS, even if after 200 games his handicap might not have progressed as well as he hoped. At the end of the day the orange blazer was rightly returned to Four Door - the only man in the group who wears it with pride.

The Hills
What 4holeAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsySpring Dog41
Biggest ScoreShanksyWristy123
Least StabiesGrumpy & Yellow JacketWristy16
Longest Drive9thClubroom $$$Hone
Longest Drive13thClubroom $$$Crazyaza
Closest Pin4thClubroom $$$Mooloo
Closest Pin10thClubroom $$$Macca
Best team ScoreAll in StabiesClubroom $$$Hammer, Ernie, Dowdy & Grandad117
Least PuttsGlug's MugBroomy29
Best ScoreBangers Shot + Clubroom $$ + $NZErnie82
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateScooner33
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy + Clubroom $$ = $NZTJCB33



Game 219 ~ Millbrook Coronet ~ Grand Tour ~ 11th May


With some level of disappointment, I donned the Orange blazer once again. 2Guns 16th appearance, with a great a cart mate Crazy, versus the Home advantage AT and “let’s start on my times, miss the plane -Polley”. Before I comment on the game, it is fair to say pre game activities particularly, sharing accommodation with four Taka guys (Dowdy, Rat, Ernie and Hone) was not the appropriate warm up. Also, the prior evening continued as it left off from prior MWSS tours with me and Rat having tackling practice, which then quickly moved into a crocodile roll with a few dukes in the ribs. Furthermore, on the game brief I felt discriminated on the group split announcements of Fatty’s and thiny’s. I was waiting in anticipation during the thiny’s category announcement with no mention, which followed with the fatty’s, and with some confusion and pause from El-Prezo he announces that I am the coxian for the Fatty’s. I HAVE FEELINGs TO, I felt labelled little bald guys matter (by the way I am taller than Broomy- it was proofed at AT’s place that night). As you can see I have vented and run out of words to mention the game……… to emotional.

Millbrook Coronet
What 4holeAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyAngry46
Biggest ScoreShanksyHawkeye114
Least StabiesGrumpy & Yellow JacketTwo Guns17
Longest Drive7Clubroom $$$Hone
Longest Drive18Clubroom $$$Ernie
Closest Pin12Clubroom $$$Dowdy
Closest Pin2Clubroom $$$Hammer
Best team Score1 for6, 2 for 6, 3 for 6Clubroom $$$Dowdy, Scooner, Rat, & Ernie
Least PuttsGlug's MugPoley29
Best ScoreBangers Shot + Clubroom $$ + $NZErnie75
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateScooner36
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy + Clubroom $$ = $NZAT40

Two Guns


Game 218 ~ North Shore GC ~ Masters Monday ~ 11th April



A smaller than normal field gathered at the North Shore Golf Club for the annual Masters Monday. After watching the last round of the Masters while enjoying another great breakfast provided by the kitchen team, with the leader board changing with the final holes to play, all eyes were on the sweepstake leader board to see who was taking away the cash. Coogs took it out over Grandad, but it had to go back to the Tiebreaker on the winners winning score which was -10 which Coogs was on the dot.

With the winner decided it was our turn to emulate the winners and pull off that miracle shot.

The weather was fantastic and I’m sure glad I was in a cart rather than walking, I had forgotten how hilly that course was. The greens were as always super fast and our group were all guilty of more than one three punt.

Congradulations to the winners on the day Rat (Green Jacket) Maxy (Black Jacket) Hammer (Glug’s Mug) and Coogs (Sweepstake)

On a soper note I must congratulate the greens staff for the great condition the course was in with the recent passing of the Greens Superintendant Tony Jonus.


What 4holeAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyWolverineCB41
Biggest ScoreShanksyColsey115
Least StabiesGrumpy & Yellow JacketColsey15
Longest Drive9th holeClubroom $$$Mr Taps
Longest Drive18th holeClubroom $$$4 Door
Closest Pin4th holeClubroom $$$School Boy
Closest Pin14thClubroom $$$4 Door
Best team ScoreAll in StabiesClubroom $$$Ferdinand, Schoolboy, Rat, 4 Door127
Least PuttsGlug's MugHammerCB27
Best ScoreBangers Shot & Black JacketMaxyCB79
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateBunter37
Most StabiesMWSS Trophy & Green JacketRat41



Game 217 ~ Wellsford GC ~ 18th March


The weather was again extremely kind to us Friday at Wellsford so no excuses for poor golf. Could have done with a cart instead of grunting the trundler up and down the hills as it was so bloody hot. Nice to see the new shirts being worn by just about everyone… for those who weren’t present I just want to mention the shot of the day, on the 10th, the hole that runs parallel the main road, Spring dog was slightly wayward with an iron shot which was heading out onto oncoming traffic and hit the side of a forty foot container truck and bounced back in 3 meters beyond the green, a marvellous result.

What 4holeAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyWolfie39
Biggest ScoreShanksyAngry103
Least StabiesGrumpyCrazy25
Longest Drive9thClubroom $$$Batman
Longest Drive16thClubroom $$$Broomy
Closest Pin2ndClubroom $$$AT
Closest Pin15thClubroom $$$Broomy
Best team ScorePink ballClubroom $$$35
Least PuttsGlug's MugBroomy26
Best ScoreBangers ShotBatman70
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateCoogsCB36
Most StabiesMWSS TrophyBowser41



Game 216 ~ South Head GC ~ 18th February

A smaller

Not sure I thought I would be doing the second Blog of the year, but then again looking at my form maybe I should have. Another good turn out for a great little course, 40 in the field including pro golfer Dom Sainsbury, known to MWSS as the Dominator, and he did dominate  with a great 67. Now this is the testimony of the group. Dominator is not  eligible for any prizes, but he does get his name on Bangers shot, as it was the best score. Red doesn't like that he's walking away empty handed and gives him one of his amazing Vacs, then goes on to give another one away to Scooner in a lucky draw, that's what makes these days awesome. It was a long day with a one tee start but, still a bloody nice way to spend a lazy Friday afternoon.
What 4HoleAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyRed41
Biggest ScoreShanksyCal101
Least StabiesGrumpyBT23
Longest Drive5thClubroom $$$Sammy
Longest Drive18thClubroom $$$Ernie
Closest Pin4thClubroom $$$Maxy
Closest Pin10thClubroom $$$Jam Boy
Best team ScoreCombined Stabies - PuttsClubroom $$$Grim, Grandad, Spring Dog & Dominator13
Least PuttsGlug's MugBroomy29
Best ScoreBangers ShotDominator67
2nd StabiesMWSS PlatePonyed38
Most StabiesMWSS TrophyTiny39


Game 216 ~ Formosa GC ~ 21st January 


Good to catch up with everyone again, it felt a bit odd not having our annual game at the Dunes but I'm sure everone had a great break. It looked that way for the 26 we had
in the Field for our first up game for the year at the, slowly getting back into shape, Formosa. We unfortunately caught it on a windy day, and that f^#Ck*d the best of us up.  Crazy taking it out with 36 points showed how hard it was. I was disappointed  to have beaten Scooner , pipping him for Grumpy award on count back, but we all have our days. It was good to see so many of the group in the new shirts, not sure about them, but they sure stick out, and they have become very popular with Crazy fining those that didnt have them. I like this format not that I'm planning on doing too many of these Blogs, but short is sweet.
What 4HoleAwardWinnerScore
Most PuttsYipsyBowserCB40
Biggest ScoreShanksyAngry120
Least StabiesGrumpyBroomyCB21
Longest Drive9thClubroom $$$TJ
Longest Drive16thClubroom $$$4 Door
Closest Pin2ndClubroom $$$Crazy
Closest Pin15hClubroom $$$Tiny
Best team ScoreTwo Man comb best StabiesClubroom $$$BT & AT64
Least PuttsGlug's MugDowdyCB31
Best ScoreBangers ShotTJ80
2nd StabiesMWSS PlateTJ35
Most StabiesMWSS TrophyCrazy36




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