Other things you should know if tested-MWSS GOLF

Other uninteresting facts about MWSS


Fact 1 ~ What is the Story behind the MWSS Logo

A number of things defined the final design to the left. The Tiki has represented us since the Tiki Tour to Aus in 2010. It gives us a Kiwi flavour when tours take us overseas, but also importantly gives us a Cultural connection with the land we play on and the people we share it with.

"MWSS" is who we are, not everyone knows what it stands for but that's part of its appeal. The "Golf" defines what we are about and Established 2003 gives us our history. Thats good amout of bullshit!

Fact 2 ~ What does MWSS Stand for?
We stand for an honest game of golf, a whole lot of bullshit and a few drinks to boot, but the letters MWSS have taken on a lot of things over the years, but it started out as thw Mid Week Stress Slices. Yea not sure what we were smoking back then, but it will be leagal soon.

Fact 3 ~ Why do I have to have a Nic Name as a member?
Nic names have been around since the web site was built by a then 11 year old Ali Turner back in 2004. The simple idea by our simple El Prez was for Privacy issues it was better to tell the stories without using true names. There was a new thing back then called google and it may become a problem if it took off.

Fact 4 ~ What are the fines about?
The honourable art of fines was adopted, to provide a bit fun, to keep everyone honest and balance the books. The actual MWSS fee only covers prize money. But their are a number of other costs that need covering such as the food, Bag Tags, the website, and other incidentals.

Fact 5 ~ Is there an election for the EL Prez Job
No if you want to be El Prez, you just have to ask, he will probably be happy to step aside and let you run this fiasco. Just be sure you know what you will be taking on before making a stupid decision like that. It will come down to the day, and how much he likes you, thats what dictators are like, never know which way they will go.



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