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Game 190 ~ 6th December ~ Wainui Christmas Game

2019_Wainui_4Wainui Golf Club was the final stop on the 2019 calendar for MWSS. Not only was the MWSS trophy up for grabs, but also the outcome of the golf would decide the final results for the order of merit which had been running for the last 12 months and with a congested leader board there was an opportunity for a late charge at the title by a number of players.

A field of 36 took to the course in ideal conditions. Feedback from the field was the course was in great nick, but the course is still a track that because of a few poorly designed holes leaves them feeling quite deflated by the time they start heading for the 19th.

2019_Wainui_2This did not though have to much of an impact on the scoring with 33% of the field scoring 36 stabies or better. Chief amassed 42 points but was not eligible for the plate as he had won in the last 12 months. This prestigious trophy was picked up by Bobby Mills with 41 points which was obviously aided by his putting as he also picked up Glugs mug with only 22 putts for the day.

The winner of both the trophy and the shot was Bangers who hit a 72 off the stick for 43 points. The next closest gross was a 78 by Ferg which showed how well Bangers played on the day.

The attention now turned to the order of merit and as scores were updated into the program players started moving into and falling out of contention. Ultimately it wasn’t enough to change the overall winner with Cat walking with the honours with 194 points(an average of 38.8 points per game). Congratulations Cat well played over a 12 month period. A three way tie for 2nd on 193 points (an average of 38.6 per game) shows how close the completion was with Maxy, Hone and Bangers sharing the spoils. The order of merit prize pool went down to 8th and this was sitting at 183 so only 11 stabies separating 8th from 1st over 5 games.


The prize pool totalled $3500 for the order of merit which was all in the form of vouchers for The Clubroom which is a great way to be able to give back a little to our major sponsor. I would encourage all players to play as many games as you can next year as this gives you more chances to be competitive in this completion. This has been a great addition to the MSWSS calendar.

The end of season bbq was held at Macca and Sue’s just down the road. Cars were allocated and off we went, Not sure the Ford Ranger was designed for 7, but the sight of Bangers lying across Bede’s knee in the front seat was worth the price of admission by itself.

2019_Wainui_7Thanks to Sue and Macca for the hospitality and welcoming us into there amazing home, a great night was had by all.

Another year is on the horizon and we look forward to our 1st game in Matarangi.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year and we will see you all around the traps next year.


Game 189 ~ 1st November ~ 27 hole Paleo Classic


27 players for 27 holes funny how it works out. 27 holes is always a bit of a drawcard for those that haven't tried, but even for those that have, it is something a bit different. The day turned out great weather-wise and even the course was in good nick considering we had a wet couple of weeks leading up to it. We were set up to play 1 through to 27  which kept it simple for us simple folk and the 4 balls were all sorted by the club. So we slowly peeled off the 1st and into it.2019_Paleo_hole_in_one

It's amazing how you can be spread over a golf course and the word still gets around, the word going around was Ernie had put it in the hole for 1 on the par 3  162m 7th hole. The only non- redhead to drop one on the MWSS. Good start to the day and well done to the big guy. Also well done to Ferg who had flicked us to play Kinlock with his other mates, he got a hole in one on the 17th, funny who things wor out.

18 holes ticked over nicely and the burger waiting was ample but we are talking to the Kitchen about maybe cooking them as we come in in future. But it hit the spot and kicked started the last nine. Now the good thing about 27 holes is you can push in another longest drive and closest to the pin so you would think you had a fair chance at least picking up something. And usually, I would give you odds on who would pick the longest drive up, Ernie, Macca, Ferg, and even Hatt are a good bet on the day, but there was a new contender that not many would have picked, especially on first sight.

                                                                                          Ernie hole in one at the 7th

2019_Paleo_10A pocket rocket nicknamed Schmidt who was playing his 7th game came out all guns blazing trying for the clean sweep.
He didn't do too bad Longest on 9th and the 23rd and pipped on the 18th by Ernie. He was also 2inches short of a hole on one of the 4th but picked the CTP on that hole.  Shank picked the one up on the 27th and Broomy not to be outdone by his son Schmidt picked the CTP on the 16th. Now being the Paleo there were meat packs all over the Broom table, plenty of meat but no BBQ invite forthcoming.
It took a bit of time for the club to sort the cards out on their system and beleive it or not it doesnt allow for 27 hole comps, so there was a lot of adding going on. A few more rounds of beers didnt go astray along with the aftermatch food but it was good to finally get the results and start giving out the meat.

Ernie and Schmidt

Now the negative of 27 holes is when your having a bad day, it doesnt stop at 18, so we felt for Sammy with his 60 putts, Bede with his 36 stabies and Lancy with his 177 off the stick. Some sound better when said out loud than others.

The teams event was taken out by Ernie, Cat, Ferdinand and Crazy with 212 combined stabies over the 27 holes. (ave 53 each). Meat packs for them.Glugs Mug went to Broomy with 42 puts, a half ham for that but still no BBQ invite. Bangers Shot and 1/2 ham went to Bangers, of course and Hone had another outstanding day out picking up the MWSS Trophy, a full ham and the money for his winning 60 stabies. It also put him one point behind Cat with one match to go for Order of merit.
Which leads me nicely onto second place with 56 points Cat. Unfortunately we all know that the plate (for the winners of the losers) can't be picked up if your a Trophy winner in the last 12 months. Usually its not an issue but this time it came with half a ham. Now Crazy hasn't won the Trophy in the last 12 months (he did back in June last year playing Black Mountain) so he picked up the plate and the 1/2 ham with his 55 points, which just didnt seem fear to Cat with his 56 points. He wouldnt let it go, even resorting to grabing Crazy's meat, which didnt seem right at the time even when relating to his half ham.

Not a bad way to spend a day, a few learnings, one year we will get it right, but don't complain Rule 1 is always in play.

CU at Wainui for the last game of the year.



Game 188 – Ferg’s 100th at Remuera Golf Club.

2019_Remers12019_Remers3Due to some dodgy scheduling at the start of Labour weekend, and possibly due to the adverse conditions of the day that scared a few off, it was a restricted field of fourteen truly committed golf pros that gathered for that most momentous of occasions, Ferg’s 100th MWSS game at Remuera Golf Course – one of those courses you really like or are pretty ambivalent about.

2019_Remers5The wind was fierce and didn’t relent all day but that didn’t deter the assembled field of seasoned pros, some of whom managed to play (almost) sublime golf in the most trying of conditions. Good ball control was essential in these conditions and no one knows how to massage balls like Grim who cleaned up and took the trophy with a hard earned 38 points. His game just gets better and better with retirement. BJ was close behind on 35 points for the plate - great scores on the day. Batman took Banger’s Shot with an outstanding 80, and threw in closest to the pin as well, which was a mere 15 feet from the hole. Conditions were really tough! That most southerly of MWSS members Scooner graced the North Island with his presence and snuck off with Glug’s Mug. Most prizes of the day went to Wristy with highest gross, longest drive, putted like a pig and of course, least stabies. Quite an effort if I do say so myself, but sadly there is no prize for ‘most prizes.’

And on to the most important part of the day, a few cold ones, prize giving and the presentation of the Centurion jacket to the newest member of that esteemed and somewhat elite group. Ferg has contributed immensely to the MWSS over the years; always ensuring that the chilli bin is full on the bus trips always happy to help with scoring and prize giving presentations, happy to do the odd BBQ, and always ready to call for a roadie, and another, and another……..
It was also a time for a little reflection as it was our first game since the unexpected passing of Mick O’Reilly (Otis) who played 22 MWSS games. Mick was a champion, gregarious guy, with a big heart and a great sense of humour. His sudden passing is a sombre reminder to all to get out there and enjoy it all a bit more.

A Centurion deserves a big night so most of the group headed to Takapuna for a few roadies and toasted Ferg and Mick and had quite a few roadies. I’d like to tell you all about it but it’s all a bit vague. Anyway, I’m sure it was awesome.

Well done Ferg, Centurion number 6.


Game 187 ~ 27th September ~ Walkworth Golf Club

2019Warkworth2An early start for some us to get up to a gem of a country course - Warkworth. Although only 25 minutes north of Albany most Auckland golfers have never played it. They don't know what they're missing.

Pissy did the honours picking up the RS van and trailer from the yard at sparrows and delivering it to North Shore Golf Club.

Ferg 'volunteered' to drive up on condition he didn't drive back!! [Methinks today was his day to get on it.] However we reached a compromise with the lowest score of the day having the duty thrust on them. $5 each and whoever picked the winner [loser] got the pool. With only 8 of us in the van, they weren't high stakes. [My memories fading Ferg. I recall apart from you and me, Ernie, PC, Pissy, Chris, Dowdy, Bangers].

2019Warkworth4First stop was Chocolate Brown at Warkworth for breakfast and coffee. I chose the mince on toast [with an egg on top] that I enjoyed then and 2 hours later when it started repeating on me!!

On to Warkworth where the rest were waiting for our 10.27 start. Bad weather predicted but thankfully apart from one shower it was fine with a stiff breeze - perfect for imperfect golf.

My group [including Tiny, PC and Buda2]was 3rd behind Dowdy, Ernie, Ferg and Bede. Very entertaining it was also with Bede's portable speaker blaring out mostly ABBA tracks over the 4 1/2 hours the round took. It would have been quicker but this group must have been playing for a high country sheep station with the length of time they took to putt out on most holes!! In fact, by the time they finished the group in front of them were already on their second round of drinks!!!



With the delay up front, we were being pushed from behind so much so that Bangers nearly took one of us out with his approach to the 8th green. That cost him in the fine session!!

Although the greens had only recently been cored, the golf course was in reasonable shape. The 'up and back' holes were of great assistance to those struggling to stay on their own fairways.

Back at the clubhouse, we had a choice of Fish and chips or a burger and chips while Ferg and Co decided who were the winners of the day. Everyone enjoyed the food and hospitality provided by WWGC.

Bede and PC had the best score of 38 for the day and PC won on a countback, Bede gets the plate. 'Putted like a pig' (40) and the highest score (101) and [least stabies] (24) went to Tank. Yay!! The van driver going home. I think Tank knew he qualified for the prize as he wasn't imbibing at all although his caffeine levels shot up over the next 3 hours as a substitute.

Best putter was between PC and me on 29 and I won [Yay again!!] on a countback. Bangers best net (80) Longest drive – Ferg, and closest to the pins went to Ferg & Gav (Sarge). A big thanks to the Northland crew for coming down to swell our ranks. Hopefully you all enjoyed the trip down, golf and drinks and the trip back.

Back to town via the Puhoi Pub. That place rocks with so much memorabilia and 'interesting' local yokels. Great beer too. Just like being back in the ‘60’s with the 6 o’clock swill!!

Spare a thought for the driver, Tank, who continued with his short blacks whilst observing the rest of us becoming more incoherent and boring as the evening wore on. I think he was glad to make it safely back to North Shore GC by around 8.30 PM.

Another great day for all of us and those 'no-shows' missed a treat.


Game 186 ~ 30th August ~ Waiuku Golf Club ~ Daffodil Day

2019_Waiuku_3Not sure why we haven't headed to Waiuku earlier than we have, it may have seemed a little further out there than it actually was on the day. As it was everyone found the traffic lighter than anticipated and we had most there earlier than need be. So there was nobody on the tee, no El Prez there yet to sort, so sort themselves out they did. Bangers, Maxy, Tank and Bobby Mills took the first tee and Honey, Pissy, PC and Sharpy went off the 10th, and the rest of the field followed. We were all off about 20 minutes early, I won't panic ever again about sorting you out, it all went well without my input. My work is done.

With a new course we threw in a new team comp, a 2 ball team even. Very simply two guys teamed up, they multiply their stabie scores from each hole to give them a team score. All works well unless one of you don't score a point. Something a bit different.

The Course was in bloody good nick for all the rain we had, we didn't have a suckered ball all day, but I did get sucker punched by my team mate. I need to register the story as this is only the 3rd time in the 3583 individual rounds (thats 64,494 holes )played that one of us has got hit by a ball. To be fair to my good friend Hatt, I should have kept my eye on him, as a greenkeeper thats the first rule you learn. But I was covering my clubs he was 10 metres back and I was in the rough about 5 metres to the left. A 3 wood off the deck, kept low thank god it hit my trundler first rickershaying straight into my shin. Golf ball size swelling within a minute, split me like a plum. Ouch. He got off light with a 28 day stand down from all MWSS competition, thats 1 day short of the next game at Warkworth.

Out early and in early, which suited everyone trying to beat the traffic. Hone had the honour of sorting the mess out and awarding the winners. But first up BJ gets his Blue Tag for 18 games, first game Muriwai 2013, winner in 2017 at Wainui, good fun to play golf with, well done mate. One thing we did miss out was the tail end awards, which my two team mates cleaned up, Angry, the Putted like a Pig and the Cricket award and Hatt,Played like a Sheila and nearly the Killer Blow award. No scores required, the awards are enough injury.

To the real winners, surprise winner of the Longest Drive Tiny Tim outdriving everyone, and Roscoe seemed also surprised to pick up Closest to the pin, but both happy to take the $50 Clubroom voucher. Best putter for the day on some firm but hairy greens went to Cat with 27 putts, The Plate went to Hone on count back, picking up the Winner of losers for the 3rd time on the last 4 games, must win soon mate. The big winner on the day was Ferg picking up Bangers Shot with a tidy 72, just 1 over for the course, also giving  him 41 points and the Trophy and the $$$ thats some great golf. The teams event went to  Hone and Sharpy with 91 points, where as just to show the dynamics of the team multiplier, Hatt and I came in at the other end with only 25 points. Those non scorers hurt.


It was a quick prize giving, some great burgers, a few prizes spread around using the naked aunties as raffle tickets, and as quick as that we were all in our cars to beat the traffic. So quick only had Ferg for the winners photo. Another great catch up with the guys, Ferg's in charge as Im overseas for nearly 2 months so your in good hands, if a little firmer than mine. See you soon.

GO the ABs

Game 185 ~ 28th July ~ Game 3 Waipu GC.

Northern Trifecta Tour



The northern tour survivors gathered for a final slog at Waipu in blustery conditions, joined by myself – an honorary northerner. An earlier than scheduled start was called for so the dusty travelling party could make their way back home a bit earlier for some well needed rest and recuperation, particularly after a big night out watching the rugby in that most beautiful of northern towns, Whangarei.

2019_Waipu_15The course was in excellent condition as usual, with the greens rolling sweetly and the wind blowing a gale from the northeast to give it that real links feeling. This proved too difficult for the first two groups who all failed to make the fairway on the first hole. Ironically this was the longest drive hole and was even wind assisted – a truly pathetic effort from some obviously very tired and emotional golfers following a night out watching the drawn test. If my memory serves me right it was BT who actually took the longest drive, so something was clearly amiss there.
The reduced field of twelve still managed to put up some decent scores with 40 points within the grasp of a few, but not quite achieved. Bangers took the MWSS trophy with 39 points, closely followed by Hammer, the winner of the MWSS Plate with 38 points. Hammer also took Glug’s Mug with 28 putts and to keep the prize winners photo simple, Bangers also took the eponymously titled Shot (for a change). The pink ball team competition went to BT’s team, consisting of him and three other hackers, Hammers, Hatts & Grim.

Following an abbreviated prize giving, the triumphant northern tour party departed for home. The 2019 northern tour now over and a couple of new courses crossed off the list. It was also Cowboy’s last game before his move to the UK and his hearty laugh will be missed on tour for the time being.

Wristy and Cowboy waiting for the results.  The colourfull locals and our winners on the day


Game 184 ~ 27th July ~ Game 2 Mount Denby GC.
Northern Trifecta Tour

How Boba didn'tloose his virginity to that Stake, it was marked out of bounds, & the amaizing Par 3 fifth hole

2nd day of the of age we still have that awkward trait of pushing the boat out a bit far on the first night.. this was no different, so needless to say, the convoy leaving Dargaville for Whangarei was a tad worse for wear.

After some much needed breakfast and checking into accom it was off the Mt Denby aka Whangarei Golf Club, where the weather had tidied itself up ,after heavy rain the night before, where we were joined joined by a number of Birdys mates who play as we do, for the company and the golf is the excuse.. We were also blessed having Locky and Dennis enjoying things enough on the friday at Dargaville join us for part 2..
2019_Denby_3After making up the 4 balls where MWSS played the locals it
was out onto the course and what a great experience, despite being slightly wet underfoot, it was a great challenge, a tighter track than Northern Wairoa, but a nice parkland setting with 2 distinctively different nines It must have been difficult because Ernie won best gross with 81, he was embarrassed, as we all were, but he took the $$ greatfully, Cat won best stabies with 40 pts, still a bit of concern around whether his $ made it too the bar, any feedback welcome…..  (yes he was putting it up at the pub during the test, El Prez)

A pretty Birdy at the 5th

MWSS won the team challenge again , proving we can travel and perform on the golf course as well, the scoring was a bit hit in miss but the El Prez decided we won the 3 four ball challenge by the norowest of margens 6.5 to 5.5. But the locals picked up the money for the teams event, the combined score of Dunny, Willy, Clif andc ring in Ernie came in with 137 points.
I will let BT fill in the minor details and hard luck awards, "all good Bangers Clif picked up Putted like a pig with 39 puts, Angry the Batting award with 117 not out and Hatt Played like a real Shella picking up only 18 Points poor bugger, back to you mate". Thank you BT

2019_Denby_WinnersWe were under a wee bit of time pressure as the Rugby test was on and the Jovial Judge, partly owned by Sarge, was going to be the destination to watch the encounter. So after a quick graze of toasties and chips it was off to the Judge.. Gavin kindly sorted a prime table for the boys and a fine time was had by

all .. except the guy i was standing in front of for the 2nd half of the game… yeah yeah i hear all saying he must have been short… Well done lads, you’re exemplary behaviour was noted as was Angry,s snoring that night... but that to be fair, was after 12 and i cannot write about that.

Winners on the Day Hone again with the Plate,

his bro Ernie with Glugs and Bangers awards,
Cat with the MWSS and Sarge, virgin and good bugger


  Ready for the AB Game.                                        Hatt and Roscoe disect the game



Game 183 ~ July 26th ~ Game 1 Northern Wairau GC
Northern Trifecta Tour

Friday 26th was an early start for the team on the Northern Trifecta tour. (especially for the south Auckland crew )

We all gathered at North shore Golf club in the dark to start the journey, heading to our first destination of coffee and a greasy at Bedes local café in Warkworth.

Moving on we cruised to our first Golf Course for the weekend , The Northern Wairoa Golf club. Weather was dry but breezy , but the course looked great. We were warmly welcomed by the locals who agreed to challenge us in Ryder cup match. A bit of time on the practise greens didn’t seem to help us much , although Boba was keen to show is new investment (thanks to Rodent) of a very expensive putter….. not sure if made any difference to him ??

It was obvious both locals and MWSS are all about enjoying the game , and competed in a friendly and fun manner.
Ferg into some amazing Soup, Birdy up and into a yarn, and Smithy downing the All Comers Cup

The prize giving included Birdie receiving his 18th game Blue badge , well done Birdie. All Comers Cup went to MWSS , beating the local social team named the Wasted Knights 9 to 3.

Scores and winners for the day were well spreed, with Cowboy taking out Glugs Mug  with 26 putts, Ferg playing the best overall golf coming in with a 78, Hone taking the out the best of the loosers Plate on count back from Cowboy on 39 points (Bede had 39 but he was a winner last November). The Big winner on the day was local club manager but long time member Smithy (formaly known as Kumera) who pipped the boys with 40 points. Being the perfect host he put most of his winnings over the bar with the reaminder he gave to the lovely bar lady, who just happened to be his partner.

 The Winners & BT, Smithy Ferg, Hone & Cowboy          Maxy and Cowboy in full flight

Best prizes for the day were the Kumara kindly donated …very popular choice hey Chief?

Special thanks to the team at Northern Wairoa for their hospitality and superb dinner that night, started of with a amaizing sea food soup witch opened for a harty Roast beef with lots of Kumara !

Full of food and beverage we made our way to local accommodation …Ferg n Cowboy in fine form (something to do with some rugby ???) , Rossco doing well as DJ for the Night.

There is a Health and safety investigation going in as to how Boba found the local creek in the dark, missed the wooden stakes and concrete slab , (or missed the bridge perhaps) , but after hobbling and whinging all night , was good as gold for the next day’s golf (especially once he had his caffeine fix)

A great start bring on Day 2


Game 182 ~ June 21st ~ Muriwai GC ~ Ryder Cup

1c_RyderA midwinter’s game, At one of Aucklands best courses is always an attractive proposition.

Muriwai was again the venue for this years annual North versus South Ryder Cup competition.With a strong and competitive field, both teams provided golfers with A wide range of MWSS skills (not just Golf) with an average handicap of 12.

Schooner needs to be congratulated on a well organised event, There are few places where you can play golf in June, where wearing shorts are a viable option, well done on the weather Schooner.

The overall result was a resounding win by the north for the second year running.

AUCKLAND north international won 13.5 over The rest on NZ 10.5. 
Mac and Dowdy


1f_RyderFor the Rest of NZ team, Macca was a star performer with a round of Golf That a Pro would call “a grind”, Macca hit few greens in regulation, But, the fact that Macca won the Glugs Mug with 27, just shows what happens when you just never give up. Leylow pushed Macca hard with the match ending in a very close run 6 and 4 🙃  

Macca won the day with a prize winning 44 Stabbies. A solid 39 Stabbies for Hawkeye made him a credible Winner of the Losers.

Pissy,Tutti Fruiti, Stevie and LP.           

The average gross for the day was 89 Which shows that the course was fair but challenging with the average Stabies 33. 


The most putts “Putted like a Sheila”was 41. Which went to Mrs.Boba. The player of the day was Hatt with a score of 108. He gets player of the Day, cos he literally “played all day”, Grizzler on the other hand had a much shorter day, taking the coveted “best Gross”  with a great score of 75. Lest Stabies was 25 which went to Leylow, not sure how that happened ?




The Auckland International Team celebrate victory again

The prize giving was conducted by good old 4door, who took the Southern defeat with dignity, the fine session was a quiet affair this time round, although the big fines came when we needed to pay in the difference between our Stabbies  score and 36 - that hurt!!1_Ryder


In the club house we all enjoyed a few welcome beers, a few good yarns on what might have been, and a nice plate of nibbles. 

All the usual suspects where there with a welcome return of a couple of prodigal sons. Another great MWSS day of golf. 

The real winners on the Day
Hawkeye, Macca, Grizzler & Ferg



Game 181 ~ May 24th ~ Gulf Harbour ~ MWSS Pro Am

PA_2019_TEAM_1The 2019 Pro Am threw up everything this year; a record Pro score, a hole in one, and amazing day weather wise, great course conditions, great food and two interesting virgin speeches.

The amazing 2019 summer seemed to have come to an end just before the 24th but on cue, as it has for the last 5 years, we have lucked out with what could simply called perfect golfing conditions. Temperature perfect 19, slight breeze, hard and fast fairways, greens fast, true and even and a couple of bunkers under repair. Just perfect for some great golf.

IMG_9556For those of us that caught the bus we had an early start with 4 pick ups along the way. It is the best way to get there but also the best way to get into the day, catching up with people, getting to know people and thats half of what we are about. If you weren't on the bus this year make it your mission for next year, the trip back is even better.

Right  ~ Boys see off Boba on his 100th game with a shot on the 8th

To the golf, both 4 Door and Crazy couldn't make it this year so the skills of Ferg were called on along with Resident Pro Frazer to get us through the days event. After sorting out "thank yous" and rules for the day, Amateur Virgins were called out and presented with the their bag tags and then for the first time Professionals bag tags and nicknames were used to make the draw on teams, some interesting names came out.

Left ~ Macca , Special K, Bed and the Dark Knight Harry Bateman still on course for a great round. Harry started the day as Batman but after Batman complained the name was changed

It was good to have about half an hour to get to your tee and slowly get into your game. But for Harry Batman (Dark Knight) who started the day on the 2nd, he had a Eagle 3 and then caped it off with an other eagle on the 3rd parr 3 by droping it in the hole for 1. 4 under after 2, an amazing start to his round. Macca, Bede and Special K knew they were seeing something special unfold but kept the pressure on giving him shit all the way as is required of MWSS members.

PA_2019_3Again this is a great day to get out and play along side the Pros even with bad rounds in their eyes, they play some amaizing shots. It was good to see that some of them are human though, looking at the scores and putting cards. They like us, struggle.

Back in the club house Ferg took charge as soon as we could, as we had a lot to get through. I wont go through the winners just leave you with score board, but The Drak Knight continued with his amazing round  finally breaking the the 5 years of 67s to come in with a 65. The amateur race was close with Block just getting home with 41 points which is outstanding on a course set up like it was, even off the white tees.

Putted Like a PigAmateurMost PuttsLobber45
Cricket player awardAmateurHighest ScoreAngry147
ProHighest ScoreSex Preist88
Played Like a ShellaAmateurLeast StabiesSammy17
Logest DriveAmateurLogest Drive 6thBatman
Longest DriveProLongest Drive 6thJackie Chan
Logest DriveAmateurLogest Drive 18thMilsy 2
Closest to the PinAmateurClosest to the Pin 3rdSmooth
Closest to the PinProClosest to the Pin 3rdBondy
Closest to the PinAmateurClosest to the Pin 15thBoba
Closest to the PinProClosest to the Pin 15thHayden Beard
Glugs MugAmateurLeast PuttsThe Priest
ProLeast PuttsDark Knight
Par 5 compProPar 5 compDark Knight
Placing GrossPro7th & 6th best scoreHarry Potter & Big Gear70
Par 5 compPro5th & 4th best scoreDK & Rlee69
Placing GrossPro4th best scoreHayden Beard68
Placing GrossPro3rd best scoreHutto67
Placing GrossPro2nd best scoreBarrell66
Placing GrossPro1st Best ScoreDark Knight65
Placing STBFDAmateur7th best StabiesWristy cb37
Placing STBFDAmateur6th best StabiesPC cb37
Placing STBFDAmateur5th best StabiesBB cb37
Placing STBFDAmateur4th best StabiesDowdy38
Placing STBFDAmateur3rd best StabiesPotato cb40
The PlateAmateur2nd best StabiesErnie40
Best team scoreCombinedBest 3 combined StabiesThe Rogues130
Bangers ShotAmateurBest Gross AmatureErnie75
The MWSS TrophyAmateurMost StabiesBlock41

 PA_2019_6Special day for Boba, the big 100 games reached and the man that never misses a tour and is always great fun to play with was awarded his black tag by his good mate Grim. Well done mate, your shout.

The usual bullshit flowed with fines but they went to a good cause in Jarred, who was fundraising to help with his Volleyball scholarship in the States. When it comes to Virgin stories they don't come better than one delivered by a young chinese Pro who went by the nick name of Trainee. It wasn't so much what was said but how it was delivered, he had the room in raptures.
All in all another great year, still learning, still trying to change it up. This years big one was hitting our goal $$$ target for the Pros. It isn't the biggest pay day they get through the year but as one of the Pros said it's the way it is delivered and they really do enjoy the day.

Many thanks to all that helped out through the day from the club and great Pros in the shop, to the Nat and KT for the food, for the course, to all the boys that put their hand up when needed. Finally thanks goes to the Sponsors that stepped up again this year, some not even able to get out to play but still helping out.  Without them it wouldn't happen. Please look at the list and if you get a chance throw them your busness.

Catch you next year



Game 180~ April 15th ~ North Shore ~ Masters Monday

MM1Due to the early start of the Masters, most players turned up for the 11 o’clock shotgun start on a beautiful day. Ferg said the breakfast was terrific and shouldn’t have been missed. Players dispersed to their allotted starting holes and play began. Bangers and Birdy, both past winners of the event and favourites to take out the event again, both got off to terrible starts. Bangers managed to turn his game around and finished with a respectable 78, Birdy however could not.


News of their demise quickly spread around the field giving everybody hope. Broomy was the first to respond but then his only wayward drive went out of bounds on the 5th ending his hopes. Chief was trying to do a Tiger impersonation but it was soon evident they only had one common characteristic.(A long drive?) Cat took up the challenge and thought he had a winning score but was disappointed on reaching the club (His handicap was questioned again).
The day in the end belonged to Abo who not only won the Jacket but carried his team of Tutti,2pac and Ferdinand though to win the team event. The breakfast helped Ferg win closest to the pin, one of the longest drives and Capey the other. Least putts went to Porche on a count back. The Plate was won by Wristy and the Jackets by Queef (the local NSGC Pro and a good bastard) and Abo, who had a bloody good day.

 An enjoyable day was had by all except Birdy(but I’m sure he will return to challenge again) and it was a tribute day for Ginga’s in the fines session who seemed like they were exempt for the day.


The course was in great condition and the club made us most welcome and we look forward to returning next year.


Sunday May 1 ~ Last Day ~ Melbourne Tour


A delayed flight resulted in changed travel plans for a number of the team with some rebooking and taking the opportunity to depart early. The remainder of the team had 14 hours to kill so headed up to Liagon Street for an Italian Brunch and some beers and Chianti. A great way to spend the morning in a very vibrant area of Melbourne. From there we headed back into town, upon passing a pub Ferg thought it would be a good idea to stop in for a quick one. $600 odd notes later it was time to leave, during that time Broomy and Bede had cleaned up all comers in pool, a crowd of 200 had come and gone and enjoyed a comedy show and the sun was starting slowly to set. Everyone started to make their way back to the apartments for pick up. For those walking with Ferg he thought again it would be a good idea to stop in for a quick one at a bar on the river, which we duly found halfway across under the footbridge. Two G and T’s later were primed and ready to go. Bangers_3

For those walking with El Pres whilst only a 5 minute walk back to the apartments, the attraction of lightening the load was too attractive with all 3 breaking the seal 50 meters from the hotel
From there the day really only headed one way – south, with us waiting at the lounge in the airport with no decent food and no one drinking. The plane could not take off soon enough.

                                                                                       Photo coutesy of Melbourne Times Paper


Game 179 ~Mar 30th ~13th Beach GC ~ Melbourne Tour 

Day_5_ph8Dark clouds gathered during the hour plus ride to the course and the mercury fell steadily. The only one smiling about the conditions was the club pro who rubbed his hands and showed us a large array of winter clothing that was snapped up faster than losing cards on a Black Jack table.

Many of us had reason to approach the first tee IMG_7750box with trepidation, given the name of the course and many of us were proven right. It was not for the faint hearted. As it transpired, it wasn’t for those who were allergic to sand, either. I was one of the aforementioned and dIMG_7762espite having a cart, hot food and good company, found extricating myself from a bunker, a lot harder than Bangers and Broomy found their way into an ECB jersey.

3 players made a mockery of the tough conditions and scored above their handicaps. Hone collected 37 stablefords which wasn’t a surprise, given his impressive driving and steady putting. Tooty Fruity got 38 which was surprising given the disdain he has for his nomenclature and Roscoe scored 42 which just proves being in bed by midnight and not waking with a hangover has its benefits.

Special mention must be made of the Chief. He accumulated 33 points with a miserly 28 putts which was enough to take him to the top of the tour leader board. And at the after match there was wide spread discussion about changing his name to suit his putting.

Day_5_ph16The 13th Beach was a stunning course with beautiful fairways and greens and a challenging layout but for me the highlight was probably the ride home in the minivan. We stopped at a liquor store and loaded up with supplies (kindly paid for by Roscoe) and regaled colourful stories from yesteryear while constantly reminding our driver to keep her eyes on the road and not the conversation .

Like all good things in life, it usually comes about as a result of good planning as opposed to good luck so I acknowledge those who contributed especially Scooner and BT. As for me I would like the opportunity to have another crack at being Minister of Inspiration. I think I may have the play list sorted but clearly there is more to inspiration that showing a bunch of drunken old men how to enjoy a pizza Day_5_pho_14sandwich at 1 o’clock in the morning 😊



Friday 29th April ~ Lay day ~ Melbourne Tour



After two days of golf, it was time for a bit of rest and recreation, so it was off to a winery in the Yarra Valley. Scooner had done some pre tour homework and booked us into Ezard at Levantine Hill which was about a 2 hour drive north of Melbourne. The 10pm pick up was most appreciated by everyone as the two previous evening were starting take their toll especially on the hosts from 2201. DayB6
A fairly subdued ride out was soon to change as the Rose started flowing on table 1, and a table 2 took a more sophisticated route of Sauvignon and Syrah. The requirement to compare bottle numbers through the lunch did seem a little strange, but I think everything is a competition or stat with certain boys from table 1. The food was exceptional and we jumped back in the vans in a much more robust state. By chance we had stopped at the wholesaler on the way out so had a couple of quiets on the trip back to Melbourne, where we headed into the casino to watch the rugby, but fair to say the boys were quickly distracted from this by – Stage right (which she posed for)

DayB8A couple of questionable drinks were ordered by Puna But in the cold hard light of day they probably truly reflect the man

From there it all got a bit loose with everyone heading in separate directions to ultimately lighten them of their cash or dance up a storm with a couple who were on their last date and breaking up after 4 years, bust as always House always wins. Agreat Day and night



Game 179 ~ Mar 28th ~ The Metropolitan GC ~ Melbourne Tour

Day_3_ph3After  a great night out on the town celebrating Boba's 60th down in a river side restaurant, there were a few long faces getting on the bus to head out to our 2nd golf club. I'm not sure if it was the cheap cuts of meat, the assourtment of alcholic beverages served up, or the picture of Bed cuddling the MWSS dick of the day that was making the start a little slower, but the pace did pick up when we reached the Metropolitan Golf Club.

Day_3_ph5The club wasn't as far as planned so we had plenty of time to use the great practice facilities on hand. Most headed to the driving range and some headed to the chipping and putting greens, but the only one who seemed to have any idea was Moff, he headed staight for the practice bunker, not sure if it helped him but that's where most of us ended up time after time duing the round.

Day3bNow it was almost the shortest visit to a golf club in the history of MWSS, when Grim sliced a ball off the 1st and followed through with a F*** as only Grim can. Unfortunately there were a number of members near by who all started to converge on him to explain that wasnt the Melbourne way. Grim covered up quickly apologised loudly and all was forgiven.

Now this course was  a bit tighter than Victoria (the course) and had just as many of those bloody deep bunkers, but you only wanted to play it well. The fairways were like carpet, the greens were large and tricky, and the weather was great. The rough was a no go area as you were always looking for something to bloody move in there, and there was plenty of it to keep it interesting.
I got to play with Bede, Macca and Hatt, we all had our moments- Bede a few more than the rest of us but in the end the course took it's toll, but it was a great 4 ball to play a great course with.

The 19th was perfectly situated off the back of the 18th green, the beer tasted great, but the clubs don't seem to want to do anything edible so the Ministers of Nibbles were let off. Prize giving was sorted  by the Macca Minister of Golf. He mixed up again the teams event which was won by Bill and Ferg. Boba just missed out on a belated birthday present picking up the plate with 35, 3 behind Chief who took out the day with a 38. Bangers ofcourse took out the shot with an 81.



Game 177 ~ Mar 27th ~ The Victoria GC ~ Melbourne Tour


The 2019 Melbourne Tour commenced with a few quite drinks and pizza at Scooner and Ferg’s residence on Tuesday night after the majority of the tour hackers arrived in town. A perfect way to start the tour and incapacitate a few hopefuls for the first game the next day.

And what a day it was. Metropolitan Golf Course was a beauty, compulsory white socks and tucked in shirts to boot, although Chief didn’t get the memo and turned up in some surfer dudes’ boxer shorts for which the club gave him a cart as a prize for most inappropriate interpretation of the dress code.


The course was in great condition, full of lovely bunkers and slippery greens, with a sprinkling of lots of over overdressed Aussies, and ready to be torn up by 20 championship golfers. A fine greeting was provided by the club who gifted a ball and club tag to all – more that can be said for the tour company who gifted us a fat grumpy prick of a driver who was thankfully replaced by the third day. Day1c

Looking out from the first tee over s nice looking dog leg par four it was hard to imagine the carnage that would occur as the bunkers came into play throughout the course. There was still opportunity for a good score to be had though, but alas, the MWSS boys showed it too much respect and no one broke 40 stabbies, which wasn’t really surprising seeing as half the field was still drunk or suffering from the night before.


The prizes were duly awarded with great fanfare with Macca taking the Cup with 39 points, Shanks got the plate with 35 and Glugs Mug was taken by Ferg with 31 putts on a countback with Shanks. Longest drives went to Hone (the Jim Furyk of the MWSS) and Shanks. Closest to the pin went to BT (thank God he won something on tour) and Ernie. The most important and highly sought after prizes of ‘putted like a pig’ and highest gross were taken by yours truly.  To get the double is a true honour but inexplicably there are no prizes for these – something that will be taken up with management.


All in all, a fine start to the tour and a great introduction to those sandy Melbourne courses. I couldn’t tell you much else that happened as my post-match memory was affected by a fine Shiraz, but I’m sure there was plenty of bullshit talked in the post-match drinks session. 


Game 176 ~ Feb 22nd ~ Pakuranga Golf Club 

Papukura_2Nice interesting course, now in the middle of suburbia, when I first played there it was surrounded by farmland! Not too many problems for most players but a few went out of their way to find themselves in trouble.

Out of 30 players who had high expectations, aspirations to claiming the big prize there was only one true shining light Matt Nichols (Maxy). What an outstanding 18th game he produced, 72 gross, 43 stablefords, 22 putts & 8 points clear of next best with a team score of 43. Surely this is a first for claiming all 4 prizes!!! Papukura_8Great golf Maxy & we are looking forward to having you on the senior circuit. On reflection with all the prize money probably just as well we used our own transport, it could have been a very late night on the bus!!!

Getting  the Trifecta  by winning the Mug, Shot and Trophy in the single game has only been done 3 previous times over the last 176 games so the El Prez tells me. Ferg at Blue Mountain in Thailand last year, Grizzler at Akarana in 2015 and Bangers at Omaha in 2014. and now the honourable Maxy at Pakuranga. A dangerous 4 ball if ever there was one. 

The winnners and Virgins, Echo, Mighty Maxy, Coogs the only other winner and Red

I also had a first, playing with a virgin & a bridesmaid, different people same time! (no Bangers I am still talking about golf!)

Wayne Gosling (Red), virgin, I will not mention some of his shots going sideways as I had one shot with a nett loss!!! One of the reasons why I am doing this blog. Johnny Coogan (Coogs) also played a great game which deserved better but he failed by a shot, well done Coogs, (bridesmaid).


Pink Ball


I believe this concept was well received as it required a team effort. 4 teams qualified, 4 teams didn't qualify! The jury is deliberating in some corners especially when the ball gets lost on the third hole but we won't mention any names will we Angry!!

Fine for the day went to Broomy when his wife walked in right in the middle of the fine session to pick him up.... ouch.  Nice to see you Keitha

In summary another great day with good company, once again a big thank you to BT.


Game 175 ~Jan 3rd 2019 ~Mercury Bay GC

Mer_9It was a record summer on the Coromandel in more ways than one….

A bus load of hopefuls arrived from Matarangi driven by the peninsular’s version of Raj…… some ventured from Tairua after boat and car trips… and others even made their way down from their palatial Auckland establishments to try to be the first winners of 2019.

The course looked in great nick… lush fairways and outstanding greens…. So the Coro known for producing more than one green

Merc_8I was expecting some outstanding scores however it looked like most of the field had over indulged at both the Xmas table and fridge… and the heat got to most of them on the back 9.

Needless to say, by the time the 18th arrived not many had the strength to hit it onto the short par 3 green… and only the athletes Boba and Ernie managed that feat. The rest of you need to take a serious look at yourselves!!


Most of the field enjoyed a stop at Luke’s Kitchen for a quick cold one on the drive home back to Matarangi, where once again the Turners (Nat/KT) and El Presidente ordered their chef Broomy to whip us up a culinary delight & once again they delivered great hospitality. If the truth be known thegirls did all the hard yards but BT & Broomy need to take some of the kudos.

We all enjoyed the night and even the neighbours settled a little when they realised the Leonard brothers weren’t going to raise their flag and squat on the beach front property but were merely golfers enjoying a quiet beer and staying one night in the tent then moving on.

Brutus and the other winner with the losers at the window

We had a virgin make his way all the way from Melbourne to join this illustrious group… Talor may have left out a few of the details but some things never change and still some concert goers obviously enjoy themselves more than others at these events is all I can say. Great to have another international member of the MWSS.

Prizes and spoils for the day…

Merc_6Longest Drive .. should have gone to Dowdie for his all day journey from Black Barn Winery to Matarangi to stake his claim… or Boba who pointed his car from Nelson to the game… but it was in fact Ferg .. who kicked Max’s ball off the narrow fairway to claim the title….

Closest to the Pin – as mentioned above.. only 2 competitors.. and Ernie managed to edge out Boba..

Glugs mug – Ferg .. not only showing he can hit it long… but can miss the green with his approach shots and then 1 putt on most greens…

Bangers Shot… carrying on from his 2018 Order of Merit Victory to show he’s the man to beat in 19 despite suffering from acute shaggers back… Bangers…

Merc_7The Plate – Pete Burgess showing at least one in his family has some sporting skills!!

Most Golf…. Aptly Talor who showed his cricketing skills and broke the ton…

The TROPHY….. after 64 (or more) attempts… finally Brutus calmed the MWSS Beast and threw the monkey off his back with an outstanding victory…. Like Mitchy says B… you have always got that great one in you… it’s just a matter of waiting for it… unfortunately for B it wasn’t enough to take the $ but he was just pleased with the drought being broken… pressure is now on Hone to see if he can eclipse the feat before passing 64 games….


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