Game Month Date Day Bus Golf Club Event Start Time Start Type
202 Dec 4th Friday No Helensville Order of Merit Final 10am 2 Tee
203 Jan 3rd Sunday No The Dunes New Years 10am 1 Tee
204 Feb 25th Thursday Yes Royal Wellington Windy Tour 11:15 am 2 Tee
205 Feb 26th Friday Yes Paraparaumu Scooners 100th 12:00pm 1 Tee
206 Feb 27th Saturday Yes Manor Park Windy Tour 11:00 am 1 Tee
207 March 19th Friday No Muriwai Ernie's 100th 12:00 pm 1 Tee


For those that didn't go to Birkdale College   TBC  = To be confirmed


To the best of the El Presidente limited knowledge, these dates are best guesses. If they change for whatever reason, no financial or emotional recompense will  be entered into.

As per everything dodgy,  Rule 1 applies

If you need any more motivation to get you out, go to   and see how often you are playing. You can always get another game in.

The El Presidente

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