1st Tee

Playing Through
Another huge year, and big thanks to all that have stepped up to help, its made life a lot easier and I only wish I'd sorted myself out alot ealier, and allow me to get my drinks round in, which I'm embarrassed to say sometimes I don't. Special thanks to Ferg, Scooner, 4 Door Macca, Coogs, Hatt, of course Bangers and Broomy, you guys make it easy.

2019 looks like it is going to be a big one with a
Northern Tour talked about and Scooner has a 5 day tour to Melbourne being planned for late March, so give that some thought. Details to follow.

Also to Scooner Cowboy and the Anscombe family our thoughts are with you with the loss of your Dad, he must have been a good bugger as he has some great buggers as sons.

A Big thanks to Rodent and the guys at The Club Room, your sponsorship makes the MWSS. A big congrats to Dave on graduating last week down in Queenstown as a Teaching Professional. Hard thing to do especially when you are setting up your own busness, moving house and newly married. Well done mate.

Just to leave you with a few stats for the year. We played 18 times, 11 of those courses for the 1st time for MWSS. We had 127 different players this year, play 450 individual  rounds of golf, we paid out $8500 to the pros, we gave out $5000 worth of  The Club Room Vouchers, another $1600 in merchandise, $5280 to the MWSS Trophy winners. We toured Dunedin and Thailand, very differnt places and we did 3 bus trips. And I hope you had a good time i know I did, Merry Christmas, keep safe and hit straight.

El Prez

Game 174 ~ Helensville Golf Club ~ 14rd December 2018

A hugely interesting day for many reasons, one it was the last game of the the year for the first Order of Merit Competion and there was sill pride on the line for a high placing. The day was definitely going to end in a pub in Takapuna for some as that was what was organised. Thunder and lightning had been predicted for the afternoon and it threatened for most of it. And the couse was set up for scoring well and most of our group of 25 capitalised on that.

The day didnt start off well as I turned up late, rushed on and basically threw teams together and sent them out on the 1st and 4th tees. The groups seem to work as nobody complained. We had a few stragglers so i went off the last group, unfortunately 1 person I thought was going to turn up didn't, and 2  I had missed out did, so for the first time we had a 5 ball play off the back. Shit happens, and the club didnt mind.

Now if you havent played Helensville it is one of those great country courses with a bit of everything , plenty of trees, a bit of water and some nicely placed bunkers, perfect to bring out the Animals. The monkey if you hit a tree, a duck if you are in the water and an Alligator if you are in the bunker. Just like the snake, last one that has it pays up, have all of them at one time and you are the Zoo keeper and and you get to pay up double. Nice change to the day and our animals in our 5 ball changed hands many times, the monkey 6 times on the first hole. 

The course was in great nick and as I stated it gave up some great scores, the average stabies for the group was 36, we had 8 hit 40 points or more, and it served up our highest stableford score in 175 MWSS games.

Back in the club house Coogs took control sorting out the cards, while Macca sorted a few fines out on top of the Annimal payments that came in. I must admit it is great having guys happy to help out. We had a full prize table with gear from Bangers (as per usual) prizes left over from previous golf days and some golf games picked up the previous day at the Blue light aucton, all up for grabs. And they all went.

The Big winner for the Day was JLow hitting a 47 was pretty special, the prize money was already being spent before the prize giving started, Chief picked up the plate , Bangers the Shot as usual, Grim Glugs Mug, Hatts longest drive , Ferdinand the Closest the pin, Basil The Sheila, Angry the Batting award and Ponyed the Pig.

The Order of Merit for 2018 was taken out by Mr Consistency Bangers with 194 stabies (average 38.8 for his 5 best games) I came in 7 points behind in runner up and Hone in 3rd on 183. All those that played are on the sheet in th Order of Merit Tabe. The trick is consistency but also the more games you play the better you should be.

From there it was a rush home, showered and then down to catch up with everyone at the Elephant Wrestler. It was a great turn out and a big thanks to all the wives /  partners that came out, it is great to see everyone unfortunately I didnt get to catch up with everyone, not that I was worth talking to at that point  but I think I did get the pictures.

Another great year, Merry Christmas everyone.

El Prez

Game 173 ~ Mangawhai Golf Club ~ 23rd November 2018


Mangawhai Golf Club is an 18-hole championship course that is consistently ranked in New Zealand’s top 20.  Sand-based, the course is always playable (obviously not to all) and offers challenge and reward for golfers of every ability.  Well-groomed fairways and immaculate (Bloody hard to read) greens are the course’s hallmark, with the greens regarded as exceptionally quick  and true.  The course is set amongst native flora and follows the natural, gentle undulations of what is described as perfect golfing terrain.

Day started off well with Bus pick up, big boys breaky in Warkworth, then up to the mighty Mangawhai(Where’s Ferg)?

Anyway 23 keen golfers ready to take on the day. Perfect weather “what could go wrong”. Winning team (Bangers, Scooner, Bede & Larry), winning scores 33,36,43,41. Bede you may have left the force but I think you stole somebodies Balaclava J Longest drive “Rabbit” closest to the pin “2 guns” welcome back. No prize but Rossco nice work on getting 2 - 2’s, putted like a pig “Hammer” Glugs mug “Larry” and of course played like a shella “hence the blurb Boba, blaming Jet Lag (or was it gins & Chards the night before.
Bede well done and very generous, bus back to the Puhoy (No crates available), bus gone Bede left standing. Well done Macca & Sue for getting him back home

Mihi Koe
(MWSS Nelson Delegate)


Game 172 ~ Howick Golf Club ~  12th October 

Special thanks to Hammer for organizing with Howick Golf Club for MWSS to turn up.

He is the club chairman so should have some clout. A crew of 27 turned up on the Bucklands peninsula in torrid conditions. 25 to 40 knot winds with occasional shower coming through made ita particularly tough day at the office. For most of the group it was their first time at Howick and with tight fairways and slick greens there was a lot of golf played. Broomy was on fire picking up the longest drive and closest to the pin on the 9th and Glugs Mug for 26 putts. He should have been drug tested after that performance. Maybe even given some putting lessons to Steve Cullen who had the most putts.

The MWSS trophy went to Pissy with an admirable 35 points, steady up the middle is his usual game and it came in handy with the conditions. Brutus picked up the plate with a 32 points, it would be great to see the silverware in his hands if Cowboy ever returned it.  Ernie had the best net with a 79 always the consistent Taka player.  I was the winner of the losers and definitely played like a sheila.

Thanks again to Hammer but get the weather sorted for the next time mate. 


Game 171 ~ Muriwai Golf Club ~ Rhyder Cup Day~ 21th September 

Auckland Maintains 100% Record in Ryder Cup


Its not often the experts get it right, but they all picked Auckland to easily win the 2018 Ryder Cup. It's hard to find comparisons to a victory like this…. All Blacks versus South Africa at North Harbor Stadium in 2017, anyone versus Australia in cricket 2018, Maverick vs Ice in Top gun 1987 (hands up who cried when Goose died?). However this is the stuff nightmares are made of if you were in the national side.

Probably the most surprising fact of the day was who was on the national team. Individuals whom I thought were lucky enough to be born either side of the bridge owned up to being from such dying regions as Taranaki and Palmerston North.

The day itself could not have been planned any better. The weather was perfect, Muriwai wasn’t been pounded by the normal South Westerly and a great field was assembled. I had the privilege of teeing off in the final group with equally high handicappers. Right from the start Pissy and I were confronted with a very competitive pair of Russell and Angry. One with the most controlled slice in NZ and the other with the a nickname which obviously demonstrates anything but control! (but who played some great golf!)

A big thank you to Scooner for organizing such a great day. Everything went great and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. Scooner the only bit of advice I can offer is put the worst golfers off first….one of the reasons we are useless is because we can't handle pressure! (like Bangers missing that conversion out from against Western United). And I reckon a running scoreboard or text alert so those  groups coming home can see the results and feel the pressure!!!

Congrats to our MWSS winners also, Scooner picking up My Mug and the Plate, Grizzler took out Bangers Shot and local LP (previosly known as Larry) taking out the Trophy with a huge 45 points, well played mate.

To finish off the day about 16 of us piled back onto the bus and back to Coogs for some of Angrys westcoast White Bait, he caught it, fillited it and cooked for us, washed down by a beer.... you don't get better.


See you next year

(2X MWSS hole in ones, and doesn't BT and Broomy know it)

Game 170 ~ Titirangi Golf Club ~ Broomy's Day~ 24th August 
The Sesqui-Centenary (aka Broomy’s 150th)
Golfers good, great and God-awful headed west to Titirangi for Broomy’s big day. It was a good turn out that had El Prez and the office juggling to fit everyone in.

Four Door, our resident Titirangi member, assumed Starter duties and with the appropriate pomp and ceremony invited Broomy to throw back a Jagermeister shot before smashing his drive down the left-hand side of the fairway. The first of many good shots for Broomy en route to 34 stabies.

The weather held though it was less than balmy and all those blokes who had spent the off-season training in Thailand were, no doubt, missing the warmer temperatures and their golf carts. Despite that, it has to be said that the course was in great condition on a day when scoring was challenging. The greens lived up to their reputation and competition for the snake seemed fierce across the board.

Sponsor and MWSS non-touring pro, Rodent, was on hand to torment all-comers with his preposterous drives and ended up with Bangers Shot (though there seems to be some dispute as to his eligibility from those that could not match him), longest drives and nearest the pin prizes. In lieu of vouchers from The Clubroom (the new name for David’s superb, must-be-supported golf shop) Rodent won $150 in cash.

And so on to the Fines Session where Crazy immediately fined Rodent $150 fornot putting it on the bar fast enough, probably under instructions from the Treasurer. We were a long way from home, so the Fines Session was (thankfully) kept to a minimum ensuring everyone headed for cars (or in Nev's case the Waiheke ferry) in fine shape. That didn’t stop several lads embracing their inner-westie and street racing their way to Taka where festivities continued at Regatta.

Abo set the standard with 38 stableford points to take out the days honours. Glug’s Jug ended up with Him also with his 29 putts, Rodent took out Bangers Shot wit a nice 73 and Cowboy was very happy to be the winner of the Losers. TJ finally turned up to pick up his white tag 7 years since his last game,and Sparrow and I graduated from their virginal white tags to Blue on our18th game. We also now have a tag for our Professional members, of which Rodent was the fisrt to recieve one.


But the day was Broomy’s celebrated with a special piece of Pounamu presented by the El Prez and gifted my Macca and a Titirangi shirt registering the occasion on the sleeve. He  also celebrated the day by putting in another good round as he compiles some handy Order of Merit scores. And he and Scooner wrapped up their groups match with a handful of holes to play.

As Broomy said it’s taken him 15 years – 10 MWSS rounds per year – to reach this incredible milestone. A HUGE congratulations from all of us. 


Game 169 ~ Chamberalin Park ~ Black Friday 13th July 

The weather gods were kind to us for our day at Chamberlain Park. The track was wet but the sun was shining. Everyone was expecting some big stabbies scores, which never eventuated, Hammer winning with 39. The course was average to be honest, sort your shit out BT.
As everyone heard even if they didn’t care, Macca had a melt down with 3 to play. I just mentioned that he was scoring well (I didn’t tell him that he had 35 points with 3 to play) and that he would be in the running, well he then fall apart and only got 1 more point, guess who was to blame.

I think melt downs were the norm for the day, Bangers turned 2 under the card, 22 points and came home with 13.
Ferg again an outstanding job with the refreshments and The Chief taking control of the BBQ, a great job by the big man and also to Broomy for adding and sorting the mess that are our scores, although he did inadvertently give himself the plate only to discover late that he wasnt the winner of the losers. Maybe it is time that we had an auditor look over the final figures after the botch up on Masters Monday. Or maybe let the Bays Boys take control of sorting the winners out.
To the winners Hammer the Big winner with 37 points (but no Money), Yam Boy was the True winner on Count Back for the plate, not Broomy. Good bays boy Porshe took out the Putting award with 29 putts and Broomy did pick up the Best Score with 75.

Another good day but an average course, but enjoyable.


Thailand Tour 2018 ~  15th to 27th June 2018 

Well we survived on all levels of our big Trip to Thailand. The heat, the snakes, the food, the copious amounts of alcohol (just to hydrate), the Tuk Tuks and the amazing friendly people of Thailand. 

Also all 8.5 marriages (Craisy and Helen 1/2 married) survived with not a problem. Joking aside it was another great group that went to Bangkok then onto Hua Hin and then down to Phuket to take on 6 magnificent golf courses while taking in all we could of  beautiful Thailand. Yes and that did include a visit to the notorius Patong Beach for a Ping Pong game for some of us, but also the amazing Island groups that make up Phi Phi Island.

There were $15 an hour massages most days, dinners that never disappointed or disagreed organised by the Ministers of Dinner. We were spoilt every evening in Phuket with our own Lounge with free alcohol and nibbles sitting in a lake side lounge pinching ourselves, organised by the ministers of Pre dinner (maybe Lianne).  The accommodation was outstanding (albeit a bit tired at Hua Hin)in all 3 hotels and the transfers and golf package were amazing.

All in all a big thanks must go to Lianne Scott and Mr Taps ( Keith Sumner) from Gilpin Travel for doing an outstanding job on putting the Tour together. It went off without a hitch and has us all looking towards the next tour, we just need to get a few more of you guys on board.

  El Prez 


Game 168 ~  Thai Tour ~ Red Mountain ~ 25th June
They often say you leave your best until last and with regards to the golf courses played in Thailand this was most definitely the case with Red Mountain. It was quiet simply amazing!! There were so many feature holes it is hard to single one out but the 17th par 3, 143 metres with a 50metre drop (pitching wedge/9 iron) surrounded by rain forest was hard to beat.
Talking of leaving their best until last, Dowdy came charging home with a mighty 89, earning a victory with 39 stappleford points and least putts, well done mate! The plate went appropriately to Broomy (who played second fiddle for the majority the trip). Ferg for the 5th time on tour won best gross (79) easily the most consistent golfer on tour.
For the first time in MWSS history we had a ‘club’ competition, 3 teams - East Coast (The mighty) Bays(Ferg, Scooner, Hatts), Takapuna (Macca, Dowdy, Boba)and Northcote (Broomy, Craisy, BT). This competition ran over all 6 games on tour, no real surprises with the result, a comprehensive victory to The Mighty Bays who lead from start to finish, special mention must go to Northcote who won the much sort after ‘best dressed award’.
Challenging courses with plenty of fun along the way, thanks to everyone on tour for making it such a great trip.

Game 167 ~ Thai Tour ~ Blue Mountain GC ~ Canyon Course ~ 24th June


A few days after playing the Lakes course and most of us finding the water often, we returned to the sister course where we looked forward to putting balls into Canyons rather than Lakes!!

We organised for the same caddies who had guided us around the Lakes course which not only pleased them, (as the competition for game time for the caddies is as keen as the competition for Mexicans to challenge Donald’s southern border wall!), but also as they’d already had 18 holes to work out the idiosyncrasies of each of our games and would be able to assist us play better… yeah right!!!

Anyway, they came back for more.. and were rewarded with the same frustrations and lack of skill interspersed with the odd shot of brilliance.

The course once again provided challenges and great views, lush fairways and some challenging greens. It also provided a variation on the old ‘snake’ challenge as Dowdie discovered when walking just off the fairway. A 3 foot python slithering just near his ball.

In true front row form he scared the snake off but encouraged Scooner and I to come take a closer look… which of course we did, whilst the caddies hurriedly ran in the other direction shrieking “poison poison run way” !!!

Not only did Dowdie tame the python, he then proceeded to tame many of the holes.

We endured a bit of a tropical downpour, which made life a little challenging for a few holes, but within 20 minutes the rain had gone and we were dry again and sweating out the previous night’s Tigers & Singhas.

A couple of the more spectacular holes were the par 3 14th with an island green some 155m from the tee and about 50m below your stance (see photo left) – and the ‘Tiger’ hole 13 -featuring a water carry of 160m to a narrow landing fairway and then dogleg right.

It was “Club Day” too, in which the Cote boys showed their foresight and preparation, looking resplendid in their LTC polos, Hatt made an effort by donning a fugly green & black jersey he scored from Rambo whilst Ferg and Scooner were too embarrassed to try on their old Bays jerseys knowing full well that they’d be lucky to get them over their beer guts.

As you’d expect – the Taka team’s attire matched their on-course form – no prep, little consistency and in the end an dishevelled & embarrassed look in the 19th.

Results for the day were:
Bangers Shot – Ferg again with a 79
Trophy – Macca with some fine golf came in with 37 points
Plate – the ever consistent Dowdie with 32 points
Glugs Mug – Boba finally breaking his our drought after 39 consecutive tour games with only 28 putts.  

How could I complete the report without mentioning the milestone … as usual leading the way .. BT managed to tick over his 150th game… a marvellous achievement .. if you think.. that’s not only playing 150 games.. but organising the rest of us to turn up on time in the right place and get home safely…. (been a few close calls on that tho!!)

No other man in the history of golf has achieved such recognition… not Tiger, not Rory and not even that guy Fox who won our inaugural pro-am!

Adding it up – on average there are 4 par 3s on each course.. so effectively he has missed 600 chances to achieve what Rat and Glug have both achieved…. Surely he must be next!!! Lol


But seriously… a marvellous achievement by our revered leader… marked by a limited edition Polo to be duly embroidered and a wonderful gesture from Macca who presented El Presidente with a handmade greenstone toki  (Chief or Macca can put me right if the terminology there is incorrect).

Congrats BT and we looked forward to you raising the bat at 200 in the near future.



Game 166 ~ Thai Tour ~  Mission Hills Golf Club ~ 22nd June


This is a Jack Nicklaus designed course. It is relatively flat on low lying land adjoining the Andaman Sea. It’s a picture postcard course on the north-east coast of Phuket. There are ocean views from most holes, plenty of water and some of the largest, brilliantly white sanded bunkers you’ll see on any golf course. 

 Unfortunately we played the course after a day of very solid rain and the fairways were soft, the greens slowish. Other than that the course was a great test of golfing skill. Some difficult holes and challenges on all without being over the top nasty about it.


This magnificent island green to the left is shared - a target for the 2ndand 5thholes.


By this stage the tourists had all become relaxingly familiar with the unusual phenomena of having a dedicated cart and caddie. The caddies are not golfers and most have only a small amount of English. Fortunately there seems to be a universal caddie’s language (in Thailand at least) so we were mostly getting similar instructions from each caddy. These did take a bit of getting used to. For instance “ aim right side bunker” actually meant to “aim at the right hand side of the left side bunker”. Golfer’s appreciate how difficult the game is without this sort of confusion. The sometimes call of “centre good” doesn’t need translation but is also not necessarily that easy to achieve. It was a great treat having the caddies make club suggestions and just about always get it right; offer clean clubs every time; mark your ball on the green and clean it; advise putting line; and at the end of the round deal with all the golf gear including (sometimes) a shoe clean while the golfers could retire to the bar for the very important fluid replacement. 


And so to the results. Most scored reasonably well on this course but roaring into form with an outstanding 39 points was Macca who took the Trophy. The greens were certainly to his liking also with a tour-low 25 putts to also win Glugg’s Mug. For the 4thtime on tour Ferg won Bangers Shot with a 78, 5 shots ahead of the closest follower. Speaking of the losers, on the very day after the completion of 12 months since his last MWSS Trophy win Broomy “won” the plate as the winner of the losers. Ferg had both longest drives; Dowdy scored a closest to the pin award on the first nine; while no one was on the green for the 2ndnine award.


Another great day was had in paradise! 




Game 165 ~ Thai Tour ~ Blue Canyon Country Club – Lakes Course ~ 21st June

3rd game in Thailand, but 1st in Phuket. As it's name suggests, water features heavily on the Lakes Course, with no less that 17 of its 18 holes incorporating the striking semi-natural water features carved into the landscape from the flooded canyons of Phuket's tin mining past. This course offers a very different game to its sister Canyon Course but is every bit as challenging and rewarding.
An awesome day with some very challenging golf, think I found most of the water round the course ☺ A very different story for Ferg, who came away with the trifecta – winning Bangers Shot with an 81, Glugs Mug with 29 putts & the money winner for the day with 35 stabies. Dowdy won the plate with 33 stb’s, well done Ferg and the mere fact that I’m writing this means I came in 9th for the day with 22 stb points & minus 7 balls for the day 26 balls over the 6 games ☹.


Game 164 ~ Thai Tour ~ Banyan GC ~ 18th June

Day 2 and expectations were high, high on an improvement of form. Banyan is a different beast to Black Mountain It plays more on the natural form of the land it sits on, but the fairways are still reasonably wide but the rough was somewhere you didn’t want to be, bunkers were the same and being more than 10 metres from the pin was definitely opportunity for the snake.

The boys are still coming to terms with our lady caddies, they make for an interesting 18 holes, especially when they pick the borrow of the green the wrong way. They are keen to do anything you allow them to do from cleaning every club after use to telling you what club to use and all for 500 Bhat or $25NZ. Through the rounds though, each loosing 2 players would throw in another 500 for the winning caddy. Talk about getting competitive when they knew there was a bit to play for. They would also tell you that you were not that good as well.

Still really hot out, but unfortunately that doesn’t relate to the golf. Fortunately Ferg was on form for the Bays team and it could have been better if not for a couple of reads on the greens he picked up the Trophy with 37 and the Shot with an 80. Macca came in with least Putts with 30, the greens were slick. Dowdy showed a bit of form to pick up the winner of the losers Plate with a 30.

Now to say a beer tastes good after golf becomes an understatement when you are playing in heat and humidity like we are on tour, but no complaints the beer is cold ( mostly) the views from the 19th are stunning and thank god we didnt have to walk the course. Rest day tomorrow and we leave Hua Hin drive back to Bangkok to fly down to Phuket


Game 163 ~ Thai Tour ~ Black Mountain GC~ 17th June

Work in progress, watch this space


Game 162 ~ 5th Annual MWSS Pro-Am ~ Gulf Harbour ~ 11th May 

The 5th MWSS Pro Am went off with not to many problems, actually it was a bloody good day if I do say so myself. It is always a bit different to other days, guys get there early and hit balls on the range, practice their chipping and try to get a handle on the pace of the greens, side by side with the Pro golfers, some of who are now regulars and good friends.

Thanks to our sponsors and some amazing service from Chris and Tracy at Speedy signs Albany, we looked the part. Frazer Bond the Director of Golf had everything in place and ready to go. Nat and KT had sorted out the lunches with help from Al The Fruit Guy, Four Door, Crazy and Frazer gave out the days rules and did the draw and we were off.

Now I had asked for the greens to be compeditive but not to slick, I think the greens staff did a great job although my good friend Wristy would suggest they needed shooting. We were lucky with the weather till we turnd to the 2nd 9 then had about 3 holes of drizzle then the golf gods smiled on us again. But really there was  nothing to complain about, Gulf Harbour was in great nick.

Its amazing how golf carts keep everything moving, even  when you are losing balls in the bloody fescue rough. We teed off at 11am, most people were showered with beer in hand by 4. Food was served up as the guys came in so a good foundation to build on for a few more beers.

Special mention to the pro shop staff to sort out the prize list below, we don't make it easy but makes for a bloody interesting prize giving.

First up we had Fergs son Jarrod, he was our project for the day. He's off to the States on scholership to play volleyball, so Angrey and 
Forsyth Barr kicked him off with $500, he ran the gambling hole on the 8th and combined with the fine money, MWSS guys helped him out to the tune of $1,900. A great idea and Jarrod was one happy big bugger.

Jarrod should be very thankful that Crazy is a mean prick when it comes to fines or he wouldn't have half that money. But he does run a great season, he may need psychiatric help when you listen to some of his reasoning but he is good.

Next up was the virgins, we had 16 amateurs and 8 professional virgins (sounds like a oxymoron), so 4 door had a plan, they all stood then the old "sit down if you were drunk when you had your first sexual experance," "sit down if it didn't last longer than 1 minute" and so on. He had to word his questions well because for the second year we had a woman player in the field, who got through most of the questions to be fair. The winner was finally found, an excellent senior proffessional who was asked to give his story on the first sexual experience. And without breaking a smile that still leaves a question. His answer was that he was yet to experience it. It did leave a few jaws open and even more wondering, but it was a great answer for whatever reason.

From there straight into the prize giving and the winners are:

Prize Status For Winner Score
Logest DriveAmateurLogest Drive 6th Ernie  
Longest DriveProLongest Drive 6th Dngwoo Kang  
Logest DriveAmateurLogest Drive 18th Harvs  
Longest DriveProLongest Drive 18th Nathon Kim  
Closest to the PinAmateurClosest to the Pin 3rd Monty  
Closest to the PinProClosest to the Pin 3rd Jimmy  
Closest to the PinAmateurClosest to the Pin 15th Macca  
Closest to the PinProClosest to the Pin 15th Frazer Wilkins  
Putted Like a PigAmateurMost Putts Russ 42
Cricket Batting awardAmateurHighest Score Cobby 116
Cricket Batting awardProHighest Score John Bae 83
Played Like a ShellaAmateurLeast Stabies Holmesy 16
Glugs Mug AmateurLeast Putts Jam Boy(CB)27
  ProLeast Putts Cam Jones 24
Par 5 comp ProPar 5 comp Dangwoo Kang  
Placing GrossPro7th & 6th  best score Sam / Doug / Troy 73
Placing GrossPro5th & 4th  Best score Jimmy & Josh L 72
Placing GrossPro3rd and 2nd Best Score Cam and Harry 69
Placing GrossPro1st Best Score Dongwoo Kang 67
Placing STBFDAmateur7th  best score Batman 35
Placing STBFDAmateur6th Best Score Jlo(CB)35
Placing STBFDAmateur5th Best score Saffa(CB)35
Placing STBFDAmateur4th Best Score Slapper(CB)36
Placing STBFDAmateur3rd Best Score Bangers 37
The Plate Amateur2nd best Stabies Cat 38
Best team scoreCombinedBest 3 combined Stabies ILG(CB)115
Bangers ShotAmateurBest Gross Amature Batman(CB)76
Ladies WinnerLadiesBest Ladies Score Madam Vice President  
The MWSS TrophyAmateurMost Stabies Hatt 38

Again thanks to Macca, Special K, Saffa, Grizzler, Jam Boy, BB, Mox, Angy, Bangers, Hammer, Fruit Boy, Lancy, Brownie, EC, Ferg, Potato, Crazy, Schooner, Crazyasa, Rosco, Chris, Millsy,Cookemandude, 4 Door, Broomy and of course the Rodent. Without you this day wouldn't happen, your sponsorship and generosity are most appreciated.

I know the Pros enjoy and appreciate having another pay day, some travelling for a day to get there. Over the 5 years we have had 56 different pros play, 9 have played twice, 11 on 3, 3 have played 4 of the 5 years and Brad Shilton has played every year, he's up for legend status for perserverance. This was the 3rd year Dongwoo Kang has won which is very  impressive, but what is more astonishing (if you are into this kind of thing) along with Kieran Muir in 2016 and Ryan Fox in 2014 they have all won with 5 under 67.

To the real comp, Hatt is having a run off good golf and picked up the trophy with 38, Cat holds onto the plate for the second month but did try to unload it onto Bangers who was one shot behind. Well done to team ING, Cores, Saffa, Dman and Pro Cam Jones on taking out the Pro Am Team cup and a weekend at BBs place at the lakes, and along with all the other winners picked up some great vouchers from Prodrive Golf. 

Again thanks to everybody, catch you in Thailand for the next 6 games and then we are heading to Chamberlan park in July.

EL Prez

Game 161 ~ Masters Monday ~ North Shore GC ~ 9th April 

There is something incredibly special about The Masters at Augusta National.
It is the first major of the year, an invite only tournament and attracts the best players in the world. The golf course is immaculate and to win it you must post a special score and fight tooth and nail to overcome your opponents. At the end of the day the winner is rewarded with a green jacket, one of the most prized possessions in the golfing world.
MWSS master’s Monday is a similar event and if you as an MWSS member reading this and haven’t yet played in one then you need to make it next year.

What’s not to like. You watch the best players fight it out at Augusta in the morning, you don’t go into work and you then play 18 holes of ultra-competitive golf against MWSS’s finest players.

MWWSS Masters Monday is the first major of the year. It’s an invite only field, only those on the MWSS mailing list get invited, and attracts MWSS’s finest collection of players. Sometimes the golf course is immaculate, and you must post a special score to win it and fight tooth and nail to overcome your MWSS mongrel opponents.
At the end of the day the stableford winner is awarded a green jacket, the gross winner a black jacket, two of the most prized possessions on the MWSS tour. 

North Shore Golf Club do an incredible job to make the day one to remember. We are also entered in their scramble so the prizes available are outstanding. This year was the first time we had a shotgun start which really worked well as we all arrived at the bar at the same time ready to celebrate a great day and crown the MWSS champions.

The normal customs were taken care of early with our 2 Virgins for the day, the first virgin Mr Cameron or 2PaC, when asked to make it quick and exotic confirmed that it was indeed quick and exotic. Chief’s virgin  Willy unfortunately didn’t finish his story when he realised halfway through it was Chief’s Aunty on the other side and he made a strategic withdrawal.

In keeping with the prestige of the event it needed an outstanding score of par 72 for Batman to take the Black Jacket and Bangers shot on the day. If you thought you might win with 42 or 43 stabbies…fuhgeddaboudit…..this was a day when there was 6 or 7 scores over the 40 mark such was the quality of golf.
After the first ever MWSS Oscar Awards mix up with El Presidente being crowned champion and fitted with the Green jacket to a standing ovation for 42 points, it turned out Hawkeye aka Mike had come in with 44 and looked good in the green jacket and very happy with the $800 and the MWSS trophy.

It was an outstanding day and special mention must go to Rodent Dave Feeny at Pro-Drive our main sponsor who provided so many vouchers for the various prizes. Buying golf gear from anywhere else will be MWSS treason.

So, make sure you don’t miss Masters Monday next year and if you did this year get your sorry arse along to the MWSS Pro Am at Gulf Harbour on Friday 11 May the second MWSS major of the year. More prizes than an Aussie Cricketers tears, you don’t have to go to work and a chance to take the piss out of a golf professional…what’s not to like…

4 Door 

Game 160 ~ Otago GC ~Dunners Tour ~ 10th March 2018

Saturday the 10th of March – Otago Golf Club, ( Balmacuwan GC to the locals) 12.45pm tee off, or should we start from the night previous, as there is no reason for any of us to be in any condition to play golf after the Highlanders v Stormers rugby game and the “Eureka” moments that followed. Special thanks to Angry for sorting out the Forsyth Barr Stadium lounge tickets. That stadium is amazing and our seats were A1.

Anyhow Otago Golf Club it was. Once again the Scaffies turned up with about 2 mins to spare and the teams were picked for another battle of the ages!
The course was in great nick and the day sunny and fine.

Apparently there was the odd club thrown and one of the Uni boys got hit with a golf ball from short distance, but all in all lots of fun and great banter.
Results: -  Hatts got the money (MWSS Troph) with 40pts, might have to keep tabs on that handicap of his, and Scooner picked up the least putts with 30 (Glugs Mug)
Angry was unfortunate not to have Jarrod (Rod) in the field, so managed to grab the most putts, the batting award and least stabbies. The bullet (Bangers Shot) for the best Gross was one by a very happy Scooner, and for the second day in a row on a count back with Bangers. So that’s East Coast Bays 2 - Bangers 0 J. The teams award went to the Uni boys by one shot, so great come back after getting there ass kicked the day before.

Now to the after match which started at the 19th moved to “The Bog” and then to dinner with Girlfriends, Daughters, Wives and Sons.  Red wine was a flowing not to mention craft beers and the odd cocktail.
Bill was paid then the group split, some headed home, some to a 21st, and the rest hit the Casino. All managed to get in (even Broomy) and the rest of that night is history
A huge thanks to the Dunners Uni mob who hosted us well incl Georgie, Phoebe, Emily, Thomas, Mitchell , Zane and Luke to name a few. Their local knowledge of Dunedin was a great help. Hope they enjoyed hanging with us. Thanks also to the Night & Day 24hr food bar which was perfectly positioned between the bars of the city and our motel. 

Once again none of this is possible without the help of Team Broom and Team Turner. Whilst where nursing sore heads and body's, there working out accounts and bills to be split up and probably the next MWSS event.
Thanks BT & Broomy, really appreciate it from all of us who travelled.
See you all at "The Masters"


Game 159 ~ St Clair GC ~Dunners Tour ~ 9th March 2018

How good to be on tour with MWSSers once more! It was an early start to beat the traffic to the airport; a Koru breakfast; and an uneventful flight to Dunners for the inaugural MWSS Student Challenge. Mitchy and Schmidt organised several mates to join the group for the first of the two tour games at the St Clair Golf Club. Great to welcome new members Father, Snake, TJ2 and Rod and we hope they’ll all bring their sticks north during holidays and join us at future events.

Standing on the 1st tee facing a brisk south easterly wind that might have originated deep in the Southern Ocean, the lads were reaching for extra layers of clothing and beanies. There were a couple of hard-assed Aucklanders who braved the conditions in shorts and golf shirt only – I was most impressed with the indifference to the cold. Or was it the result of not checking the forecast before departure? The official max temperature was 12 but mostly it was much lower. At about the half way were also treated to a heavy rain shower that lasted just long enough to initially get you wet and then force out all of the wet weather gear. Broomy was concerned about the risk of exposure.

The course has a prominent position on one of the hills overlooking Dunedin on one side and the wild southern coast on the other. The course first opened for play in 1905 and has undergone a number of changes since then. According to the club’s website the last significant alteration to the layout was in 1962 and thereafter hosted a range of tournaments including the NZ open in 1979. The course was in excellent condition with the greens in particular impressing with their consistency. The greens were big which is good and bad – a better target for the approach shots but plenty of opportunity for 3 (or more) putts and there was no shortage of those. Mitchy apparently had no such issues picking up the putting trophy with an impressive 30 putts. I’m told that the radar was on target all day and he putted like a pro. At the other end of the scale Rod had issues reading the nuances of the large greens returning to the clubhouse with XX putts to claim the Putted Like a Pig Award.
Trees, trees, trees! Most fairways are lined with big bastard pines making accuracy off the tee an important step for good scoring. Just about everyone tangled with the timber off the first tee. Notably Bangers, Wristy and Father avoided trouble. Thereafter there was plenty of ball versus wood action. BT applied his presidential prerogative always kicking back towards the middle of the correct fairway.
The winners on the day:
          Longest drive and closest to the pin awards - Ernie

        Most golf; lowest stabies; and putted like a pig awards - a clean.         sweep by Rod         
Glugs Mug for the lowest putts - Mitchy

         Bangers shot for the lowest gross score - Ferg on a countback with Bangers, 76

   MWSS Challenge Cup for oldies vs youngies – Over 50s took out the Under 25s 199 stabies to 211

  The Plate went to our Virgin- TJ2 with 39 points

  MWSS Trophy for the highest Stabbies - Ferg on a countback with Wristy, 40 points


Further night activities ensued including catching up with sons and daughters studying at Otago Uni; a visit to Foresyth Barr Stadium to see the mighty Highlanders crush Rattie's (Sorry Mate) Stormers; some bar visits; and lots of walking in between. All in all it was a great opening to this short southern tour and St Clair is highly recommended for anyone down this way with their clubs.

PS A few of the boys did catch up with Rat at about midnight, after he had finished his team duties he jumped in a taxi and tracked Dowdy down for a quick catch up. It was good to see him ... but he is still down the front of the MWSS bus when he getys back.



Game 158 ~ Windross Farm ~ 16th February 2018

First time on the course and we had a great turn out with a field of 38. Weather was great and the course was stunning although a little confusing having a links course surrounded by farm land. We had Birdy and Kumera come down from up north, Boba again fluked his busness visit to Auckland from Neson to time in well with our event and we also had 4 Door's Brother n Law Mike join us flying in only for the game from the Gold Coast.

We hired a 21 seater to get the hardier of the bunch out to the course from the Poe. Seemed to work, a little small for some of the big guys but cheeper when you are driving.

IMGI couldn't but feel that starting on the back 9, as we did was starting on the harder of the 18, but it didnt seem to impact on some of the scores. As I said its a Links Course, along the lines of the Scottish courses, no trees, ugly bunkers and a lot of long grass. Unlike a true links course they also threw in a number of lakes that came in to play on a few of the holes. We played off the black tees and to be honest it took me 6 holes to realise we were, yes that does prove I wasn't teeing off first but the course does play short even off the back. All that said I enjoyed the course very much, it rewarded straight hitting and there wasn't the hidden hazards you get on some courses.

We had  a bit of a late first tee off at 12:36 that saw the last group going off at 1:39 which is late for us old boys. The group of Coogs, Hoges and Mr Taps taped into a early start time but we bumped into them on the their turn. Great to have them still  play as they all had to get away early.

Anyway I get back to the Clubhouse with the last 4 ball only to get bailed up by the manager about one of our guys behaviour. Im not going into it but it wasnt the last issue that poped up. Please rememer we are guests, yes we are paying guests but rules are rules, please dont stuff it up for future events we may want to play there.

Now the club house is a perfect size for a group like ours, The club had a Black tee day of which we cleaned up with the winner being Needle. Good start. Thanks to the work of Birdy and Bangers scores came together, and our minister of Cermonies for the day Ferg for stepping up. To our winning losers. Putted like a pig JA our big winner from last month, KP picked the batting award sad on his own course, we are sure Thomo was close but couldn't find his card. Potato played like a shella with 23 stabies but also picked up the longest drive along with Ernie. Ferg and Wolfie picked up Closest to the pin. Those four did well picking up $100 Voucher from our Great sponsors Pro Drive.

Before the winners we did have two Virgins we had Mark fom the land of Aus who is known as The Man From Atlantis, And Craig who was introduced by Grim as Monster, they both did well so welcome to the groip guys. 

To the big winners on the Day, Wolfie picked up Glugs mug with 28 great putts on emaculate greens . Unfortunately he had to get away so missed the glory. Grizzler had a great day out on the course coming in with a very tidy gross 72. His name goes onto Bangers Shot for the 3rd time. Now the Ultimate trophy we had to go back to a count back, Two guys that have been around for a while but have never picked up.

Needle who although looks like a pro golfer is struggling to get on a course inbetween his training for the Auckland Iron Man and Otis that is only just coming together after exchanging a few moving parts. Both had there best games, both put it together and produced 43 stabies. It took a countback to give the MWSS trophy to Otis but Clayton picked up the Plate and he was also the resipent of 4 Doz beer from the club. Otis also picked up $740 thats everthing in the kitty, the 6 last local outings have all been over 40 points.

We watched the first innings of the cricket with some locals, kept an unhappy bar manager from closing and then headed home on the bus. all in all another day in the office ... Not

El Prez

Game 157 ~ The Dunes GC~ 3rd January 2018

Talk about a turn around, I woke up to rain pelting down at 7am, thinking this aint good. I had guys on the road from as far away as Auckland and Tauranga looking for a summer game of golf then it stopped about 8am and the skies turned blue and the humidity climed to close to 100%. 

At one point we had 40 in the field but this is the game I just don't hold my breath until the morning of the game and even then things change, and on this day even after play started. 38 teed off 36 finished, Greg "Cookemandude" Fritelli lasted a couple of holes before pulling a hamie and limping back to the car.
Rod  "Arthur" Bell lasted till the 12th before succumbing to the heat and some flu symptoms. Not good but both left good amounts to pay fines they definitely would have had for not finishing.

The heat was a factor on the day and if the club was onto it they would have made a bomb out of us if they had a drinks cart out on the course. The course itself was in great shape even if  a little dry in places. This was also a different field and game from the last game at Takapuna where we had 12 come in with 40 points or more. This time there were only 2, the average handicap was 21, the average Gross was 93 and the average stabies was 23, putts was 34 and there was only one under 30 so that was a factor. Anyway I do get off on this shit.

If you havent played it the 18th is a nice little 140 m par 3 that if you play a little too long you can put into the bar. A great hole to finish on with plenty of crap fom the crowd in the bar, and by the time we came off the course  the crowd had built up with family and golfers alike.

Crazy had taken charge of collating the scores, and as Fines Master as well he was in total control. Prize giving was its usual entertaining mess with a couple of good intros to Bambi, Buda, Wolfie 2 and Jono. Great guys. Winners on the day JA first time since game number 10 in April 2004, but he played well picking up 41 points on hard track. He just pipped out newbie Buda, with 38 points. Bangers picked up his trophy with a 79 and Rosco picked up Glugs Mug with 29 putts.

As I said the 18th is great for watching the par 3 finishing holes and at the end of the day a great place to watch a play off hole unfold. We had a couple of the 4 balls decide that an outcome was required and one of these involved Scooner who almost had the perfect shot, it lipped out and left him with 2 foot putt. But the dilemma he would have been left with, play another 17 holes to have it register or head to the bar and have to shout anyway.

Beers consumed people started heading back to their little parts of the Coromandel. We had a number of people billetted out for the night around the Digs and the Hattaways parked beach front in their big new camper van. There was a BBQ at Nats bach and a few more beers and another good opportunity to catch up with families and friends.

The weather held off until the next morning when a tropical Cyclone hit Mid morning.Most everyone who staying over night bunked out around 6:30am to miss the worst. 

Unfortunately the Hattaways took the Thames Highway back and got caught with the start of it, they got through but lost the Bike rack of the back with 2 new Electric bikes. Bugger. Hopefully by the time this goes to press they have been found.

El Prez

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