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Game 244 ~ MWSS Pro Am ~ Muriwai GC ~ 28th January



A change of venue, a change of date & a change of Pros - however still the same ole BS……

The Pro Am moved venue from Gulf Harbour to Muriwai, date from late November to January and instead of the usual local Pros, we were with the Australasian PGA Legends…. As BT put it – ‘they are just like us, but can play golf”…… and as it turned out.. a few of them could play golf like Wristy!!!! The weather forecast wasn’t great – but was supposed to hold until around 5pm… for those lucky enough to get to the clubhouse by 5 good on you.. for those of us still out there… the torrential downpour with driving wind made for an interesting last few holes….. but that’s golf.

A great field of MWSS Warriors as 4 Door aptly described us arrived with hope of mastering the course .. many were once again left disappointed… however a few stars shone through. BB showed that there is a Broom who can play golf… without 500 lessons and 78 games pa….. and took out the coveted trophy with 39 points… Bangers shot was taken out by James Colligan with a well compiled 74 and Team Willis took out the plate with 39 points – must have been on a countback.  A few others collected Clubroom vouchers with the prize list going well down the field…. That far down that even Batman picked up a voucher with 32 points….

244_Photo_4244_photo2The longest drives were taken out by Ernie & James Colligan… they weren’t too short either !!!  Closest to the Pins were taken out by Tutti Fruity and Gary Seymour… - Simon Helm and PC – well done gents. Glugs Mug was taken by Ferg… not sure how many… on the list it said Fergie – wasn’t sure it that was Sir Alex or Sarah tho…. The Team Cup went to 3 local Virgins who where totally into the vibe of the day and totally enjoyed themselves and even enjoyed Dell their Pros company, congrats to Yee, Chang and Lum.

Wristy managed to achieve a title that has so far eluded all comers…. A trifecta of Gnomes with most golf, least stabbies and most putts… so earned himself a lesson voucher – and looking at the winners list Wristy I’ d be booking that with James rather than the Rodent!!!! The Pros…. Well who really cares….!!! lol… but in all seriousness.. they were a great bunch… I know Burnsy not only coped with having to put up with Locknuts, Macca and myself for 4 hours – but nearly shot the lights out and without a couple of unlucky bounces could have won the day… However, that was left to Chris Taylor who shot an admirable 5 under on the day – 3 others shared runner up with 71s
A few of the pros earned themselves MWSS Dressing Gowns (our Gnomes) for their efforts but had done a runner by the time prizegiving happened (not surprisingly) but a gross 90, 18 stabbies or 37 putts indicates they could be regulars at MWSS and not be embarrassed244_Photos8244_Photo_6. !!!

A huge day, another successful MWSS event and huge thanks once again to BT, Dad (Luke), Macca, 4 Door, Coogs and Nat & KT for their commitment and tireless work to enable the rest of us to turn up play golf have a few laughs and beers and enjoy the day. Also – huge ups to the sponsors – The Clubroom (Rodent & James) – Vertical Logistics (BB) – Forsyth Barr (Angry) – Green By Nature (KT & Nat) plus HSNZ (Macca), Rothbury (Safa) and Wayne Grayson (Batman). Dell & Frenchie rounded out the major sponsors but once again plenty of you gents dipped into your pockets to sponsor holes and make this annual fundraising event a success on and off the track. Thanks also to Block for showing off his Melbourne Cup .. we walk amongst legends…



I am no good with numbers – but rumour has it that the Muriwai Volunteer Firebrigade will be better off to the tune of over $15k, when the money is all in we will let you know the final figure,  thanks to you all. Maybe that’d be enough to lure Hone out there for a crossover surf/fire rescue calendar appearance…. !!!???

Well done all that contributed… enjoy Qtown for the next adventure gents.


Game 243 ~ Dunes GC ~ 3rd January

Well the weather gods finally came through for us, and our field of 38 came together from all parts of the country. I think Angry travelled the furtherist coming from Hawkes Bay for the day. The new year game is always a good one as we always have a bit of a youth come to show what they have. We also had 5 Virgins inducted, Rocket, Slapper, Back Door, Peaches and Foul Play, all those nick names were worked out in the field and there is some good stories to go with them.... but you had to be there. 


The day was also Hone's 100th game so as per tradition there was a good group to see him off the first tee, with his selection of four ball, Ernie, Maxy and 4 Door, all showing their skills off under pressure, nicely down the middle of the fairway. The course is in great nick with the clean and place rule really not required, the greens were true but the rough nasty and the water aplenty on the last five holes to a beer. It seemed the field felt pretty good about the course as we averaged 34 stabies and 32 putts so there was some good scoring to be had for the first game in this year's  Order of Merit.

243_Dunes_8An exciting addition to the day is a $5k hole in one, offered up by Rothbury ILG thanks to Greg Fritelli (ak Saffa) and Simon Helm (yet to play, yet to be named). This will be up for grabs on  6 to 7 games this year, but the boys were keen to get it out there for the Matarangi game, even if the advertising wasn't quite ready. We had it on the 18th green playing just over 150m and it adds just a little bit more to the day.  Young Mitch Atkins got within a metre of taking the money, but as a consolation prize he picked up the closest to the pin and a $50 ClubRoom voucher.

Back in the club house and it was hard to drag the guys away  to the back room for prize giving as that outdoor area is a dangerous social spot. First up Hone's 100th presentation by the very entertaining 4 Door with his stats and bio, for those that missed it the highlights were. He's won Glug's mug twice, the plate 9 times, and the Trophy 2.5 times, the first time was the 27 hole Paleo classic, he'd one some professional acting and there was mention of a goat in his inaugural speech. Well done Hone, Centurian number 13.

243_Dunes_2We had some interesting Virgin speeches that need no more comment, and then moved onto our 50 game blazer presentaion to Angry. I spoke up here and it probably didn't come across as I wanted it to, but I admire Angry coming into the group and learning the game as he goes, he has had more gnomes than Snow White, but he turns up usually rushing onto the tee from work and is a huge part of the group, always has a smile on his face and just enjoys the day. That was probably the way I should have said it rather than being the worst golfer we had.

With the absence of Crazy, the Fine's master from hell was unleashed, Macca. The nicest thing he did was offer up immunity to anybody for $20, that was a signal to grab it with both hands as he set about fleecing everyone without a decent story. No matter how may times JA asked if he could now buy immunity that door had shut, and another $500 was in the kitty.

A great day, with  some great old and new players, the winners and losers below. I must say the biggest cheer went to Broomy, Winner 2 years in a row of the Order of Merit for coming in with the lowest Stabie points of the day. He protested and asked for a recount, but Rule 1 stood that down as I had only 1 more point than him. But if there is one thing I know about Broomy, he will be relishing the challenge to start at the back and push to win his 3rd Order of Merit.



What ForTrophyGetsWinnersScore
Most PuttsYipsyImortality Mitch Atkins40
Highest GrossShanksyImortality Angry113
Lowest StabiesGrumpyImortality Broomy24
Being AverageTo Write BlogBT
Long Drive3ClubRoom $50Young Gun
Long Drive17ClubRoom $50Ernie
Closest to pin7ClubRoom $50Gomez
Closest to pin18ClubRoom $50Mitch
TeamStabie - PuttsClubRoom $50Batman, Peaches, School Boy and Precious26
Least PuttsGlug's MugBangers24
Smallest GrossBangers ShotClubRoom $100Batman71
2nd Best StabiesMWSS PlatePeroni  CB38
Best StabiesMWSS TrophyClubRoom $200Peaches40


To finish off the day we headed back to  Batman's and Simone's place where we were served up some amazing food and got to catch up with a few more of the group and their partners.  There was a presentation of sorts from Barney to our hosts of  a NZ Fish chart which came with commentary that only Barney could deliver.
Another great day and a good start to a busy year.




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