1st Tee

Game 156 ~ 15th December  2017~ Takapuna Municipal golf course


What an excellent way to finish a busy golf year, a great turn out for our last game of the year at Takapuna Municipal golf course. For many of us this is where our golf started, many a game that can only be remembered only in part due to an alcoholic haze. For Nat and I a little more as we lived there in the Greenkeepers cottage for 10 years on the back of the 12th green, contracted the maintenance of the course for 20 years, started our business based on it and even married off KT to Broomy on the course. It was good to be back, anyway enough of the nostalgia, there was 34 starters for the day and the course was set up for good scoring.


We had the usual pandemonium at the start line, but after some reshuffling we were into it. As I said the course was set up for good scores, probably due to the nature of the other groups on the course, most out for their work Christmas game, most loud, badly dressed and on their way to alcoholic bliss. For some reason we felt right at home.


The course was hard and fast due to some great weather, I was a little disappointed nobody drove the 1st, at only just over 280 Meters I thought I would have had my first longest drive marker on a green but Ferg just pulled up a meter short. Itís the good thing about Taka it leans towards easy but then there are those holes that can bite if you donít hit straight this showed in the spread of scores that came in but over all the course gave up 12 scores over 40 points.


Back on the deck at the club house Broomy and Ferg took charge and sorted the cards into winners and losers, while the rest of us sorted drinks and re introduced ourselves to people we hadnít caught at the beginning of the day. We had one Virgin to the the day, who I introduced, Jeff Bull who has been gifted the nick name Ferdinand, thereís some nostalgia, Ferdinand the Bull, Sunday stories 1ZB🤔.
Not a bad story delivered. We also sold off, started as an auction that ended in a grab fest, some bloody good MWSS shirts Bangers had kindly donated. A new rule not far way is that you must have something branded MWSS on unless itís your first game.


Anyway to the prize table, Most putts  Boba, Lancey picked up the biggest score and lowest stabies, Longest drives went to Ferg and J Lo, Closest to the pin to Cowboy and J Lo. Winning team was Pissy, Maxy Otis and Hatt. The real winners wereMarvel with 27 putts on count back Ferg picked up the Shot with a 75, Coogs thought he had the game with 45 points but had to settle for the plate. The out right winner with $6 points was Hatts who had one hell of a  day out on the course



Formalities out of the way, the night is still young, so the majority that have nothing else planned head to Greenhithe to Natís house (I just keep the grounds) for our Christmas Dinner. Joined by partners this part of MWSS is a nice break from our normal. Many of the ladies have gotten to know each other well through the Hawaii tour and the 2 previous Christmas events we have had, but it seems the nature of the group is being inclusive, and that simply makes it work. Some great new friends made and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The finger food was excellent thanks to the ladies, the catered paella, seemed to hit the spot and the Minister of Alcohol, Ferg did an outstanding job of getting the right mix of wine and Beers.


So thatís that for 2017 another great year.

      EL Prez

Game 155 ~North Shore Golf Club ~ 27 Hole Paleo Classic ~ 3rd November 2017

"Yes" I've been tasked with telling the 27 tales of what was another great MWSS Paleo day at my home course where the sun always shines, thanks to the karakia I performed that morning.


The tales begin with an acknowledgement to El President, because these days don't just happen and at a time when Rec Services have been dealt a low blow by Auckland Council "you would never know it'. I've worn the golf hat he wears and when you're required to change fours based on late arrivals and cancellation is not good for the blood pressure and you can kiss your golf game goodby then you have the post prize giving "well done El".


I didn't hear to many stories of good golf on the day, but words of discontent were being echoed along the the banks of the river holes and we were only half way through the 27 holes.


Then we had the four that was on such a mission to complete their round that they ignored the starter and played ahead of their start times leaving two confused and intimidated golfers in their wake. Having to concede to Winston Peters newly landed members of our Club, was too much for them and contagious as well, with one of our four yelling out and gesturing menacingly "where do you think you're going' only to hear back "whut yu sey". It was all good though when I apologised to them and explained that after 160 plus years you get use to it.... my Maori mate couldn't stop laughing.


He's a Hauraki Maori and he emailed me later that evening thanking me for a fab day "great guys, great aroha" and that's the hallmark of these days and that emanates from each and everyone who participates. I replied saying that I had to receive his induction bag tag and tell his first sexual experience story and it went something like this 'It is forbidden to disclose the name of the aunt that lured him into the forest to taste the fruits of kai teke at age 11, Aunt knowing he would be to scared to tell uncle or they would both get the bash" it's customary, early sex education, it's like a hole in one, but messy.  And for the unlucky ones it can lead to a cancerous tumour at the base of your tongue, hence the meaning of "tangata whenua". 


Last but not least my Maori mate wanted to know if our winner of the day with a score of 62 stablefords or more to the point 8 under his handicap was using the same counting system for his handicap as Tainui used back in the day when they had a corporate box at the winning Warriors! It's all a bit Grim! Well done boys!






Day 3 Nelson Tour~ 5th September 2017
We woke up on Day 4 to find that the weather man was right for a change, it was raining fairly heavily with no likely reprieve. The President after confiding in his own weather expert (aka Ferg) made the decision to cancel the golf at Green Acres Golf Club and throw Bobba a hospital pass Ė to give 20+ mad keen golfers a days entertainment.
So 10 pin bowling was the first call of the day with some people already looking worse for wear after 2 (or in some cases 3) days/evening activities!
Bangers carried on his form from golf over the past 2 days taking out the top score of 138 in the last round, closely followed by Maxwell and Pissy on 133.
One thing certainly came out of the bowling, not everyone plays this game as well as they do golf, ay Broomy and Leylow. Although some questions were raised about their golf to be fair!
Next stop the Stoke Brewery. An assortment of 5 of their local ales where trialed by one and all. As it was only early afternoon there werenít to many takers of beers in a larger quantity so we probably didnít do the place justice. Even though the service and knowledge provided by the staff was superb.
Our next location was a short drive to Waimea Winery Where the call ĎRoseí Saturdayí came out loud and clear. This place was then kept busy stocking the wine fridge with Roseí for the next few hours. There is no question the sales of this particular drop had a major surge, 33 bottles at last count.
The volume levels on the bus had been extremely subdued from the start of the day and then onto the brewery. This well and truly changed on our departure from the winery.  With Johnny C belting out some fine tunes ranging from Tom Jones to Dave McCartney. We had a fantastic sing along on our journey back to The Rutherford. Well down Johnny.
Then onto Bar 623Ö. Thatís a story for another day, but itís fair to say that MWSS friendships both old and new were strengthened!
Special thanks to Bobba (and Kerry) great hosts from Thursday night, Bobbaís overall co-ordination of the days activities and lastly Aussie Muzza for making the effort to come over all the way from Sydney for this golf trip. I think itís fair to say Muzza, you arrived with one mate and left with plenty. Thatís what MWSS is all about.
Tomorrow we wake early and head home, but officially it has been another great tour.
 Day 2 Nelson Tour~ Game 154 ~Motueka Golf Club 5th September 2017

As Groucho Marx once said: I donít want to be a member of any club that would have meĒ - but thatís certainly not the case with you good buggers at MWSS.

After months of procrastination and a steady depletion of brain cells through various unhealthy activities, Iím writing what I should have written many months ago. For those with better memories than mine, youíll recall a certain Nelson trip in October (or was it September?) last year. Three courses were due to be played Ė Greenacres, Motueka, and then my own glorious track at Nelson, a day unfortunately washed out by rain. Good mate Boba, a man whoís seen the sense to leave Auckland for the mainland, rushed into action and organised the boys some indoor activities, including bowls, and a few beverages along the way.

However, my job from El Presidente BT was to say a few words about the Motueka experience and wrongly assumed that as a journalist I would be able to cobble together something meaningful. I really cant! But the fear of excommunication from the club has got me off my chuff and on to the keyboard. All I recall of the day is a helluva lot of fun with some really good fellas and Iím pretty sure that Bangers carried off the spoils. All I know for sure is that I didnít. Looking forward to connecting with you fellas again soon.


Day 1 Nelson Tour~ Game 153 ~ Nelson Golf Club ~ 5th October 2017

The day started with a bit of a bus a trip back from a big night at the rugby in Blenheim, winding through the Rai Valley with a running commentary from Rex our local driver. Breakfast that day was a quick Pie and Coffee, leading to a  few of the team looking as bit queasy  when we got off the bus at the awesome looking  Nelson Golf Course.
Plenty of time to warm up on the range , but some of us seemed to have  lost the art of swinging a golf club, and even putting , with a few concerned looks as they headed to the first tee.
It was with some relief we all had the pleasure of watch Dowdy stumble down the first , averaging 100 metres per shot!!. This would have given a lot of us relief , thinking we canít be that bad!!
Special mention to El Presidente , who managed to hit a fairway on most tee shots ÖÖ just not his own fairway!!!
The rain mainly stayed a way , but the wind got up a bit , and while we thought  easy peasy  no trees Öask Ferg for lessons on how to aim for the rough. (no snakes in  nelson luckily).
Back to the hotel, a quick shower and then back on the bus and out to Boba and Kerryís place for a great night with a BBQ, Beers and a few wines, a great view and excellent company. A great way to finish of the first day of the official tour.


Game 152 ~ Muriwai Golf Club ~ 22th September 2017

 MWSS V FLOG is an annual event that has been contentious over the past 4 years mainly because we havenít won the event, this year was going to be different. No matter that we were missing some key players in Scooner, Dowdy and Ernie we still had an inform 28 players come out to the beautiful Muriwai golf course to do battle.
Unfortunately FLOG only had 24 players so Otis, Glug, Tom 4 and our proffessional and Sponsor Rodent played off the back as a 4 ball and by accounts had a great time.

Now the Rules were pretty simple in our mind, player versus player in match play format to be clarified by the group (why I'm not sure as 95% used the simple Stabie v Stabie). Anyways the pairings seemed pretty balanced over the groups and the banter between the two teams has grown better, but it has taken us 4 years to get there, I think it could be an Auckland V Harbour thing, but that is panning out better all-round this year.Anyway there were some great competitions out there and overall pretty balanced. The Needle and I took on a couple of hard cases in Pat Coll and Peter Lineen, thank god I had Pat and the game was close but the Needle battled with Peter who was playing well for someone who hadnít picked up a club for a while coming in with 39 points.
The other grouping of interest was Shank versus David Philip and Wristy versus Smoking Joe, Dan was always going to battle giving 10 shots but he held out for the draw,but Wristy who has been playing out of his skin was always going to bring it and took the big guy out.
Anyway it did come down to a contentious call at the end with one group not using the stabie v stabie method ending up as a draw where we had the win with stabiesÖÖ let it gooooo, Anyway under close scrutiny the figures tellied we had our first Draw. So it wasnít another lose.
To the winners, Rodent, didnít feel the pressure from the 3 stooges he was playing with hitting longest drive on 4 and 18, he also came in with the best score of 73 for the day, lucky for him as he would have been heavily fined.
Closest to the pin on 8 went to Cowboy who is hitting some form, and on 17 went to FLOG player Miles Saunders. Tom 4  must have felt the pressure of playing with Rodent picking up most Putts and the Batting award for the day with 118 but couldnít beat Begg for the Shella award with only 21 points. Hope his golf is on the improve as he is off to Ireland for 9 games of golf.
Glugs Mug went to Hoges who putted well with only 30 putts on those slippery greens, Rodent got the Bangers shot as already mentioned and Ferg picked up the plate with 36 points which in hindsight he shouldnít have as he picked up the Trophy only 2 months back, but the name is now on the winner of the losers silverwear. He will be fined for that.
Now Dan, Wristy, David and Joe had a great battle but also combined well as a team to take out the team event with 145 points, rewarded with a $50 voucher at Prodrive Golf. It would have been really helped along by Wristyís 42 points. This was 6 shots ahead of anyone else and game him the silverware and the money.
All in all we moan about this event leading up to it, but it is always character building and something a bit different.
El Prez

Game 151 ~ Waipu Golf Club ~ 25th August 2017

Just for the history books the rain we had at Titirangi over a month ago hasn't really let up and when the sun comes out at the beginning of the week the numbers of player grows in anticipation of getting a bit of sun and playing on a sand base course. Many of the Auckland courses have been closed due to the wet weather. 26 ended up playing with 16 of those on the bus and the rest driving from different parts. We bucked our own system and left early, grabbed a coffee and a bit of McDonalds at Welsford and got to the course at 9am for an early start.

The Cousre was in great nick. Greens, Tees and fairways had good cover and for a country course with a small membership they do it well. So with 26 in the field, we had 5 X 4 Ball and 2 x 3 balls, the club was happy for a 2 tee start so we were off, happy to just be swinging a  club in sun. 
Now Broomy, Wristy, Al, Shank Greg and I who will one day drag along to a game had just visited the States on a golfing holiday so we had purchased hats, towels and ball markers from a little known course called Pebble Beach and donated them as prizes for the day. Bangers had also brought along a friend of his called Neil Smith a Kumara farmer from Kaipara. He donated 3 big bags of Kumara to the table, told his story to the crew and was quickly nick named Kumara. The other virgin to the day was introdused by Cheif but both had to leave just after their game. Bal Matheson, not sure if Bal is his nick name but we will sort that out.

Now because of the Prize table we went backwards on our prizegiving, The winner on the day was Scooner who was my partner for the day and he played outstanding also picking up the Putting cup. He had 41 stabies and 27 putts. not bad that 2 wins in 3 games. Now in my excitment with 38 points I thought I had the plate on countback with Bangers, but I missed Crazy's score of 39 and was reprimanded by the crowd, you dont want to get off side with fines master. So Crazy finally is rightfully awarded the Plate with 39 points. More controversy was to follow with BT. Not suprising when ever Bangers comes to play he is around the front of the field off the stick, no different this time coming in with 74, 6 clear of Scooner who was next in line with his 80.
The team event for the best 3 stabbies was taken out by Scooner, Brutus, Emty Billies and BT. This is when a bit of controversy was thrown up later in the fines, which added to the day. See on the 16th hole I had sliced and landed on the 15th fairway which Bal, Cheif, Marvel and Rosco were, I thought were waiting to tee off . Anyway I hit back to my fairway and only when I went to play it again did I realise it was a Titleist 2 which I was playing but actually a Titleist  2 from Tara Iti. I looked back and realised my mistake and returned the ball to Bal who I could see was looking where I had played it from, bugger. I found my ball walking back, played the hole out. I wrongly didnt take a 2 point penalty and my score did count in my teams score, the only award it would effect. The question was asked at the fine seasion, I was honest and was  rightly accosted and fined but I didnt realise at the time it would have effected the team score. When I did go through the cards the penalty would give Crazy, Ferg, Wristy and Hone the team award. So being the El Prez I have effectively fined myself to cover the prizes for this team. Now I'm not a great one for every Royal and Anchant Golf rule but this is a fundimental one that I should have followed and it required to be corrected, even if I am late. There needs to be rules or our comp will turn into a joke, Apoligies from this BT, it was BT not the EL Prez because the El Prez is never wrong.

Anyway to make things worse I stepped up to the next hole the par 3 17th and took out the closest to the pin, taking it of the fine Master Crazy, bugger.  Marvel took out the longest drive on the first. Brutus took out the played like a Shella, Wristy took out the batting award and Mick the Putted like a pig.
Another great day of golf that didn't finish there for those of us that headed home on the bus with a not so quick stop at the Puhoi for some long neck beers shouted by our winner Scooner and a few more laughs before heading back to home.

CU at the FLOG Game.

 EL Prez

Game 150 ~Titirangi Golf Club ~ 14th July 2017

Well with storms up and down the country it was a hopeful bunch of 20 that headed out to Titirangi GC for our 150th game. A lot of people would call us stupid and many of us in the first few holes would have agreed, but as we got into the course, the golf gods smiled, not alot, but enough to to stop the rain and leave us in 10 deg with a 30 knot wind chill. To be fair the El Prez was having second thoughts but a hardy 3 stepped up and teed off leaving the rest of us to follow their enthusiasm. Well done 4 Door, Jlo and Ferg.

Now it was hard going but this was probably a first, someone driving all the way from the Shore taking one look at the weather and pulling out, many did and have called him soft but I have just decided to change his nick name from Cat to Pussy.  

Now the course was wet around the edges from the week of torrential rain, but the tees, 80% of the fairways and greens were in great nick. The greens especially were hard and fast and with the wind adding another dynamic, if you weren't quick enough on a slope to mark on the pause.... your ball was gone. Thats probably why the 4 I played in had 25 x 3 or more putts between them. It is an amazing course and we do need to play it again, maybe off those famous black tees in the summer as 4 Door keeps suggesting.

When we finally finished and warmed up with one of those great showers the club provides, it was off to the bar where the club had pizzas, calamari and fries waiting, they tasted bloody good washed down with a beer. Ferg bless him, tried to sort the wet cards and scores into some kind of legable prize list. It took all his skill and a few count backs to get it it sorted but sorted it was.

4 Door started the proceedings introducing a  Virgin to the team Peter Callagher whos nick name started of as PC2 but by the end of it was changed to The Preist, something about his first sexual expaerance sent us of on a tangent that ended up there. I was there and still don't understand how it happened.

To the winning loser, Mic, now I played with him,  and it was hard going out there but he had one of those days we have all had at one stage (or more) and nothing was going his way. So he fended of Hatt for the batting award, Putted Like a Pig and Played like a Shella, he needed a cuddle but none of us where keen to offer.
The team score wins a $50 Prodrive golf voucher each, went to Johnny, Bobby, Hammer and Gerry with their score of  95. Ferg definetly didnt want to give Ernie Glugs mug for some reason but he picked up with 30 putts, Grim picked up the plate, with 32 stabies, and Ferg picked up Bangers Shot with a 81 and the Trophy and money with only 34 stabies, He was happy I made the call for the money was up for grabs no matter what the stabies because of the 150th game.

Thanks to Johnny for stepping in for an absent Fines Master Crazy, who he fined for not being there for as an original and the last centurian, which he did pay. We did well out of the fines nearly breaking even on the day.
All in all it was a good day, bloody hard out on the course but thanks to all that came out played, even those that didn't finish or had to leave early, it was great you made the effort on a questionable day.

Just to finish a number of stats on what we have done as group over the last 150 games.
- We have played 64 different courses.
- We have played in Australia, USA, NZ and next year Thailand.
- We have had 9 tours.
- 271 differnt people have played.
- 23 people 18 to 49 games, 10 people 50 to 99 games and 4 that are unemployed that have played over 100 games
- The 1st 50 games played the average field was 12 people, the next 50 games it was 18 and the last 50 was 22.
- We have had 61 winners of the Trophy, most Prolific winner is Bangers with 16 wins
69 winners of the Plate, most prolific winner of the losers is Broomy with 7 wins
44 winners of Glugs Mug, most prolific winner is Bangers with 17 wins. Glug or AT has won it twice.
14 winners of Bangers Shot, of course the most prolific winner is Bangers winning it 44 times out of the 96 times it has been contested.

Just a bit of uninteresting Bullshit to finish on see, you at the next game.

EL Prez

Game 149 ~St Andrews GC ~ Tron Tour ~ 21st June 2017


The 149th game of the MWSS was played at St Andrews - unfortunately the Tron version - not the spiritual home of golf. BT indicated that's coming soon I'm told. After the furore of the previous day which saw Scooner from Puna take the honours, today it was all about Crazy's 100th game! Awesome achievement that - well done fella.  


Some other stats of interest. It was the MWSS' 149th game on our 64th course. We had 18 playing who had previously played 968 MWSS games between them. The average handicap was 14, which obviously was not high enough as the average Gross was 92, average stabies 31 and average putts was 34, but some leeway was allowable given the consumption the night before. Me thinks it could have been a lot worse if the Chiefs had of got up but they were average without their big guns.


The Most Putts was 41 by BT, while the Batting award went to Grandad on 114, who also secured Played like a Shella on 23 stables. To be fair he was out celebrating with other Lions supporters, was last to bed, snored like a fuckin' pig in heat, and almost missed the bus! All round good day for the Pom. The only prize worth competing for (apparently) was the Longest Drive on 1 - and went to our eloquent Master of Ceremonies 4 Door. Closest to the pin on 18 was Slim, with Scooner not collapsing totally from mysterious heights the day before taking away Glugs Mug with 27 putts.  


Chief had to leave early but was awarded the Plate in absentia with 35 stables, But the real trophies went to a delighted and vengeful Broomy who was shocked into action by Scooner's previous days performance and who played well for his 79 taking out Bangers shot and with 39 stables - the MWSS Trophy. Well done mate. A question was raised about the number of overseas games played by Broomy that were not used to impact his handicap but a wise man pointed out that BT played these games as well and that obviously has made no difference at all!


Ferg led the bus tour home with a well appointed Chilly bin - on ya mate.


Game 148 ~Walton Golf Club ~ Tron Tour ~20 June 2017
Location of some MWSS folk lore and legendary firsts

The MWSS Tron 2017 trip started ridiculously early that Tuesday morning with the bus leaving Porana Road at 6.30am heading for a game at Walton followed by a 10 hour beer drinking session that included the Chiefs Lions game...not a bad days work if you can get it!

Walton was a country gem of a course. It had 18 of the best greens you would find anywhere, all sorts of shapes and sizes, well protected by bunkers' elevations and hardly a flat putt to be found anywhere...just ask Bangers.

Of course being a Tuesday it was ladies day at Walton and as you would expect in the country they welcomed 24 of MWSS's best looking golfers with open arms. A shouted welcome from a green near to the club house that there is a cup of tea and some grits to start us off saw a plate of scones the size of a VW beetle covered in Waikato's finest butter accompanied by a couple of home baked date loaves consumed by the ravenous MWSS crew.

The weather was magnificent, the course run by 2 green keepers was immaculate and MWSS was well fed and ready for a big day. Now with such a build-up you would expect something special to come out of the day and we weren't disappointed.

In a year where Sergio finally broke his streak of 74 starts in a major without a victory it was fitting that an MWSS streak was finally ended at a glorious day at Walton. The bus trip down provided plenty of humour as always but it was a five minute roast of Schooner for not being able to get his hands on the trophy that springs to mind. In a glorious one fingered response to the roast he broke his drought and prevailed with 38 points and a smile a mile wide.
In another example of grit, determination' investment in new technology and even lessons El Presidente threaded the needle and pounded it 269 metres up 18 to take out the prestigious longest drive title at Walton. The rest of the field filed through shaking their heads as they looked at the card realising they can't kick sand in his face no more.

4 Door snagged Bangers shot' Glugs mug and the plate falling a stroke behind the mighty Schooner.

An entertaining frenzy of steak pies, toasted sandwiches and beers with the Walton ladies struggling to keep up with the MWSS pace was a prelude to the trip to town followed by a great session at the Speights bar, thanks to owner Aaron Pene' watching the Chiefs get hammered by the Lions' bugger...followed by another memorable session at the Speights Bar.

Finally at St Andrews Golf Club prior to the next day's game the elusive trophy was presented to an elated Schooner. Classic, 56 games later and he had his hands on the trophy for 5 minutes before El P was heard to say "that's it mate give me the fucking thing back"...good times, good times.

4 Door


May 5th 2017 ~ MWSS Pro Am ~ Gulf Harbour Country Club

Following close on the heels of the Masters Monday, the Pro Am was played 25 days later. Another record field saw 25 Pros come out to play with 70 amateurs on the day. Some nice stats on the Pros, only six of those were virgins to the day with 19 returning for some more bullshit. Unfortunately overseas PGA events pulled some of the top players out of the day, but we still had the likes of Josh Geary, Doug Hollaway Tae Kohe and all Top 10 order of merit players come out for a drumming. The Pro story of the day goes to Frenchman Victor Janin who drove from a Wellington game on the Thursday up to Auckland to play with Browny, Otis and Hatt - an average handicap of 24 and he thoroughly enjoy himself and hit 38 points to boot.

The day started in perfect weather and Frazer, Gulf Harbours head Pro and his team laid it on, with carts lined up, cards printed and ready to go, practice facilities available to all to warm up, something new to a lot of us amateurs. But the place looked great and the course looked spectacular especially with the sponsors spread out on every hole.

After a bit of a briefing from Frazer and a welcome and days overview from our own 4 Door, the stage was set for a great day to play with the big boys. So after the usual team photo we headed out for our shotgun start, which is becoming a bit of a norm for the MWSS.

Now there is one thing this day brings is a bit of a reality check on playing in the Professionals world. Although we all played of the middle tees, everything was set up at competition standard, the rough was a score killer, the holes were in  there comp positions and the greens were running at a slippery pace. All aimed at providing a test for the pros and pushing most of us to our limits, but the humour and sledging got most groups through the day.

Back in the club house, showered and ready for the prizegiving of the year, the club again put it on. Sponsors were well presented, tables set up, food being prepped and of course the bar well stocked. First up an all you can eat burger feed that was well apreciated by the boys and our first lady to play in the MWSS, Jenna Hunter a local Pro Golfer from North Shore that many of us know. She kept a bit of a low profile at the 19th, probably worried about the virgin initiation she had been briefed on.

4 Door opened the proceedings thanking all of our sponsors,  major sponsors Progolf, North Harbour Vehicles, Speedy Signs,  Recreational Services and the other 19 hole sponsors that forked out to help out, very much the reason the day works. Then went on to thank the 25 Pros that came out to play and present each with their apperance cash fee.

Then onto our virgins for the day - unfortunatelly all the virgins where let off lightly due to shear numbers. They were introduced to the group and most were presented with their white tags. We had 16 amature and 6 Pros virgins and it was great to have them along. We had one  Blue Tag for 18 games presented to Marvel.

Next up the fine session run by our on fire Fines Master Crazy. Nobody escpaed and everything was nailed. We even saw money given back, but all in all it was huge mauling of loose change that will sit well in the El Prezs of shore account. This seguewayed well into the the prize giving, starting of with our unfortunate back off the field affenders. Lock Nutts  for 42 putts, Hole acca Lance Wright for his 123 score, Rod ARTHUR Bell for his dismill 18 points and Pro Stuwart Thompson for  his dismal 29 points. All awarded the first release of the official MWSS dressing gown, that to be fear seemed to be a hit with most.

Thats enough! I cant write anymore bullshit to cover the prize giving so I will put the official winners sheet to cut to the chase.
Logest DriveAmateurLogest Drive 6th$50 voucherS Alexander
Logest DriveAmateurLogest Drive 6th$50 voucher4 door
Longest DriveProLongest Drive 6th$50Victor Janin
Logest DriveAmateurLogest Drive 6th$50 voucherWolfie
Logest DriveAmateurLogest Drive 18th$50 voucherBatman
Longest DriveProLongest Drive 18th$50Dong Woo Kang
Closest to the PinAmateurClosest to the Pin 3rd$50 voucherSharpie
Closest to the PinAmateurClosest to the Pin 3rd$50 voucherKnightly
Closest to the PinProClosest to the Pin 3rd$50Dong Woo Kang
Closest to the PinAmateurClosest to the Pin 15th$50 voucherBolt
Closest to the PinAmateurClosest to the Pin 15th$50 voucherMacca
Closest to the PinProClosest to the Pin 15th$50Stuwart Thompson
Putted Like a PigAmateurMost PuttsMWSS Dressing GownLock Nutts42
Cricket player awardAmateurHighest ScoreMWSS Dressing GownLance Wright123
ProLeast StabiesMWSS Dressing GownStuart Thompson29
Played Like a ShellaAmateurLeast StabiesArthur18
Glugs MugAmateurLeast Putts$50 VouchesBangers24
ProLeast PuttsTae and Frazer24
7th  best scorePro$75Daniel Rutley70 CB
6th Best ScorePro$125Josh Geary70 CB
5th Best scorePro$175Tae Koh69
4th Best ScorePro$375Sam An69 CB
3rd Best ScorePro$750Doug Holloway68
2rd Best ScorePro$1,500Richard Lee68 CB
1st Best ScorePro$2,000Dong Woo Kang67
Best team scoreCombinedBest 3 combined StabiesPaunui Lakes bach4 X 100 vRlee, JC, Beefy, Block
The PlateAmateur2nd best Stabies$50 VouchesMartin Riley39
Bangers ShotAmateurBest Gross Amature$100 Vouches + ChampangeSlapper74
The MWSS TrophyAmateurMost Stabies$200 Vouches+ $1000Slapper40

Congradulations to Dong Woo Kng who for the second time picked up the BT and Broomy Pro Am Trophy. The Trophy was again won with a 67 which is the score that has won it over the last four years it has been contested. Congrats to the Carter Boys, Adam and Rlee taking out the Crazy and Ferg Team Cup. 

Now there was a bit of confusion with the Plate and the Trophy which took a bit off the edge off the proceedings, but after sorting through the confussion that gave Al Davidson, for ever to be known as Slapper, card was printed and calculated with a 0 handicape when his true five handicap was calculated, it gave him the clear win with 40 points along with Bangers shot. The plate then went to local Martin Riley. So all cleared up in the end.

Anyway a few beers later, some new friendships built on awesome shots, thrown clubs and the day is all but done. Well nearly... for some there was the bus trip home, the Wade Hotel, a shoping trolly incident, beers at Crazys, half a game of league and a few beers at the Poe. But you had to be there to get the details.

EL Prez

April 10th 2017 ~ Masters Monday ~ North Shore Golf Club

The first of the MWSS majors of the year rolled on with big numbers generated at Wainui last month. The need for a bit of golf and piss take is strong at the moment and this can only come down to three things, strong ecconomic growth, the Lions are about to tour and the weather has been good. I think they are the three, anyway we almost made  a 50 field but a late withdrawl saw us at 49 but combined with the club members we were heading towards triple figures.

Now the club is realy getting into their stride with this event with the Ladies in the kitchen providing a great breakfast that rolled on all morning, catering for you no matter what time you wandered into watch the last round. Even our in house "fat mans breakfast" Cridic Ferg was more than happy, so we were off to a good start.

With plenty of seating and TVs you could but only but enjoy that amazing final few holes that saw the lead rock between Sergio and Juston Rose only to go to a playoff. Now this isn't great when you are organising a tournament with a shot gun start, but the club was great and took it in their stride pushing the start back till the playoff was done. Off course there was only one hole played, thank God and the perianal Bridesmade Sergio Garcia took it out  with a huge cheer from the group and a great sigh of relief from me and the club.
Now our field was ready to go,  a quick warm up on the practice green and a brisk walk out to the tee. Well some limped and others took carts but we were off at 11:30am only half an hour after our original start time. The weather held good and the course was in great nick, although it would have been nice to have the new 4th hole in play rather than the temperary parr 3 hole - I'm sure thats where my game fell apart. Not so for a lot of the field with some great scores coming in.

We had entered everyone in the $5 club scrabble to help with their numbers and the MWSS boys did well in it. Bangers, Empty Billies, Plough and Jam Boy taking out the Division 1 prizes respectfully  and Crazy,taking 3rd, Tiny 5th and Peter O 7th in the 2nd Division. Not bad, not that we are compeditive, it's all about participation we know that.
Now with the bigger fields we are utilising the club systems to give us hte winners but this proved a bit confusing when it came to handing in cards. A a bit of a f2#ck up by the El Prez who is usually never wrong. But after some scampering by the club a bit of quick maths the winner was sorted.

Now with greatness comes mediocrity and below mediocrity comes these guys on this day, and we have all had them. Sharpie picked up Putted like a Pig with 41 putts, not like Sharpie! Grandad struggled to find points out there with only 25 to pick up "played like a sheila" officially, but I think the Mills Brothers may have given him a run for his money on closer inspection on a result of the papers, but the damage was done to Grandads rep so why mention it.

Longest drives went to Crazasa on the the 9th and Scooner, yes Scooner on the 18th, that fat mans breakfast paid off mate. Closest to the pins went to Macca on the 4th and Rosco got closest on the 16th. All getting vouches for Prodrive golf.

To MWSS Masters Greatness, Jam Boy mastered the greens with an outstanding 26 putts for his round he picked up the Snake money and Glugs Mug glory. Just like the protend masters played that morning we had a close finish for first place providing a countback for the winner of losers plate with five players on 39 points Wristy, Crazy, Jam Boy, Plough and our Plate winner on count back Empty Billies acca Stue Grey.  To the winner and for the first time, a winner who picked up both the Black and Green Jackets for Best Gross with a 70 and best Stabies with 40 points our own Bangers. It shows the caliber of the man improving 17 from a game he played three days earlier.

There were a few prizes to give out thanks to Prodrive who donated $1000 worth of vouches for the day. PC again provided some great wines from his amazing  collection and Bangers who again emroidered winners shirts and caps for the day.

So thats the Masters for another year, congrats to our 2017 Masters Champion outright Bangers.

EL Prez

March 17th 2017 ~ Wainui Golf Club

A different course was played to the one that beat us up in October of last year. Don't get me wrong there was still a fair amount of balls lost in tall fescue grass and some of the blind holes on the back nine are still frustrating, but I found it more enjoyable to play this time around. It did help that the course had settled down over its first summer and that we played off the 55 tees instead of the 59s and that it didn't rain constantly for 18 holes, but provided great golf weather.

It was good to see  36 players turn out, even our three South Auckland Boys, Grim, Needle and Spud turned up again. Double points for Spud our resident Irishman who turn up on St Patricks day. Boba also flew in from Nelson yet again to join the group. Green was the call and green is prodomaneltly what we got, some were marginaly bluish, and bright green laces ticked the box.  But all good to see the effort was made, and that the fear of the Fines Master still stands.

To the golf itself, my averages tell a story average handicap = 17, Gross = 95, Stableford = 34 and Putts = 35.

Highest Putts was 40, more golf needed Tony (still awaiting a nick Name), least putts was 28, its easy when you are playing on your home course but well done Macca, Glugs Mug is yours for the month.

Hawkeye a Virgin to the day must have struggled with the sledging as he came in with 106 to take out the Batting Award. At the other end Bangers put his name back on the Trophy named after him with a 79 off the stick.

Least stabies went to a hot or cold member who seems to pick up the Played like a Sheila Award quite often, like today with his 25 (on Count Back) buts thats our Slim. At the other end at Wainui you would think the 42 stabies J Lo brought in would give him the Trophy and the money, but not today he just got the plate. The man with the apropriate tee shirt on takes out our 1st Patricks day event with 45. A great win to Terry Brown who is still coming to terms with his nick name BJ. But it was realy good to see.

El Prez

Febuary 10th 2017 ~ Waitamata Golf Club
OK this was a course believe it or not we hadn't played in our 14 years. It would have taken us 10 minutes to get down to this well healed course from Taka in 2003, today it can take you up to 45 minutes if you catch the traffic wrong on Lake Rd. That is the changing nature of Auckland today.

Anyway for the 26 that turned up  we were in for a good day, the weather was spectacular and the course was a tail of two halves  and it showed up in  the score cards. The first 9 played out as strait shooting holes that built your confidence up only to drop you into a second  9 that threw in 5 tight dogleg holes that called on some course management, which some of us where lacking in. But the greens were good, the fairways had plenty of Kykue on them and the tees weren't set back to far , so it was set up for some good scoring.

First up we had  a 3 virgins playing of which I sponsored all, Basil a good friend that resides in Japan, but played rugby for Harbour and yes Shore. Mitchie, son of Broomy who resides at Otago Uni surviving on alcohol, 5 minute noodles  and a weekly cooked breakfast paid by dad. Tom4 my,boyfriend who, has a vigour for buisness matched by nobody and survived a round with Grim that left him with a overriding question of WTF. All paid their dues to the group and where great additions to the day.

As I said scoring would be good, we had 6 score 40 or better stabies, the average stabie score was 35 points, the average gross was 89 and putts 32. Unfortunately Tom4, playing only his 6 game ever, set himself up for the both the Cricket award and the Played like a Sheila award which he was happy to get as he didn't have a club cover. PC believe it or not picked up the putted like a pig with 38 putts, that would usually be our average.

To the big winners on the day, in the teams event, Tiny, Thomo, Fruit Boy and Shank each picked up a $50 voucher from Pro drive golf . They scored 134 points (best 3 stabies per hole), but had to go back to countback with Bobby, Abo, Marvel and Grizzler, which shows it was close.
Grizzler was happy though as he picked up Glugs mug with 25 putts and Bangers Shot with a 73. Shank is looking dangerous at the moment hitting a 43 off his ever improving 13 handicap. But the good story for the day was with Tiny who finally got up in the winners circle on his 22nd game. Hitting 78 off the stick of a 17 handicape to bring in 45 points picking up the silverware and the money on the day. There was one hell of a smile on his dial and he was very obliging at the bar also.

It was a great day, made better by having some young blood playing, with Mitchie, Tom4 and also my son Logie playing and it definitely dropped the average age as pointed out. Something we need to work on is getting some more like them along.

El Prez
January 2nd 2017 ~ The Lakes Golf Club

We had people travel from all over,  Auckland, Pauanui, Whangamata, Cooks Beach, Hahei and of course Matarangi. We also had 5 virgins, always a bonus to the holiday game in Coramandel, those that are camping nearby get the call up to join the group and this year we had some great guys join us.

For the Matarangi boys it was a bus trip down in the RS van, and with the 9:30am start it was an early start for most to get there on time, and everyone did. 23 in the field was a great number for only day 2 in the year. Tricky the Pro and his partner Cushla made us welcome and let us know that the course was recovering after a very wet winter, and gave us a generous 12 inch placing on the course which was well used on some pretty sparse fairways. This course is well known for its tight fairways, long fescue and abundance of bunkers and of course water and many of us struggled as the average score showed, with 96, with the average handicap being 15 it was a hard day out on the course although there were some that did pretty good.

The prizegiving was held out on the balcony, with pizza and chips, and a beautiful backdrop. Fines were reasonably quick with enough to cover the food and the Virgins were introduced by the members that brought them along. Chief introduced brothers Dean and Anthony Cope along with John Ford to the group, Boba intoduced Phil Matz and I introed Bruce Cameron. All gave us a good balanced story with probably Phil giving the best finish to a story yet.

With every comp there is a back of the field and this time it was shared around with Gerry taking out the Pig title, Wristy taking the Sheila and Birdy taking out the batting award. All well deserved with 41, 24 and 109 respectfully.
We had our closest to the pin on the 10th, the signature hole that is all carry to a large green across the water, a reasonably easy hole at around 120m but the water does something to people, but not Ernie who put about 3 metres from the hole to take out a Lake's Hat and a sleeve of balls. The same prize went to our scratch golfing Virgin, Anthony who smashed a huge drive down the last hole. Prizes provided by Tricky, a big thanks.
This games team comp was a combination of all 4 members scores and the winning team was made up of Grim, Macca, Slim and myself. A prize of a $50 voucher from our sponsor Prodrive Golf was a great addition to the day, and very much appreciated.

To winners of Silverware, Glugs mug was taken out by our Virgin and sporting icon Bruce Cameron, with only 29 putts that was a great effort, even better was the look on his face  when he realised there was money in the cup. Big hitting Anthony gets his name alongside a small group on Bangers Shot shooting a 72 off the stick. Slim came close but in the end was the winner of the losers picking up the plate with 38  points, but very happy with his day. Ferg was outright winner with 39 points and although not enough to take out the money he knew there was plenty to still come in the day with a bus trip, a holiday dinner and beer pong still to come.
The holiday game is always a great way to start the year and it was just nice to finally get to play at The Lakes after the last few years being washed out and also another big thank you to Tricky for helping us out with our courses and some of our accomodation in Hawaii.
Bring on 2017

El Prez



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