We are changing the way we play the game


Hey guys going forward we have jumped into a golf system called Golf Genius that allows us to score live, keep our comps, all of our communications and history. In future you will be invited through the system, we have used it in the last few months on 2 tours with 8 games and enjoying what it brings to the day. 

If you want to be invited in future to MWSS events  I need you to register on line, it takes only a few minutes and captures all your details in one place. Easier to do that on your computer

The registration link is 

Save this link to your favourites.

Register even if you are already registered with Golf Genius with a club that is using it. When you refresh your app you will then have that club and MWSS available. Make sure you use the same email as you have previously.

You can then down load the golf genius app fom the App Store and  sign in using the same user name and password

The App has everything the website has but is also your place for scoring on the day and also following the field as you play. Everthing is on the app that is on the website, the 3 dots in the bottom right corner will take you to all the MWSS members information. Check it out

We are excited with what we are seeing, and it will make my job alot easier. We will keep this site going untill we are ready to let it go.
Get into it, and we will see you on the Tee

El Prez






Why MWSS was established

It was decided by a likeminded group of Kiwi mates in 2003 that too much time was being taken up by work, and not in the honourable art of golfing and piss taking. Now that they were past their playing days of contact sport, such as rugby, league, football and women (maybe not women). They now needed to get themselves organised so that they would be motivated to keep these important skills honed. In February of 2003 the first game was played, and the rest is history.

It was decided by one man, that the best form of democracy was  dictatorship, and that is the way it is run, and that is why it works.




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